Magic: The Manic Hypocrisy

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I don’t play Magic: The Gathering (MTG) and have no future interest in doing so which grants me an outsider’s perspective.

Ultimately, this is a story of pain and its many manifestations.

MTG is big business which generates $100s of millions a year in profits for their parent company HASBRO. Certain cards are worth the price of a new car, and tournament prizes can be over a year’s salary. MTG has a worldwide playerbase estimated at 20 million online and offline players who are involved in an ideological battle to determine what is appropriate conduct in their community. MTG’s battle is a microcosm of battles for free speech nationwide.

We begin by focusing on two figureheads within the community.

Jeremy Hambly is a polarizing figure who has a well deserved reputation for being an asshole. He’s loud, he’s opinionated and he doesn’t care who approves. He commands an audience of over 180,000 YouTube subscribers at his notorious channels UnSleevedMedia and TheQuartering. Hambly takes pride and pleasure in antagonizing fellow community members with criticism which is often well outside the lines of civil discourse. His enemies accuse him of being a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, Trump loving, alt-right lunatic who uses his subscribers to bully everyone in his path for no reason other than he enjoys to get under their skin. In reality Hambly is a leftist that views himself as a crusader pushing blunt truths to fight against the rising tide of political correctness. Don’t be too taken in by Hambly’s sense of righteousness. He’s made a slew of comments that will make you think twice about supporting his cause.

Cosplay is an abbreviation for “costume play.” Cosplayers wear costumes representing fictional characters. While cosplay existed for years in other fantasy based communities, no MTG player ever cosplayed a character before Christine Sprankle.

Sprankle is generally accepted as MTG’s most popular and publicly visible member. She became an instant celebrity after she arrived unannounced in 2011 to a MTG tournamentdressed in a stunning handmade costume. Sprankle is routinely described as “the godmother of Magic cosplay” for inspiring MTG cosplayers around the world which earned her hundreds of thousands of fans. Spankle’s popularity brought along criticism and degrading sexual comments from supporters and detractors alike. While Sprankle attempted to maintain an ambivalent attitude in public she was crumbling privately and eventually her feelings would become evident.

Both Hambly and Sprankle accept cash donations from their fans, and there is no love loss between the two.

Hambly did not spare Sprankle his wrath. He views Sprankle not as a revolutionary cosplayer, but as a talentless and an over glorified softcore porn model who hustles her fans for a living by sexualizing herself. He says Sprankle’s popularity has nothing to do with her ability to make costumes, but rather how she looks in them. Hambly mocked Sprankle’s fans in a now infamous video as “loser beta cucks” who were wittingly being bilked out of their money in hopes of positioning themselves closer to Sprankle personally for sex. Sprankle’s supporters claim Hambly’s negative opinions about her are an overcompensation mechanism to cover up his own attraction and he turned into a sexually harassing bully as a result.

A battle of wills has smoldered for years and, until recently, the two sides have been in a stalemate.

On November 24, 2017 the community’s landscape became drastically altered when Christine Sprankle shockingly announced via Twitter she was leaving the community. On her way out the door she blamed Jeremy Hambly’s harassment as the main reason for her departure.

Sprankle’s parting words set off violent reverberations throughout the MTG community. Sprankle’s supporters demanded Hambly be banished and Hambly’s supporters claimed Sprankle’s exit had nothing to do with him.

Hambly was clearly not heartbroken and treated Sprankle’s departure as the champagne of victory. In the video below, published November 25, he vows to “not be intimidated.” Hambly offered evidence of what he claims are Sprankle’s supporters harassing him through reporting mechanisms which caused several of his social media accounts to be systematically sanctioned, as well as evidence of receiving threats of violence.

Wizards of the Coast (WotC), which publishes MTG, responded with an announcement via Twitter 24 hours later with an ominous tone of things to come for Hambly and his sycophants.

Three days later on November 28 WotC announced they would be updating rules governing MTG’s Code of Conduct.

In the following days a flurry of analysis surrounding this debacle, which I will detail later, was articulated by community leaders. On December 7 WotC banned Jeremy Hambly for life from every facet of the MTG community. Other high profile players were also sanctioned with penalties.

WotC presented an updated set of community rules that are invasive and overreach into the realm of Orwellian.

To the untrained eye, this may appear to be where the story ends. A community villain was vanquished and the MTG community rejoiced. Some may rightfully be asking, “Lou, why should I care if some guy, who you acknowledge as an asshole, is banned from a card game?” I have sympathy for such thinking, as I shared that view until I looked beyond the talking points.

The above was simply setting the table. Now it is time to eat.

Those who seek truth are duty bound to follow the path wherever it leads. I inherently despise authoritarians and hypocrites and will expose such individuals at every opportunity if it is within my capabilities. I do not defend Hambly’s behavior as it is, without doubt, amongst some of crassesst I have encountered. Still, if while on the path to truth an asshole like Hambly is inadvertently vindicated, so be it.

As a baseline one must examine the rules put in place by WotC.

  • You, as a member of the Wizards community and as someone who visits our websites(collectively, the “Websites”) or engages with our games, organized play programs, online and offline communities, forums, contests, and promotions (collectively, the “Services”), agree to abide by this Code of Conduct, the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, and any additional policies distributed by Wizards.

By merely reading the website one agrees to WotC’s Big Brother terms. They claim the right to enforce their standards against all actions players may take, even if the player was not playing MTG while taking the action. They monitor the social media activity of all players. Let your imagination run wild with the outrageous possibilities of that scenario.

The sweeping overreach in sections 2 and 3 should give all pause. I, as a man who has never played MTG, am already in violation of the rules. Section 2 says:

  • Do not use, post, distribute or link to obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, graphically or gratuitously violent, derogatorydemeaningmaliciousdefamatory, abusive, offensivehateful or discriminatory language or content. This includes “masking” language by using alternative characters/spelling /spacing to get around profanity filters or claims of profanity filter “testing”.

This section has deliberately used words which are vague by definition. Of particular stupidity is the stipulation about things gratuitously violent, which implies posting violence is acceptable if the poster can satisfy a rationale for doing so under an undefined rule. If one were to speak “offensive” language at anytime, in any medium, WotC may use it as justification to suspend a player. If I were to, hypothetically, say these rules were created by bootlickers who derive pleasure in enforcing control over others because they are weak willed cowards I might find myself sanctioned as well.

The even more bizarre section 3 commands:

  • Do not harassbully, threaten, harm or cause discomfort for other persons, including any other members. For example:
  • Use of hate speech or racial, ethnic, sexist, homophobic or religious slurs;
  • Harassment of a specific person (repeated flaming, personal attacks or posting their private information);
  • Trolling or baiting the community in general with inflammatory statements, such as ones designed to elicit a negative response from the community; or
  • Posting or otherwise disclosing any personal or private information of another person, or any confidential information pertaining to a business, without consent.

