BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Launches June 5 in North America, 20 Characters Planned for DLC

Arc System Works has announced the release dates for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

The cross-franchise 2D fighting game will launch across PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and Switch in Japan and Asia on May 31st, followed by a June 5th release in North America.

Featured above, you can view a new trailer for the game shown at last year’s ASW Fighting Game Award.

Arc System Works also confirmed that Blake Belladonna from RWBY will be playable as DLC, and that 20 characters will be playable in the base game. However, they also confirmed 20 characters are planned for post-launch downloadable content.

The developer shared a list of its downloadable content schedule, which includes the aforementioned first DLC character, Blake Belladonna.

Here’s the full list:

  • DLC Character All-in-One Pack
  • DLC Character: Blake Belladonna
  • DLC Character Set Vol 1 [???] [???] [???]
  • DLC Character Set Vol 2 [???] [???] [???]
  • DLC Character Set Vol 3 [???] [???] [???]
  • DLC Character Set Vol 4 [???] [???] [???]
  • DLC Character Set Vol 5 [???] [???] [???]
  • DLC Character Set Vol 6 [???] [???] [???]
  • DLC Character: [???]

This means the game’s paid downloadable content schedule makes up for at least half of its roster. What are your thoughts on this type of release schedule? Sound off in the comments below!

Brandon Orselli


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  • Mr0303

    Brilliant. Simply brilliant. They are openly admitting that they are selling half a game on launch and given that we’ve already seen gameplay from Blake Belladonna (5 months before release) it is likely cut content. Fighting games nowadays are cancer and there are still people supporting this business model. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Injustice 2 are all guilty of these practices and yet they sell in the millions. At least SNK are still consumer friendly.

  • Gale

    >Twenty (20 (TWO ZERO)) characters as the base roster
    >Twenty (20 (TWO ZERO)) characters as DLC
    >Shitty Kitty as the first standalone DLC
    >Probably Yang as the final standalone DLC pack

    >Have to pay money for the BY in RWBY

    >Majority of the roster is re-used assets
    >Majority of the roster are characters I can LITERALLY play right now in Central Fiction if I wanted to
    >Paying DLC for re-used assets
    >No fucking Hakumen
    >No Naoto
    >No Akihiko
    >Like 3 UNIEL characters

    If you buy this I sincerely hope you get dragged out on to the street and castrated like the degenerate you are.

    Like, holy shit. This game just got put out back behind the shed and had Old Faithful pressed below its skull. ArcSys just ol’ Yeller’d this game in one swift movement.
    Why in the hell would anybody buy this?

  • Guess I’ll wait until the definitive version drops to $20 in late 2019…

  • cowboyjimmy

    this being a collaborative effort between ATLUS, ARC SYS and RWBY, i imagine ATLUS being the most dickish when it comes to the DLC characters, given how there will be only 4 characters from the persona series, coincidence? i think not, leaving the rest for DLC characters no doubt, also its a known fact that they also want to milk the RWBY franchise as well, given how they are only 3 characters in the base game.

  • goodbyejojo

    and here we all thought that ArcSysWorks will be our Lord and Saviour who will deliver greatness save fighting games face, but nope, turns out the industry is pretty much shit with shades of brown.

  • loop

    since the game have those shitty characters from RUBY i don’t care

  • Slartibartfast

    This made the game go from my ‘Must Buy’ List to my ‘Wait and See’ List.

    To be fair, its very rare for any game to be on my Must Buy List. The only other upcoming game on that list right now is Monster Hunter World.

    I might still pick up BBTAG eventually, but it depends on how they price the base game and all of those DLC characters.

  • perfectchaos83

    “How to kill hype for your game in less than 3 minutes”

    I was very excited for this game, but this is one of the worst DLC decisions I’ve ever fucking seen. I’m happy the characters I wanted are in the game already, but fuck this noise.

  • Mr0303

    So are you going to purchase it?

