Pikachu Edition 2DS XL Coming to North America on January 26

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Nintendo has announced a new Pikachu Edition 3DS XL for North America.

The new Pikachu-emblazoned handheld will launch on January 26th in the USA for $159.99. The hardware shell is a bold Pikachu-yellow, and has its giant face on the outside.

In related news, Nintendo announced Detective Pikachu for the Nintendo 3DS. You can read more about that here.

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  • Snorlaxation

    Pika Pi

  • CRES


  • STARSBarry

    honestly the switch just is not portable as a bloke even the 3DSXL managed to fit in my pocket the switch cant manage that, it also lacks street pass….. on the flip side however the 3DS/2DS does not include Mario Kart 8 deluxe so…… im not sure maybe if they made a scaled down switch yeah 3DS would pretty much keel over and die then and there.

  • totenglocke

    Take off the gay skinny jeans and a Switch easily fits in your back pocket. Without the joy-cons, it’s the same fucking size as a New 3DS XL.

  • 🆔SLoWMoTIoN

    This is the 3rd fucking pikachu 3ds/2ds edition motherfuck let somebody else get a le lol

  • STARSBarry

    it lacks the good old screen protection of the folding design however so you kinda need a case for it

  • 🆔SLoWMoTIoN

    Get a screen protector then?

  • totenglocke

    So you needed a screen protector for the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance? Oh, that’s right, you just want a bullshit reason to bash the Switch for being insanely popular.

  • iswear12

    it is the superior console, because the 3DS is a handheld :P

  • STARSBarry

    see this is why people say Nintendo fans are the worst at least Sony ones are somewhat informed about there hardware.

    The GBA and GB used plastic screens, this meant that the panes are much more durable, this coupled with a bulky and DESIGNED to be shock resistant outer shell makes a case unnecessary, OH BUT WAIT you said screen protector so are you telling me you own a GBA (that is not an SP) or a GB that does not have a shit load of scratches on the screen? Because guess what plastic screens scratched a HELL of alot easier than glass so I would say if screen protectors where widely sold during the time period then yes you would of needed one, but that would of had the requirement of you being not 13 right now and alive during the 80’s to fucking know this.

    OH THATS RIGHT your not here to make as valid point your here to shit talk because millennials cant handle the fact that people can say “I dont think the Nintendo Switch is good as a pocket sized console” Hence why mine stays firmly in the dock, thats not to say I dont ever take it out, but only when im traveling for longer trips for work and have a bag with me, but then because of the 2 hours you get on Zelda im dragging my charging cable with me as well, which irritatingly enough has one of the largest AC adaptors ever, so half the time I go fuck it pick up my 3DS XL (without a case) and just slap it in my pocket where I 100% know it wont be damaged or run out of juice for 3 days of limited play.

    So heres my actual good point, the Switch is fine as a home console but its design is not good for a portable system it is a more powerful vita and comes with all the pitfalls that system had but at least the vita with a hardcase could fit in a pocket, So Nintendo needs a smaller version of the switch which is more durable before you will see the 3DS and XL become obsolete in there role.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    “Take off the gay skinny jeans”

    my sides.

  • totenglocke

    You missed the point, dumbass. Your insisting that the Switch is a bad handheld because it lacks “screen protection of a folding design” when almost every handheld had an exposed screen. But you don’t care about facts or that glass screen protectors are $10, you just want to hate the Switch for being successful. Keep crying, faggot. Millions of others will be having a blast on their new handheld known as the Switch.

  • STARSBarry

    the good news is that people who read this comment chain can make up there own mind, so either there gonna go with Millennial snow flake here or there gonna go with the dude who lived through the NES days and knows what an actual hand held should and should not do

    SPOILER ALERT it should fit in a pocket.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    dude stop stretching out your argument, the best thing to say about switch is how it bends and warps, which the 3DS doesnt do.

  • STARSBarry

    but its not just that is it, its the larger battery life of the DS series and smaller size alongside the clam shell design is what makes it work so well, everything outside of console power falls squarely on the 3DS side for portability.

    So if power is all you need to make a superior system wouldn’t that mean the Xbox One X is the best console this Generation?

  • Homura

    It is safe to assume everybody here is a Nintendo fan and not just a fan of videogames in general.

  • Homura

    Switch has a 4 hour battery life. So ???

  • STARSBarry

    sure you can turn your brightness off (lol) and stick it in airplane mode (honestly not a bad idea since theres no street pass) and you can up it to that for most games, funnily enough you can get a shitload of time out of Xenoblade 2 thanks to its low resolution mode that changes depending on what area your in (some areas are more costly than others) which is an intresting solution to the problem that alot of games have on switch on the go aka a shit battery life.

    However games that run at 720P at 60 FPS drain that sucker dry in a few hours, you can lay that on what games rather than the hardware perhaps, but imagine if they made a smaller screen switch with maybe 480P screen same battery and none detachable joycons in an overall smaller package, yeah I could totally see that killing the 3DS and being the portable to rule them all, and honestly if it could still dock and run at 1080 and 720 what would the downsides be outside of needing another wireless controller to play in docked.

  • But it is true. 3ds needs to fucking die.

  • Like the 2ds?

  • Sony fans are hardware retarded. Why do you think they thought that PS4 pro can play games in native 4k.

  • STARSBarry

    hey at least I haven’t seen them claim that there console is perfect because a handheld made by the company 18 years prior didn’t need 3rd party accessories that did not exist during the time period to protect its screen which ended up looking like this…..


    but yes right now Sony fans are crying epic salt tears because the Xbox One X is superior in what it does…. its just a shame Microsoft exclusives are now utter trash really, hey its almost like people care too much about hardware power and dont focus enough on the games for the system or something….

  • CRES

    Only once Nintendo releases the backwards compatible 4DS.