How does one define bullying, exactly? Aren’t I, a journalist who earns a living writing his opinions, possibly bullying the WotC staff at this very moment? Is it not likely this article will cause them, and their members who agree with their nonsense, discomfort from being harassed? How is “discomfort” defined? Is that why Jeremy Hambly was banned? Because he caused discomfort to other members? And what is the solution to that? Has WotC created a safe haven for MTG players who are free to spew their opinions in public, but if another has an opinion about the opinion which causes the player “discomfort”, the offender causing the discomfort is in the wrong? Which therefore implies criticism, free inquiry, and independent thought are expected to disappear in this community and to do so without a fight. It must be the goal of WotC for their player base to devolve into pliable intellectually incurious non-combative dullards who are smart enough to continue earning money and dumb enough to continue spending it with them.

Isn’t MTG one of the premier strategy games in the world? Doesn’t the ability to think critically ultimately serve the greater good of community as a whole? Players are forbidden from thinking critically or speaking out about any issue which they find troubling, lest their opinions cause discomfort to those who feel harassed by having their gullibility exposed! And this is to say nothing of there being no remedy offered for individuals who are caused discomfort by these rules and feel harassed and bullied by those who seek to enforce the rules like the puny pencil pushers they are. Were any of my words “inflammatory statements”? And yes, this article has been absolutely “designed to elicit a negative response from the community.”

Why individuals like Jeremy Hambly lash out is not difficult to deduce after taking the sheer lunacy of the governing rules into account.

The fundamental truths of MTG and its core community must be examined.

MTG is a fantasy card game where players often take on a new persona to become someone other than themselves. MTG is used as an escape from the real world even if the escape is only for a few fleeting moments. It is disingenuous to not acknowledge the majority of MTG’s core community are comprised of those who would classically be considered as outcasts.

One look at the pictures from any event shows tournament seats are not filled with Abercrombie & Fitch models. I’m no prize either and do not seek to insultingly beat around the bush. There is no value in pretending the core MTG community is well adjusted or socially savvy. Some are. Most are not.

Many have been shunned their entire lives for being introverted or not socially capable. Often their social skills are below average verbally. They have low self confidence, and are overall outwardly passive personalities.

The fight against Jeremy Hambly is easy to understand in this context. To MTG’s core players Hambly represents the same torment they have faced their entire lives. Hambly’s behavior disrupts the illusion which allows their escape. Does this make Hambly the villain or is it his other behavior which community leaders have described as “toxic”? Is it both?

The main piece of evidence cited against Hambly in regards to Christine Sprankle is a videotitled, “Playset Of Beta White Knights Prevent Rape Of MTG Cosplayer @cspranklerun” which was published on June 5, 2017 and removed by YouTube for “violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying.” Jeremy Hambly says the video did not harass Sprankle and was removed because Sprankle’s supporters repeatedly reported it for harassment which, he contends, was evidence Sprankle’s supporters were actually harassing him. Hambly’s framing of his defense was ineffective and tone deaf to the word rape which overshadowed any point the video attempted to convey. Surely Sprankle’s fans found his video harassing, if for no other reason, because he literally used rape in the title. How else were they going to take it? Did Hambly believe there would be a group chuckle where Sprankle’s supporters said, “Oh, haha. Good one Jeremy!”

Thanks to Internet archiving technology the video was saved and can be viewed in all of its original glory by CLICKING HERE.

Hambly’s video began, “It was brought to my attention there was literal rape happening in the MGT community.” He went on to trash Sprankle for soliciting donations after posting a comment she received about an erection. Hambly says the subsequent reactions from Sprankle’s followers were “white knighting.” For those unaware, “white knighting” occurs when men, under the guise of protection, defend women, or show sympathy, with ulterior sexual motivations.

Those who argue against the existence of men who use such tactics are engaged in self-deception. This does not diminish Sprankle’s audience’s legitimate anger at the content of the sexually charged message she received. In their eyes Hambly’s comments were maliciously throwing gasoline on an inferno that would, intentionally or not, cause her to receive additional harassment. Hambly maintains his opinions are his own and individuals who lash out are at fault as individuals and not his responsibility.

In some ways I cannot blame Hambly for carrying on. He believes individuals are too sensitive and the only response given are demands he become more sensitive to their sensitivities. It’s a cyclical conversation where neither side listens to the other and will forever be doomed to strife and toil.

This difference in perception is the crux of disagreement where both sides believe they hold the high ground. Sprankle is not obligated to entertain or enjoy such comments, and Hambly is not obligated to stay silent at what he views as twofold manipulation. Both sides are correct, but Hambly made his points like an asshole and in the process alienated people with his tone who may have otherwise agreed with him.

The root cause of harassing behavior in MTG’s community is plain if one acknowledges the circumstances. Socially stunted individuals are drawn to MTG. As a direct result many male players lack the confidence or social experience to approach women in a civilized manner. This is a problem which compounds itself over time. The men are, in equal parts, ill equipped and cowardly. Making outrageous and hurtful comments towards female members is a prefered, if not their only known, method of actually interacting with the opposite sex.

Any interaction, positive or negative, is welcome when one is starved for human interaction. The behavior simultaneously plays back into the overall lack of confidence as those who behave in this way put themselves in a position to be automatically rejected, which is prefered to being rejected after making a legitimate attempt to approach a person civilly.  It is another cyclical feedback loop.

I’m not on board with extremists who seek to criminalize men that show an interest in women. The counter argument is women should not have to accept being sexualized, and I agree. Women are free to respond however they choose if someone approaches them in an unwanted manner. If anyone, male or female, continues to make unwanted advances it would be perfectly acceptable to levy community sanctions.  But, everybody meets somebody somewhere. MTG is a social game and I’ve read numerous accounts of individuals meeting their mates at MTG functions. To cast individuals as demonic for making an attempt to socialize is unfair.

One must recognize a further social byproduct created by these conditions, which was disastrously explained by Hambly in “Playset Of Beta White Knights Prevent Rape Of MTG Cosplayer @cspranklerun.” These men who interact aggressively with women create a vacuum to be filled by men who interact with women opposite of the overly aggressive men while suffering from the same lack of experience and confidence. Both lack social skills and are doomed to feed off of one another. This is not the fault of women in MTG’s community. They have no responsibility to teach a generation of awkward men how to treat them like human beings, but it is also true there are women who are aware of this dynamic and exploit it for their gain.

Was Hambly wrong for making his video? I don’t think so. While his presentation was a failure, and I am fairly certain he was intoxicated during the video, his overall premise was correct. Uncomfortable facts should not be silenced.