  • artemisthemp

    So they sell the game for €25 and €20 for all the DLC of DLC characters

  • Mr0303

    I don’t know who thought that given their business practices in Guilty Gear and more recently Dragon Ball FighterZ.

  • Llama Adventure

    On one hand: It’s not going to affect me because only on extremely rare occasions do I buy games at full-price at launch anymore

    On the other hand: This kind of shit is in part exactly why

  • perfectchaos83

    As things stand now, no.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Boycott mode engaged.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    That’s literally half the roster, for a game made up almost entirely of reused content.

    What the fuck?

  • BlazBlue is also no slouch with bad business practices. I wanted to support this game more than FighterZ especially since it is on all the platforms, but I guess I’ll wait like all of the other ArcSys games on Steam.

  • RichardGristle

    BlazBlue easily surpasses SFII on the “how many versions can we push out” chart.

  • 2 characters in the base game*

    Only Ruby and Weiss are in the game and Blake is DLC despite this announcement.

  • I wouldn’t go that far.
    Calamity Trigger, Continuum Shift, Chronophantasma and Central Fiction are all direct sequels to each other even if there was 3 versions of CS(2 + Extend) and two for CP (Extend). Of course, I’m ignoring arcade iterations which didn’t have a rename to my knowledge anyway.

    BlazBlue did have them promise no updates for CP IIRC and then do it. The lack of a dub for CF also wasn’t cool aside from removing a feature in CP (gallery iirc).

  • Mr0303

    I’ve only played one Blazblue years ago, but I’ve heard about its multiple versions.

  • Matz

    And there’s people in this site complaining about the DLC plans for Dragon Ball Fighterz, at least half of the roster is not cut from the game

  • Mr0303

    So just because this is worse and made by the same people mind you (ArcSys), FighterZ’ shitty DLC practices are magically OK? I suppose only 30 percent of DBFZ’ roster is cut from the game, which apparently is acceptable.

  • Magilou

    If you support this shit fuck you.

  • Magilou

    Right. 6 bucks for single dlc characters is a fucking joke.

  • And here I thought having shitty ass RWBY characters were enough reason to not buy this game.

  • I don’t think he was defending DBFZ just pointing out the irony.

  • Fighting games are as dead as horror games at this point.

  • Matz

    I’m still angry for the early announcement of DBFZ’s Season Pass, but you gotta admit that 8 DLC characters made from zero is a lot better than having 20 DLC characters made with reused assets from past games

    And let’s not forget that:
    -No Persona 3 characters in the base game
    -Heck, we don’t even have the complete team from Persona 4
    -UNIEL favorites like Orie, Yuzuriha or Vatista out of the base game
    -RWBY’s Yang is probably a DLC

    ArcSys is holding a bunch of popular characters behind DLC and knowing them the DLCs will be expensive as fuck

  • Mr0303

    I’ll ask again – how is this being worse an excuse for DBFZ’ shitty business practices and why couldn’t people have a problem with them before knowing about this cancer?

  • NukeA6

    Well… at least the Blake they’re using is the one wearing pretty clothes and not the that other one.

  • Matz

    I’m not saying that DBFZ DLC is not bad, it looks like a pretty good deal because:

    1- They’re making the new characters from scratch, at least that’s a reasonable excuse to put them as DLC
    2- At least It’s not half the roster
    3- All the characters that people were expecting are already in the game (Only Broly, Roshi and Raditz are the characters that people were expecting and probably will be DLC)

    Blazblue’s DLC is the total oposite

  • Mr0303

    How is paying for cut content a “pretty good deal”?

    1. By that logic they can put anyone in the game as DLC since they were built from scratch.

    2. No, it’s 30%.

    3. Subjective. For example I personally don’t care about Super and would’ve much rather have characters from the movies like Cooler, Broly and Janemba in the main roster. Hell, even more characters from the different Arcs would’ve been interesting like Dabura, Gero, Supreme Kai etc.

  • CRES

    So, we have a Cross-Over Tag Team Fighting game with only 20 characters to start out with, 20 characters planned for paid DLC, and you don’t even get the full core cast of each franchise in the starting roster?

