Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Heads to Switch in Summer 2018

NIS America is porting the Falcom-developed action RPG Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana to the Nintendo Switch.

The game will launch for the hybrid console sometime this summer. Featured above, you can view a new trailer for the game’s Switch port.

Here’s a rundown on the game, via Nintendo.com:

Adol awakens shipwrecked and stranded on a cursed island. There, he and the other shipwrecked passengers he rescues form a village to challenge fearsome beasts and mysterious ruins on the isolated island. Amidst this, Adol begins to dream of a mysterious blue-haired maiden living in an unknown world. Join Adol as he unravels the riddle of the cursed isle and the blue-haired maiden Dana in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Key Features:

  • An Epic Tale: Follow Adol and his companions on his latest adventure to uncover the mysteries of the cursed island.
  • Another Side: Unravel the mystery of the blue-haired maiden Dana through her own unique gameplay segments.
  • It Takes a Village: Rescue your fellow shipwrecked passengers and bring them to your village where they will provide valuable services.
  • Party On: Switch characters on the fly as you battle ferocious foes in lightning-fast combat.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. In case you missed it, you can find our review for the game here (we recommend it but note the translation needs work).

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  • orbo

    Everything is made for the switch. Everything.

  • stullz

    looks like I’ll be triple dipping for ys… :)

  • RetroGamer

    Don’t already have the game, so I’ll go for this version. I’m assuming the new translation will already come as the default and not take up any storage space.

  • Jared Bellow

    Heck yeah.

  • VanFinale

    Wait NiSA is doing the port? Well that’s it for the port then. They couldn’t even do a PC release without the help from Durante. How in the hell are they going to do a switch port? These are failed writers that got stuck editing video game translations how are they going to port a game?

  • sanic

    The combat in this one was disappointing regardless of platform.

  • Michael Richardson

    So much for not being able to play Falcom games on the Switch. If this performs well, I can’t imagine they won’t develop for both this and PS4.

  • Feniks

    Cool! Everyone needs brown lolis and flat elves in their life.

  • Donwel
  • Donwel

    It’s being ported by NISA, never mind the new translation,we’ll be lucky if the fucking thing works at all.

  • Travis Touchdown

    So what’s this series like? This will be my first one.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    It’s quite good.

  • RetroGamer

    Hmm…Fair point. Better wait for the reviews to roll in.

  • Mechonis

    One of the action rpg series ever made

  • Lionhart16

    Where’s the source of that image from?

    For academic purposes of course. ;)

  • Donwel

    Academic purposes, of course :^).
    It’s from Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, or its localised name is Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar.
    The character is Aura Shuriffon.
    Enjoy your research.

  • Lionhart16

    A spin-off of Tenchi Muyo, huh?

    Damn, that brings back my old Toonami memories of watching that show….and not having a clue of what the hell was going on because I was 5 years old. XD

  • iswear12

    Don’t fucking get a NISA-tainted game man

    It’s fantastic as a game but the localization is ruined

  • iswear12

    But the Vita can play earlier Ys and Legend of Heroes games (Basically all the good ones which weren’t localized by cancer) just fine while the Switch cannot (yet)?

  • Do you not see past your own nose? Do you not see what this means? No more falcom games on Vita. Yes!

  • iswear12

    Its kind of a moot point if they stick with NISA for them…

  • BFG

    I cant honestly tell if he’s being a troll for the whole time considering his profile, but he’s pathetic enough to enjoy games no longer developed on anything that isnt PC.

  • BFG

    I say the Evolution remakes should be avoided (especially Sora no Kiseki) but otherwise yeah the Vita has a large Falcom category, with also Brandish, Zwei and Gurumin

  • Kuraudo

    The series is amazing, but i recommend you try oath in felghanna if youre interested. this is a great game ruined by nisa localization aids.

  • Kuraudo

    i assumed vita was dead. Glad its still around, but tough times ahead.