Yet, Hambly isn’t vindicated. He loves attention just as much as he accused Sprankle of loving attention. The two are identical in they cater to different appetites of the same beast. I don’t buy Hambly could be, or ever has been, a victim in the manner in which victimhood is defined by his enemies. He’s not impacted by negativity due to years of dishing out punishment to others.

Allowing Hambly to pull back the curtain of MTG’s community’s behavior was not in WotC’s best interests. WotC doesn’t want to admit sexual harassment will always occur because MTG’s player base is made up of players whose personalities are more likely to behave in such a way. WotC has made no public effort to address the unsolvable conundrum of antisocial Internet behavior.

Now let’s talk about various hypocrisies perpetuated in the MTG community.

On November 28 a group of professional players signed a letter vowing to be “committed to creating a great environment for anyone who wants to play” and that they were against “pervasive cynicism and bullying.” The problem? Several of those who signed have a history of questionable behavior.

Owen Turtenwald‏ signed and his fans rejoiced. He was 2015’s Player of the Year and has been inducted into the Magic Hall of Fame. Turtenwald‏ is, in my estimation, one of the most self-centered, egotistically puffed-up players in the community. In 2015 he participated in what is now known as #GOYFGATE where he publicly bullied fellow player Pascal Maynard on Twitter. Turtenwald tweeted:

The following day, after receiving significant blowback, Turtenwald attempted to walk back his comments to Maynard. He tweeted:

Pascal Maynard issued his own, far classier, statement addressing the matter with a Facebook post which cemented Maynard as the more mature personality.

Turtenwald, not missing an opportunity to expose himself further, commented on Maynard’s thread with embarrassing results. His attempts at an apology had already fallen flat and by continuing to be disingenuous he was doing himself no favors to protect his image within the community:

What a nice guy, no? But it gets worse. Turtenwald received so much vehement criticism for his original Twitter comment, and subsequent Facebook comment, that he attempted to apologize again the next day and once again he failed. He tweeted:

The mockery towards Turtenwald was merciless. It took him two weeks to offer an actual apology and only because he backed himself into a corner with his ugly behavior. He took to Reddit to offer the mother of all non-apologies which is too long to republish entirely.

He blamed his behavior on “loving” MTG so much that the decisions of other players makes him “angry.” Turtenwald’s justification sounded eerily similar to an abusive husband justifying beating their wife. He loves her so much and if she would only not make him so angry, everything would be ok.

Turtenwald is guilty of divisive behavior. He has no business signing a letter against bullying in the MTG community when he is a bully. The only difference now is Turtenwald has become savvier and conceals his behavior away from prying eyes. Read the Reddit thread to see how many kind things others say about him. Almost nobody accepted his apology.

Another player who signed the letter is 2015 Magic Hall of Fame Magic inductee Eric Froehlich who also happens to be a professional poker player. Froehlich is well known for being a vindictive and ill tempered. During a 2016 tournament Froehlich was incensed that a player, who he perceived to be lesser skilled, refused to allow him to win automatically. Instead, that player went ahead and beat Froelich. Mr. Anti-Bullying said of the incident, “It’s also not something I will ever forget. It would take multiple acts of kindness from that player before I would consider helping him out in the future, and I think many of my friends would feel similarly.”

How kind of Froelich to not only vow revenge against a player, but to vow his friends would be vengeful as well. This is why he signed a letter to stand up against bullying, to be against his own behavior. As a footnote, Froelich’s spouse, Athena, complained about Hambly being a bully while simultaneously being married to one.

WotC justified banning Hambly by citing various posts he had previously shared on social media. One of them was an interaction with a player who goes by “Gem of Magic.”

On July 13, 39 days after Hambly’s video response to Sprankle was published, Gem of Magic accused Hambly of “encouraging rape jokes and threats.” Hambly fired back, “I wouldn’t even rape you.” That reply by Hambly was widely disseminated across the community and used as evidence by WotC to justify his banning as if he were the initiator of the topic. Doing so was an intellectually dishonest way to frame the conversation. Gem of Magic has gone so far as to now hide the original comments from public view because she knows they were taken out of context. As such, this secondary example is the only image I have to prove the point.

It is clear Hambly’s comment was meant sarcastically and he has every right to respond with ridicule by throwing the accusation back at the accuser. Was it the most tactful of a response? No, but he is surely not claiming a desire to rape Gem of Magic who, by the way, admitted she was aware her old comments were being tracked down. Why hide the originals?

Gem of Magic also revealed she suffers from mental illness with persistent thoughts of committing suicide running through her head.

Now, what the individuals who dishonestly framed the July interaction will not show you is Gem of Magic discussing the comments on December 16 with a neutral third party where she acknowledged Hambly was not threatening her.

Were the rules to be enforced evenly Gem of Magic would be expelled for posting pornographic, demeaning, defamatory, and hateful language. If WotC seeks to create a fairer environment they must be consistent with rules enforcement. It will not happen as WotC would be forced to admit a mistake.

The inconsistency of WotC is not a new revelation. The editor-in-chief of “Hipsters of the Coast”, Rich Stein, asked after an incident in April 2017 which saw players banned, “So where is the line? Why is there so much inconsistency? Should there be more transparency?”

Why, indeed, Mr. Stein. Unfortunately for Stein’s question to be answered, and for him to be satisfied, his own behavior outside of the MTG community is grounds for permanent banishment if the rules were to be enforced consistently. In August 2017 Stein wrote about his fondness of assaulting those who disagree with him politically because it is among “American traditions like eating apple pie.” Rich Stein will not be removed because his publication chirps the song WotC wishes to hear, proving WotC is not truly against their players advocating violence. Which brings me to another example.

Brian “The Professor” Lewis, a disgraced and unemployed college professor, who previously begged his supporters for money and now earns $100s of thousands in revenue, published a 20 minute video lamenting Hambly’s “harassing” behavior. Lewis stated Hambly’s followers harassed Christine Sprankle because of his videos, “Do you really think her inbox doesn’t fill up with hate? That she doesn’t get the same death and rape threats that you are on the receiving end of now? I know when you’ve made a video about me because my inbox, it just explodes.”

The contradiction is Hambly’s recent video about Lewis shows Lewis also advocates for violence against those who he disagrees with politically. Lewis cited Hambly’s video in his video complaining about harassment he suffered by Hambly’s followers. Lewis previously starred in several videos with Christine Sprankle, and her departure hits Lewis in his wallet by way of lost revenue. This is all quite cyclical, no?

Typically MTG players who are banned for life have to do something particularly heinous. In 2015 a player named Zachary Jesse was banned after weeks of public debate. Why were Jesse’s privileges finally revoked? In 2004, while a student at The University of Virginia, he plead guilty to aggravated sexual battery. A local publication described how Jesse raped a 19-year-old student “vaginally and anally” over a toilet. Jesse was sentenced to 8 years, but only served three months in prison.