    Wasn’t Capcom supposed to be the kings of terrible DLC practices!?

  • nanka

    They couldn’t even make a proper Guilty Gear with Xrd. Even though they literally just had to copy the gameplay from XX. I don’t understand why you’d expect anything from them after that.

  • Colonel Vine

    I’ll put money down now that that stand alone ??? is Yang Xiao Long. So let me get this straight, I have to pay more to get the B and the Y in team RWBY? It’d be one thing if the DLC were characters like Pyrrha or Jaune, but to cut out half the core cast of a series that your taking advantage of the reputation of is reaching EA levels of crap. Well, maybe not EA levels of crap, but still pretty crap.

  • Dewey Defeats Truman

    Cool, that’s $60 I just saved.

  • 2501
  • 2501

    He does have a point though, DBFZ’s characters are made from scratch and if i remember that GDC talk from Arc, it takes like 2-3 months to create a single character model in the aesthetic of Xrd.

    With BB:CT those HD sprites are already extablished. All Arcsys had to do was take the sprites, put them in the game and balance them. Take the MvC2 route.

  • Marc Duarte

    In the pre-DLC days, those 20 characters would’ve been unlockable in the game, and it would’ve provided a nice incentive to keep playing. I was never much of a fan of fighting games, but had fun unlocking content in the original Soul Calibur on my Dreamcast.

  • RichardGristle

    At least SF2 had the excuse of it being impossible to patch/update arcade cabs and cartridges. BB releases a base version then an update then an Extend for each iteration.

  • Klarktastic

    Jesus. Good thing I never cared about this.

  • Kakaku

    This seems like a joke. I didn’t think they’d get even worse than eight DBZ FighterZ characters being DLC

  • Lionhart16

    I was very excited for this game when it was first announced but as is I just feel really hesitant on purchasing it now and I did voice that to ArkSys’ Twitter page and I think it would be wise for everyone else to do so if they don’t want this to end up becoming another failed crossover like Street Fighter X Tekken.

    Raise hell, my friends, for that is the only way to change this before the game is out.

  • Bailarina Ninja masoquista

    …. 20 characters… as DLC… when the game isn’t even out.

    I can Stomach 1 or 2… 5 at most… they lock 20….
    *sigh*… there goes another fighting game I was kinda interested in but now I’m not buying.

  • Mr0303

    That’s if we take ArcSys at their word, which at this point I’m not willing to do. They could be making excuses for the low character count in Xrd and justifying the terrible DLC practices there. And again – being made from scratch is not an excuse for shitty business practices and cut content.

  • Travis Touchdown

    To be fair, that was my first red flag well.

  • tccboss

    This game is unfinished there is no other reason for this jewery.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    All those question marks can only point to mad profits in their future. 20 is good enough especially when it’s a game centered around collaborations. I’d say all the work creating those sprites would be another reason if what was said that a lot of them are reused assets isn’t true. They better not be mixed matched packs though.

  • STARSBarry

    im going to have to give this a 5/10 for its Roster selection

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Speaking the queens English is a bad habit.

  • This game wasn’t even available for fucking pre-order, and they go and pull this shit on us. Just like that, ArcSys destroyed all good faith I had with them; they’re as bad as Capcom.

    Fucking kill yourselves, ArcSys execs.


    Ridiculous. They didn’t lock out enough content.

  • Mr0303

    They already did that for me with all the bullshit they pulled with Guilty Gear Xrd and more recently FighterZ.

  • Magilou

    Arc does definite versions?

  • It would be a wise idea because I have a feeling a bunch of people are going to be canceling their pre-orders over this decision…

  • christian robinson

    All those question marks can only point to mad profits in their future. 20 is good enough especially when it’s a game centered around collaborations. I’d say all the work creating those sprites would be another reason if what was said that a lot of them are reused assets isn’t true. They better not be mixed matched packs though

  • sanic

    Most recent smash bros had 51 base characters and 7 dlc characters. Some stages were only on the 3ds or wiiU versions though I guess.