Over 10 years later on May 10, 2015 Zachary Jesse was in the top-eight during an MTG event held in Atlantic City. Jesse’s criminal history was outed by another player, who received criticism for disclosing the information, and lines were drawn in the sand. Jesse had many calling for his ouster, but he benefited from others who defended his right to play in MTG tournaments. Their arguments defending Jesse were outrageous including one who saidpeople calling for Jesse to be banned from MTG were “worse than a convicted felon trying to play magic.” This is the type of skewed logic employed by some in the MTG community. People against a convicted rapist being allowed to play with women and children is worse than a man who raped a woman wanting to play MTG with women and children. Jesse also attempted to defuse the situation by issuing a public statement about, as he described it, his “criminal stigma.” That’s a much nicer way than saying, “my crime of raping an unconscious woman over a toilet.”

On July 1, 2015, 51 days after Jesse’s history became public knowledge, WotC made a sheepish announcement of Jesse’s 34 year ban via a post on Reddit.

The management of WotC took nearly two months to decide they didn’t want women and children to be forced to play MTG with a convicted rapist. A wise choice, as the headlines would not have been kind. Still Jesse’s banning raised the issue of former rapists who served their time not being allowed to play, where would that line be drawn? A fair question. As a baseline, WotC should say anyone convicted of violent sex crimes are not welcome.

Still WotC decided to ban Jeremy Hambly after only 13 days of deliberation. WotC’s punishment of a man who used the word rape in a YouTube video required less time to determine than the punishment of a man who literally raped somebody? Well done there, WotC. Well done.

While on the subject of tournaments one should note tournaments offer obscene amounts of money to the winners. At the 2006 World Championships the largest prize pool in tournament history, $465,000, was dispersed amongst the players. These are serious events that require mediation from authorities who all can trust will act without even a hint of bias. There is an army of MTG tournament judges who are present at every major tournament, and they have their own specific rules to follow called “The Judge Code.”

It’s common sense judges why judges are held to a higher standard than players as the integrity of the game is in their hands. Which is why it is concerning WotC didn’t sanction a judge who clearly violated The Judge Code despite being provided with evidence of the violations.

The judge in question, who is quasi-celebrity player, is known as “The Mana Leek.” Two of his videos on YouTube spoke out against Hambly. The first video was published November, 26 while Hambly’s account was still active and officially in good standing with WotC.

The video began, “If you’re not familiar with him, Jeremy is an asshole. A pure unadulterated piece of shit.” The video went on to say, “He’s everything that’s wrong with the internet.”

These comments deviated well outside the stated rules judges must uphold. The “Principles of Judge Conduct”, in part, states:

  • A community member’s reputation, fame, skill, or any other similar factor should not affect how a judge treats that person.
  • Judges should not express views that would make other members of the Magic community feel unsafe or unwilling to attend an event.
  • Anything which would be considered player misconduct is always considered judge misconduct.
  • Judges are expected to demonstrate appropriate diplomacy with players, spectators, other judges, and organizers.
  • A significant diplomacy failure happens when a judge fails to demonstrate appropriate diplomacy with another player, spectator, judge, or organizer in a specific and significant way.
  • This does not include general abrasivenessunfriendliness, or other generally antisocial behaviorespecially within social media.

Those who interpret the final rule in the code to absolve judges of any violations on social media are incorrect. The Judge Code says anything that is player misconduct is always judge misconduct. Therefore, The Mana Leek’s comments violated numerous provisions of the Principles of Judge Conduct.

Before further analyzation I will show how WotC disregarded these violations brought to their attention.  Johanna K. Virtanen, Chair of the “Judge Conduct Committee” was unfortunately and unsurprisingly not willing to take action against The Mana Leek. The correspondence can be read below:

The timing of the violations are vital to note. Virtanen justified brushing aside the violations due to Hambly’s sanctioning after the fact which, in her mind, equaled a sum of zero. I strongly disagree with Virtanen’s decision and offer her lax attitude as example of WotC’s pervasive and blatant inconsistency in enforcing their own rules.Virtanen violated the rules by not allowing a player’s reputation to influence her decision and as such she also failed to demonstrate appropriate diplomacy. I call on Virtanen to be removed from her position immediately while acknowledging she has been involved in the MTG community since at least 2008. Seniority does not preclude one from accountability. The rules must apply to everyone or they apply to no one.

Going back to The Mana Leek’s first video, he continued racking up violations after he called Hambly a “fuckwit” and further stated:

This guy needs to be stopped. Subscribers need to leave his channel. Stores need to blacklist him. Hateful videos need to be removed. Accounts need to be banned. I personally hope their WotC lawyers do a deep dive into his content, finding any straws they can grasp for slander or libel or defamation of character. Find some unfair copyrighted material usage just to pummel this guy with legal fees. If YouTube can’t or won’t stop him from producing hateful YouTube videos, then make him financially incapable of producing hateful YouTube videos. If you subscribed from him at some point, unsubscribe from his now. Do NOT comment on his YouTube videos. Do report every piece of agreement breaking bullshit he posts beit on Twitter, YouTube, wherever. Stop his ability to spread hate before we lose more prominent, positive community members.

The irony in The Mana Leek calling for Hambly to be sanctioned for breaking agreements is rather stiflingly cognitively dissonant. His most sinister edict was last and will offer clarity to the reader as to The Mana Leek’s actual belief system. He said:

Now, if you’re sitting there disagreeing with me thinking he’s a funny guy, agreeing with his treatment of others then I couldn’t care less. You’re part of the problem and you’re free to leave and trust me. I’m not going to miss you. Like him you’re simply not welcome here. I am not sitting by idly anymore and letting this bullshit fester. Thankfully, I am pretty sure my mission of raising a positive, caring community has been successful even if it is on a smaller scale and that comment applies to very few, if any, of you. For that I am really grateful for spreading that positivity.

He went on to say Hambly was responsible for all mental health issues affecting MTG players:

Anxiety, stress, depression. I’ve noticed this seems incredibly common amongst content creators and I’m pretty sure the negative, toxic assholes like Jeremy are a big reason.

Harsh words from an individual who is supposed to be an ambassador. While preaching about inclusivity he lays out terms demanding exclusivity. This brand of authoritarianism does not make my skin crawl, but rather makes me want to crawl out of my skin entirely.

The Mana Leek published a second video on December 3 that, preposterous as it sounds, opened with a statement viler than the last. He said:

While Magic welcomes everyone you lose that welcome if you make others feel unwelcome. A tolerant community must be intolerant of intolerance.

This contradictory philosophy could have been directly pulled from Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984. It is undeniable The Mana Leek is afflicted by a deeply wounded personality whose malfunctions compulsively require him to seek control and domination over all around him. While he will innocently claim, like a conman, to be looking out for the best interest of the community he has demonstrably shown his stated intentions are absolutely false. One cannot preach tolerance and then advocate for intolerance against those who do not agree on every last detail about what is or is not appropriate.

Now, The Mana Leek has made mammoth efforts to conceal his identity from the world. Duty to the truth and to the protection of innocents compels me to expose The Mana Leek. His true identity is “John Winter”, information which he offered publicly on December 21 to mock any who’d dare attempt to pierce his, what he believed to be, and what I proved not to be, impenetrable armor. Hubris is Mr. Winter’s ultimate downfall.

The image led to John Winter’s official Twitter profile which had no public posts. His official Facebook Profile was the same dead end. John Winter’s local MTG stomping ground is called The Gamers’ Emporium in London, Ontario. An image of the elusive Mr. John Winter in his MTG playing habitat revealed itself. He’s the man in the middle with the blue shirt and shorts. Not to be confused for the teenage boy who is towering over him which might explain his control issues.

Apparently Winter was profiled in March 2017. He is 32 years old and works from home as a search engine analyst. He attended the University of Western Ontario. With the combined information of John Winter’s age, hometown, and university emerged a treasure trove of ugly, hateful, condescending comments from 2011 to 2014 he published on a community newspaper comment section.

How can you trust the comments were made by The Mana Leek? The profile hits all benchmarks. It has Winter’s Twitter account, is linked to an MTG group, and the newspaper “London Free Press” is in Winter’s hometown of London, Ontario.

Allow me to introduce you to the Positive Community builder himself, Mr. John Winter. There were over 200 comments, and these are but a sampling of his rhetoric.

Ouch. Those are harsh words from someone who presents himself as a paragon of virtuous behavior.

I am saddened by John Winter’s reluctance to believe women. He is clearly not a trustworthy ally.

John Winter’s character speaks for itself.

Why does John Winter stereotype millions of people? He can’t tolerate views that are not his own.

Speaking of bias, John Winter doesn’t understand the definition of irony. But we do.

In his recent video John Winter said those who disagree with him aren’t welcome at MTG. Strange.

How confusing. John Winter is happy people he disagrees with are going to die? Positivity!

John “I’m so positive” Winter keeps telling people he disagrees with to die. Disappointing.

It is clear John Winter’s true nature is to be vicious to any who oppose him.

The misogynistic language used by John Winter is incredibly troubling. Why is he so anti-woman?

The ageist harassing messages John Winter uses are frightening. Why can’t he just be nice?

Mr. Positivity John Winter wants someone he disagrees with to go to prison on false charges? Wow.

Does the John Winter from 5 years ago see the irony in him making such a statement today?

Negative feelings? Wasn’t it John Winter who advocated for numerous people to die?

In closing, John Winter, aka “The Mana Leek” is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He wishes all who disagree with him to die quickly. Mr. Winter will surely attempt to scrub these immediately from the Internet, but I have taken steps to preserve all of his comments to ensure the MTG community never loses sight of this monster in their midst.

(Author’s note: Minutes after this article went live John Winter turned all of his social media profiles private. As predicted he attempted to scrub his ugly comments by deleting them from his Disqus account. If there were any doubt previously if The Mana Leek and John Winter were the same people, he just confirmed it.)

Very little has thus far been written about Christine Sprankle. While I’m sure my investigation yielded more information than ever previously collected on Sprankle, I am torn on what to disclose. She left the community in an effort to regain her privacy.

Hambly’s assessment of Sprankle was on the right track but drew the wrong conclusions. She certainly profited from the dynamic Hambly described, but I do not believe she did so maliciously or that she is a fundamentally malicious person.

In my view Christine Sprankle’s life is sad and she found herself as the face of a MTG’s community by way of a fluke. Sprankle had no way to know by showing up at a convention in November 2011 it would spark her career as the most famous person associated with a game she was not particularly exceptional at playing.

WotC’s treatment and exploitation of Sprankle is the most under discussed scandal in this sordid affair. They used and abused Sprankle. WotC generated millions of dollars in profit for years by using Sprankle’s likeness and name in advertisements, while intentionally withholding her rightful share of the profits. Were WotC’s actions the fault of Sprankle by allowing them to continue? Partly, as she clearly did not have a manager worth their salt, but a company generating $100s of millions a year should have paid Sprankle a salary considering she is the singular reason thousands of players now attend MTG events in costume. She made MTG glamorous and to show their thanks WotC soaked her for all they could. Sprankle acknowledged WotC only paid her twice a year, and for all other events she was not compensated. They certainly used her likeness and advertised she would appear at those unpaid events though!

On February 19, 2017 Sprankle wrote on Twitter that she had just ended a six year relationship.

Sprankle groveled to her fans for help in a video, “The Cost Of Cosplay – I need your help” on February 24, 2017. The discerning reader will note the video was published five days after Sprankle announced she had broken up with her boyfriend.

In the video Sprankle says she was forced to move in with her elderly mother, in a trailer, and that she only had $60 to her name. These details reveal a lot of information. The first being it was likely Sprankle’s boyfriend supported her financially if she was in such a desperate situation. The second, if you know about Sprankle’s history as I do, is living in her mother’s trailer was likely her last option. Sprankle’s parents were, to the best of my knowledge, never married. Yet Sprankle’s father lives with his (2nd or 3rd) wife in a home where Sprankle could not stay. Why? Sprankle’s father and step-mother are well-to-do business owners, by the way. They couldn’t have helped her out?

However, I am not interested in deeply delving down this road. I have a full dossier on Sprankle, including her current address, but that information only has value to the very people she sought to escape. Suffice to say, there are alternate scenarios why Christine Sprankle left the MTG community in late November other than a deleted video published by Jeremy Hambly in June.

This is not to downplay the very serious charges of harassment so many players, particularly women, must endure. Rape and threats of rape and violence and threats of violence have no place in any community, gaming or otherwise.

A player named Lucas Florent was banned for life after he threatened to rape one of WotC’s employees, Helene Bergeot, in November 2011. Florent said he was not acknowledging the ban and that he intended to attend the next MTG event which, at the time, was going to begin a few days after he made the statement. As a result WotC announced they were beefing up event security to protect their staff and protect their players. Florent’s threat was taken seriously.

And then, do you know what happened? It is the strangest thing. Without any public notice WotC reinstated Florent’s ability to participate in MTG events in September 2012. Helene Bergeot said she was not consulted on the decision and neither was the Investigations Committee. The decision to give Florent a reprieve came directly from the corporate office for a reason which has never been explained by WotC.