  • This is what Early Access looks like, only this time they’ll charge you full price.

  • You cuck.

  • The other 5 will be purchaseable later.

  • You Cuck.

  • Koei was the Prince.

  • 2501

    As bad as DBFZ’s DLC plan is, at least its original content. Arcsys charging for reused assets is just disgusting. Not even Arc purists are happy with this.

  • Mr0303

    So? How many times do I have to repeat myself? It being original content is not an excuse for shitty business practices. You are basically saying that one of ArcSys shits smells worse. This doesn’t mean we have to consider the other an acceptable meal.

  • SevTheBear

    Hey everyone, do you remember back when we were sold complete games? Yeah? Well fuck that noise! These last 10 years its been trendy to buy unfinished games and get cut out content via season pass or DLC day one. So hand over them sweet extra 40-80$ ya little suckers… I mean dear sweet intelligent costumers.

  • RichardGristle

    A hell of a lot more than that from the looks of it.


    It seems like they fucking release a new Blazblue every 4 months lmao.

    Not even capcom are this jewish with the DLC

  • gwadahunter2222

    I will wait for the complete version like DBFZ

  • Shocker Rider GG

    if i buy this ill wait for a price drop , as for fighters ill have a lot of games to prshase prior to this one

  • AnarKreig

    On the flipside, at least there’s a large selection of old fighting games I can just revisit instead.

  • That’s very true, but select releases of the BlazBlue games (PSP) probably couldn’t supported by updates… Yeah, that’s my best defense, your point is well made.

  • 2501

    They are using reused assets, there’s no excuse for them to lock HALF of the roster behind a paywall.

  • Antonio Capillo

    So there are only half of rwby squad in the game (ruby and weiss) and the orher half will be dlc??? Are they serious? At lest put all team rwby in the game (4 people) and team jnpr as dlc 😑

  • MusouTensei

    This is some garbage.

  • Nagato

    I’d like to add Killer Instinct and Rivals of Aether to the list of fighting games that don’t fuck over the consumer, but otherwise I fully agree.

    Tekken 7 still seems okay from what little I’ve regrettably seen of it, too.

  • Nagato

    For what it’s worth, it’s still an Arcsys fighter so there’ll be a re-release (or two) with all of this content added by default, followed by a steep pricedrop not too far from its launch.

    Of course, this being Arcsys there might still be content they’re holding back as DLC for those later releases.

  • Pilebunker

    Fighting games should have been safe from this bullshit. Buy why would they when people keep supporting it?

  • Mr0303

    Killer Instinct? The game that fractured its content and made characters season pass exclusives?

    Tekken 7 locked Eliza behind a preorder and later she was paid DLC.

  • Nagato

    Killer Instinct was completely upfront with what it offered, with a free demo that had rotating characters, and the actually paid version of the game offering you 8 characters (and one bonus char) at a mere 20 bucks. With two following seasons at the same cost.

    I find it difficult to be offended by what is a more than reasonable pricing scheme, especially when taking into account that all of these characters were developed completely from scratch for the game.

    What’s the alternative, a 24 char 60 bucks launch in 2016/2017 that would’ve gotten us the exact same amount of content? With as risky a production as KI was, it would’ve been cancelled halfway through if it followed that model anyway.

  • Mr0303

    And that makes it OK to lock characters like Shadow Jago and Omen for limited purchase and season pass exclusivity? KI has its shitty business practices.

    “With as risky a production as KI was, it would’ve been cancelled halfway through if it followed that model anyway.” – ah, the “it wouldn’t have been made otherwise” excuse. I guess the same could apply for SFV.

  • I like Blazblue but…..NO, i don’t want to have any part in this sh*t show.
    The cancer spread even further.

  • XimXim

    Technically it’s called extend usually, and extend versions have more content than most the previous version even with all the DLC. Things like extra characters, more story, etc.

  • Slartibartfast

    According to the latest released info, the base game is planned to be 40 USD and the cost of the “All-in-One” Pack is rumored to potentially be 20 USD.