Imagine that. A player who literally threatened to rape a WotC employee was reinstated without the consent of the employee subjected to the threat. If that’s not the most uneven, backward, inconsistent enforcement of rules put in place for the alleged safety of players I don’t know what is.

WotC’s history shows they choose when to enforce MTG’s rules. They are not concerned with public safety, and they are not concerned with the well being of Christine Sprankle. If WotC were so concerned why did they manipulate her for years? Why did they squeeze value out of Sprankle’s persona while offering her nothing but a hotel room and a meal?

Because WotC doesn’t have an inkling of concern for the well being of their players. WotC is a business which profits from players who they know are, at best, damaged goods. All they care about is making money. Hambly was banned for WotC to save face and not interrupt their profits, but it backfired in their faces.

In WotC’s banning of Jeremy Hambly they inadvertently gave him a larger megaphone which he used to gain attention from those outside of MTG’s community, including myself. I had no previous interest in WotC’s policies or MTG’s community arguments. But, I will say this. After 15 years as a political and criminal journalist I’ve had a hand in numerous nationwide stories dealing with hypocrisy and unfairness. I became involved with this story solely because the evidence showed the WotC were rife with unfairness and the player base reeked of hypocrisy.

Christine Sprankle is the only innocent party. Sprankle should not have blamed Hambly for harassment that, as a public figure, she was receiving for years before Hambly published his video. In an interview from April 2012 Sprankle said, “I show my appreciation for Magic in a unique way. It gets a lot of positive and negative responses from other members within the community. And to be such a figure you really can’t let the negative get you down.”

Did she earn a few dollars from her supporters? Sure, because WotC intentionally chose to unfairly compensate her. She should have been receiving an annual salary. Did she play on the emotions of fans who were drawn to her? Probably in some instances, but so what? A figurehead in a fantasy community offering fantasy to those seeking fantasy was part of her job description. Sprankle’s fault lay in naively trusting WotC to compensate her for the value she brought to the community and allowing their manipulation to continue while she drowned financially.

Wizards of the Coast has no claim of innocence as their complicity in numerous scenarios is backed by irrefutable evidence. The players who helped influence Hambly’s banning are not innocent as instances of their own culpability is on display. I could have found other evidence if I had such an inclination, but I made my point. Nor is Jeremy Hambly innocent, but his guilt in offending some and entertaining others doesn’t justify him being banned for life. Particularly when a player who threatened to rape an employee had their lifetime ban reversed. Jeremy Hambly is by no means perfect and could certainly choose his words with greater care. Regardless of all of that, he serves a purpose. By holding a mirror up to the MTG community’s collective faces he keeps them accountable.

Based on what I’ve observed, this community needs more truth tellers. Not less.


Lou Colagiovanni is an investigative journalist living in Las Vegas who specializes in politics and crime. His work has been highlighted across the world and is regularly featured on television and radio. Join Lou’s fanpage with over a quarter million followers.

  • Sebine

    Information is a hell of a drug.

  • Robert

    The main question is if Jeremy had kept his mouth shut or even apologised, or even said “cosplay isn’t where wotc should be pushing this game” instead of the way he attacked sprankle and her fans/supporters, would this have happened? The short answer is No. Jeremy needs to live with the repercussions of his words.

  • For those of you following the magic the gathering drama lately, hope you like this piece.
    Fielded this researched story into it myself via Lou approaching me on the Facebooks.
    The writer used to be my old editor at Wtf magazine
    He’s a good friend of mine.
    Lou’s like me if I instead of focusing energy into shitposting, it was focused into researching and writing lol

  • Lordy Thanos
  • Vida

    And the point/content of the entire article just went right over your head.

  • t3hthirstydog

    A company handled community guidelines inconsistently? Shocking!

  • Vida

    Whether or not it is shocking is irrelevant. Handling community guidelines inconsistently and applying therm willy nilly is bad practice, especially when they’re only used to silence or be rid of people to benefit the company’s own personal interest or to silence those of dissenting opinions.

    If you’re trying to say the fact that this isn’t shocking excuses it, you’re way too overly pro status quo.
    If you’re trying to say that handling guidelines inconsistently is fine, I have to disagree with you. But I also wonder if you’d be saying the same thing if the opposite happened and WotC went after the people harassing Jeremy, letting Jeremy remain in the community.

  • SRK

    Why do you say that WotC abused Sprankle when she says, in the link your provided, that they always treated her well and compensated her?

  • SRK
  • t3hthirstydog

    WotC applies their rules all the time. The fact that they have contradicted themselves only proves that they aren’t perfect. If people are threatening Jeremy, they SHOULD apply the same rules. I never insinuated that they shouldn’t. My only point was that shit happens, things don’t always go fairly in life. WotC should focus on improving moving forward.


    “Brian “The Professor” Lewis, a disgraced and unemployed college professor, who previously begged his supporters for money”

    Stopped reading as soon as you started insulting people yourself.

  • t3hthirstydog

    Investigative failure or willfully ignored known information. Pick your poison.

  • jball2k

    The truth hurts huh?

  • havoc905

    so what did the professor do to his college career that’s led him to be “disgraced” anyways? just need to know because i dont really like the guy :^)

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    The truth hurts, I bet your brain did too as soon as it ran into a solid wall of WRONGTHINK.

  • Mr0303

    “Christine Sprankle is the only innocent party” – no, she’s not. She drummed up the controversy to gain Patreon pity bucks. Jeremy apologised to her, but she said nothing to stop the witch hunt since she needed the controversy. She is just another profiteering thot.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    There is a clear bias towards Sprankle in this article, as the author attempted to dismiss any wrongdoing or misconduct on her part, and, like so many others, paint her as a victim with no capability of being responsible for her own actions.

  • SRK

    And Jeremy has done the exact same thing. Begging people to join his Patreon after WotC shut down his DCI.

  • KiTA

    She gained a little sympathy with me once I read that WOTC fucked her over and she was only holding together because of her boyfriend paying her way.

    But yeah, she shouldn’t have lied about Jeremy.

  • SRK

    I’d like to know what the “disgraced” thing is too. As far as I know, he just got laid off from his teaching position.

  • t3hthirstydog

    Buzzwords always win arguments.

  • SRK

    What was her wrongdoing or misconduct?

  • jball2k

    Wait what? Where was he begging for Patreon dollars? Lol

  • Robert

    No it didn’t. This whole mess started because Jeremy got political in his video drawing attention by attacking a woman who was having more success then him.

    He pulled the victim card when he was removed from the mtg community cup over his previous words about the community. There are records of his tweets calling magic the amaturing “cancer” instead of a ban then wotc removed him from the community team. They could have given him a lifetime ban then but tried to be nice. Instead of being thankful Jeremy let his ego get the best of himself thinking he was untouchable.

  • KiTA

    They would have found another reason to attack him.

    You forget they’ve been going after him off and on for YEARS. It was a year or two ago I heard WOTC publicly stating they didn’t know HOW he got press prereleases one time but they were going to make sure it never happened again.

    The Marxists hate Liberals like Jeremy. They would have found some other thing to complain about eventually.

  • havoc905

    same, imjust attempting to find some info on it just so i dont get called out for being ignorant if i need to use it during an argument

  • t3hthirstydog

    And I bet someone like Jeremy wouldn’t accept money on Patreon, that would be hypocritical.

  • Mr0303

    Nope. Last time I check WotC didn’t stop her from cosplaying thus eliminating her income, so the situation is not the same.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    They didn’t fuck her over, she was compensated for all official events, just not the ones put on by independent organizers. Why is her lack of financial responsibility anyone’s fault but her own? You know what I would do if I wasn’t making enough money? Find a better job.

  • t3hthirstydog

    You clearly haven’t been around long enough to see that he has.

  • Seth

    I can’t believe you would insult yourself.

  • Robert

    And he was removed from the community cup when wotc announced him because the community didn’t agree with his views. He them attacked his community cup replacements (magic the amaturing) then should have been given a lifetime ban then. Instead wotc turned a blind eye.

  • Mr0303

    Then she should’ve spoken out against WOTC and not incite a witch hunt against somebody she doesn’t like. No sympathy from me.

  • Mr0303

    No, it wouldn’t be. He didn’t accuse her of harassment and he’s the one losing his ability to earn money.

  • t3hthirstydog

    Actually, they were completely transparent about how he received spoiler cards before. They hire a company to handle it and they incorrectly chose him. Stop lying.

  • Vida

    On that front, I can agree. I wouldn’t feel anywhere near as much ill-will towards WotC if they were fair around the board. And if they were to fuck up and not treat everyone equally (including in this scenario), to at least hear the community’s concerns and try to doll out equal treatment that they missed.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    Blaming Jeremy for “years of harrassment” (which is clearly not the case), using the contoversy to drum up monetary support, and pretending to be sexually harrassed while she was openly displaying herself in a sexual manner.

  • havoc905

    i fail to see what he did wrong, all he did was call a thot a thot :^)

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    Nice argument.

  • SRK

    You say that like he is completely without fault in this situation.

  • Mr0303

    Where have I said that?

  • t3hthirstydog

    I’m confident they know what’s going on. But you can’t honestly expect them to communicate with everyone immediately. They are a company and have to be extremely careful every step of the way. They fuck up a lot outside of community drama, including game design, but almost always are transparent about their failure and what they are doing to try and improve moving forward.

  • SRK

    When did she speak out against WotC?

  • t3hthirstydog

    Nice reply.

  • Mr0303

    She didn’t. That’s the point.

  • Dethati

    Except when it comes to card stock quality, and curling, and foiling, and print errors, and decisions about unbanning a player who threatened to rape an employee….

  • Seth

    Sprankle is far from innocent. She was payed to be the ‘face of the community’ by WotC and totally abused this elevated status

  • jball2k

    Since his banning? I’ve been following this pretty closely. I’ve not seen him use this particular event to “beg” for money.

  • t3hthirstydog

    You’re right, just dismiss the fact that I said “almost always” and bring up a couple recent developments that likely have a solution in the near future.

  • t3hthirstydog

    Anyone who thinks they should debate this person should stop while they’re ahead. They think “openly displaying herself in a sexual manner” is a valid excuse.

  • SRK

    WotC hasn’t stopped him from tweeting or making YouTube videos. If anything, he is going to make more money because he is churning out videos like crazy now, which will increase his income.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    Thanks, I’m pretty good at it.

  • Dethati

    Then it’s not “almost always” It’s most/some of the time. Almost always has the connotation that more than 90% of the time they are transparent about issues, but WotC hasn’t been transparent on issues for quite a while now. I listed the most recent ones off the top of my head but there is plenty others they haven’t been transparent on as well.

  • t3hthirstydog

    I didn’t say since his banning. He’s done it before is all I said.

  • SRK

    Abused it how?

  • Mr0303

    Are you being wilfully ignorant or just dishonest? They banned him from tournaments and MTG events which were the main content of his channel. More videos doesn’t mean he’ll make more money if the content people are interested in isn’t there.

  • Smorgesborg

    In you saying that Sprankle is the only innocent party, is it okay if I ask, what of the Patreon post she made where she said that the primary reason was really that she got into the college that she wanted, without even mentioning Hambly?

    Honestly, I do believe that the reason why she might have blamed Hambly, is that consumers frequently get angry at a producer of material if the material flow stops for what they might see as a “bad reason”. So, as an easy way out, thinking others would backlash if they thought that college was an insufficient reason, she said that she’s stressed out and depressed as a result of Hambly, a controversial figure. This ties into how more and more people are leaving work due to excessive expectations and stress, making it an easier idea to digest than simply desiring higher education.

  • t3hthirstydog

    Look, I want the issues you listed to be resolved as well. But ignoring their past transparency about issues like failed game design and focusing more on the semantics and assigned percentage values of certain words is not something I care to argue about.

  • Smorgesborg

    Yes, but he’s not using this controversy to get money, as others are.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    When you get angry at someone for making a sexually-charged comment while posting sexualized pictures of yourself (the reason Jeremy made his original video), then you’re a ridiculous person and you deserve criticism. Yeah, you shouldn’t debate me because you’re so far below my level that you can’t even dream of making a coherent, well-constructed argument against me. But for anyone who is actually in possession of a functioning brain, I look forward to your correspondence.

  • t3hthirstydog

    Oh yeah, keep believing that. Him tweeting about his Patreon recently was totally not about getting more money.

  • Smorgesborg

    Is he doing it any more as he used to?

  • SRK

    Why would she speak out against them when they didn’t do anything (as you suggested above)?

  • t3hthirstydog

    I don’t monitor the number of times on average he asks for money. But he’s still asking for it during the controversy. I don’t give a shit if you want money on Patreon. But some of you are using it as a weapon against others when he does the exact same shit.


    Wizards has a brand to protect. If you’re going to utilize your audience of over a hundred thousand subs to muck up a frenzy- if your voice is just manufactured drama- there’s a problem. You’re making the online community less enjoyable for others.

    Let’s also not forget that Jeremy Hambly’s shit is not limited to twitter. This is someone who speaks of sabotaging panels at events by asking followers to ask hosts questions about their weight. He’s an unrepentant shithead who, if you ever call him out on anything, claims “it was just a joke.”

    I’m sorry, but if you have a voice that reaches over a hundred thousand people, you need some restraint that doesn’t suggest you’re encouraging actual harassment. As a result, he’s banned from attending physical events – and he should. I, for one, wouldn’t want to be anywhere NEAR this fuck in one of his event videos, for fear that some irritated keyboard goblin is going to look me up and blow up my twitter – maybe my followers, too- with their nonsense. So he’s out from events, and out from mtgo for good measure.