    So everything eventually comes back to 60 USD, assuming these projections turn out to be true.

  • Nagato

    Street Fighter V should have been Capcom’s flagship release this generation, as the fighting game. There wasn’t a single excuse for it releasing the way it did, much less for being console exclusive on top of that.

    Killer Instinct on the other hand was MS taking a risk on a studio mainly known for its shitty licensed games, with an ip that was unused for agonist two decades (and frankly speaking was never really good in the first place).

    These aren’t really comparable.

  • Mr0303

    You completely avoided my question – are the shitty business practices justified?

    They absolutely are comparable. “Capcom are low on money. They had to release it in this seasonal manner or we would have had to wait until 2018 for the game to release. SFV was completely upfront with what it offered with the ability to earn all subsequent characters via gameplay.” – see? Those excuses work for both.

    KI was the response MS had to do since SFV was an exclusive. They could’ve put the money behind it and made it a complete game. Same goes for Sony and SFV. Both have no excuse for the shitty business practices.

  • Maria Maasaa

    I bet Rooster Teeth has something to do with this.

  • InkBrush

    Looks like Arc System Works finally got caught red handed.

  • InkBrush

    Tekken 7 also locked the Tekken Bowl mode behind their season pass.

  • InkBrush

    Actually eight bucks right there man.

  • Zack Attack

    Still doesn’t make it any less shitty.

  • Tonraq Rules

    What about Smash Bros 4?

  • Tonraq Rules

    Eliza is a waste of spot anyway even if she is behind the paywall…

  • Mr0303

    Subjective, but no matter who the character is this is a shitty practice.

  • ProxyDoug

    RWBY characters sound way better in Japanese.
    Other than that, this is bullshit. Arc definitely lost their minds.

  • ProxyDoug

    This makes me wonder if Soul Calubur 6 is going to be free to play. Because so far they have only shown two characters, so they might be going for the Killer Instinct strategy of havng the rotational roster.

  • Mr0303

    I doubt it will be F2P, but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised by some DLC shenanigans.

  • PenguinPlayer

    Half the roster is DLC? Jeez, that’s the harshest price model for a fighting game I’ve ever seen. Unless the base game is free, or something really cheap like 10 bucks, so it becomes more of a “buy who you like thing”.

  • InkBrush

    Nah Arc was always at this type of shit since the R/Kappa niggers will defend Arc too the fucking death.

  • Shocker Rider GG

    fuck no i rather just play undernight and central fiction, plus i already have persona 4 ultimax

  • Shocker Rider GG

    i think it does since it still 60 bucks, but it also makes it stupid, why not charging 60 buck from the start and give us all 40 characters at launch

  • Ace

    True that. That only reason practices like this exist is because people keep buying it. You vote with your wallets, my friends.

  • Zack Attack

    Then they should delay the game

  • JohnnyCageFan2

    Support the industry.

  • James Hewitson

    wow they’re taking the Piss with this aren’t they? Arc System Works can fuck off with their greed!

  • SevTheBear

    By voting with your wallet

  • Shocker Rider GG

    absolutely they should

  • JohnnyCageFan2

    and buying the DLC.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Dunno about that, I haven’t bought an ArcSys game in years and DLC even longer; can you say the same? I was expecting to have around 14 characters at best out of a crossover game. I myself won’t be paying for it but the IPs its using have the type to buy it up just for their waifu unless RWYB had its popularity gone flat already, anyone playing Blazeblue apparently already went through this a bunch of times already, and anyone into both VNs and Fighters likely have a weak pocket book; ArcSys will be making all their money back on this whether you like it or not.

  • [Your Unoriginal Name Here]™

    How to start off 2018 right: Make everyone lose interest in your game that they’re hyped for by leaving out characters and putting a price on them.

    Screw that noise, I lost interest, not going to support a kiosk version, I want the FULL game. And to anyone damage controlling this, please leave gaming for good, you are a PLAGUE.