    Wizards is well within reason to kick this egotistical youtube warrior of a drama king out of their game, and he deserves it.

  • Mr0303

    “when they didn’t do anything (as you suggested above)?” – where have I suggested that? You are not really good at providing citations, are you?

  • Matthew Aubry

    “Did she play on the emotions of fans who were drawn to her? Probably in some instances,”

    She sure played on yours

    “Christine Sprankle is the only innocent party. Sprankle should not have blamed Hambly for harassment that, as a public figure, she was receiving for years before Hambly published his video.”

    Dude have some respect for her and treat her like a fallible person not an image you want to fuck. She’s far from innocent here bud.

    Also don’t appreciate you referring to me and others as sycophants. Grow up dude.

  • Smorgesborg

    If he’s not doing it any more frequently, he hasn’t changed how often he’s mentioning patreon, then he’s not using this controversy to get money. Instead, he’s just being the same content creator/patreon user he always has been.

  • Matthew Aubry

    Jeremy creates YouTube videos. As one of his Patrons I can assure you all the profit goes back into the channel. Equipment, event etc.

  • t3hthirstydog

    Totally man, I have no brain. I didn’t know that until you pointed it out, I’ll go have that looked at.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    Well said.

  • Matthew Aubry

    Victim blaming. Like saying, “She was dressed sexy, she deserved to be raped! She has to love with her actions!”

    You disgust me. You recognise what’s happening to him is wrong, but you’ll turn a blind eye because you don’t like him personally. You need to grow up.

  • t3hthirstydog

    I think there may have been contextual confusion on my part. I did not mean he’s been begging MORE, simply that he too begs for money through it and has made cringey videos in the past about it.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    You’re trying to create a false equivalency here. The difference is that Jeremy uses Patreon to support the content on his channel, he doesn’t BEG for money. Sprankle had a dwindling Patreon and used the controversy to boost her income.

  • SRK

    The vast majority of his videos are commentary on Magic or pack openings. VAST majority. They are made in his “studio” and nothing is stopping him from continuing those videos. He claims his GP videos are the most popular, but looking through his channel, he only has one GP video that did particularly well from a views standpoint, and that was the one where old packs were opened. And I am seeing less than 10 of those GP videos in the last year, out of what looks to be more than 100 videos.

  • t3hthirstydog

    How is it wrong to agree with that he’s banned for violating their Code of Conduct? Not agreeing with the rules is one thing but he accepted their terms and willingly violated them. Might I add, he violated these rules many times over the years without any repercussions. He’s lucky he wasn’t banned way before this started.

  • t3hthirstydog

    He also will be quick to remind you about his well-paying job. Jeremy doesn’t need your money. He would’ve spent money on cards and equipment without your support.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    I’m glad you’re finally getting the help you need. Good luck and godspeed.

  • t3hthirstydog

    What content? The cards that he buys and owns? Jeremy doesn’t operate a professional studio. I get what you’re saying but supporting him on Patreon is just additional motivation to do what he was already going to do – open Magic boosters.

  • Robert

    One problem with your comment Jeremy isn’t a victim. He attacked a community multiple times and now he has to deal with the consequences

  • SRK

    He’s created a PayPal account to be his “warchest” and advertises on his newest videos.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    But not as much money. Just like any production, the larger the budget, the better the production value. God, you are painfully ignorant.

  • SRK
  • Matthew Aubry

    Not true, Jeremy has a good paying job, that’s for supporting himself and his family, you goon.

    Donations to his channel directly benefit his channel and improve the quality of his content. He would not be buying the same equipment and traveling to the same locations without the support of his Patrons.

    You know very little about his channel, I know a great deal. Why don’t you try asking instead of telling?

  • Smorgesborg

    “she should’ve”

  • Mr0303

    And where exactly in that statement does it suggest that WOTC didn’t do anything?

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    … okay let me try to explain a little more carefully since you’re so impossibly obtuse. If he had the disposable income to open a booster box on his channel once a month and got to one event a year, he might do that. But if he has a Patreon which allows him to open five booster boxes a month and go to three events a year, then he can make more content for his subscribers and patrons. This is why he has a Patreon account and why people support him: they want to see more content.

  • SRK

    Would that not be what Sprankle was doing with her Patreon? Just guessing, but wouldn’t she funnel the money she got from it into supporting her cosplay releated activities?

  • Matthew Aubry

    You’ve violated those same rules multiple time here tonight bud. The problem is in how the rules are arbitrarily enforced.

  • t3hthirstydog

    Jeremy has a ton of subscribers to his multiple YouTube channels and represents the brand in some capacity because of his visibility. As a company, they have every right to disassociate with
    a person committing actions they don’t agree with. Especially when they violate terms that were explicitly agreed to by said person.

    If shit posting is your thing, maybe you should finally sober up and realize Magic isn’t your game.

  • Mr0303

    And I wonder if this VAST majority of commentary videos will suffer if he’s banned from participating in tournaments and attending events? It’s pretty hard to give relevant commentary on something if you don’t have access to it.

  • Matthew Aubry

    Jeremy is the victim here of a coordinated campaign of harassment and intimidation all in the name of ending harassment and intimidation.

    Sprankle lied and it’s been proven, there’s no defending her actions here.

  • t3hthirstydog

    If you honestly feel I violated one of their rules, feel free to report me. I have no idea what rule you think I violated but hey, if I truly did then they should evaluate it.


    Exactly, good.
    Or shitpost more responsibly at least for fuck’s sake.

  • SRK

    Are you being wilfully ignorant or just dishonest? I don’t see any reason his commentary videos have a need for him to be at a DCI sanctioned event. And nothing is stopping him from buying and opening packs, which is his bread and butter for the channel.

  • t3hthirstydog

    Jeremy is the victim of harassment after this shit-storm started. Every person who threatened/doxxed him deserves to be banned too. Harassing a harasser is not OK but that’s exactly what Jeremy has been – a harasser.

  • t3hthirstydog

    So you know for a fact that he wouldn’t buy the same amount regardless of his Patreon? And I’m the obtuse one?

  • t3hthirstydog

    Yeah man, I’m ignorant. I’m ignorant of his top-notch production, all paid with your hard earned cash.

  • Mr0303

    You copying my questions doesn’t make them relevant to what I’ve said.

    ” I don’t see any reason his commentary videos have a need for him to be at a DCI sanctioned event.” – do I really have to explain how commentary on a trading card game can suffer if you are not allowed to actually play the game? How can he comment on the usefulness of a given card if he can’t use it in the game? Or should he just describe its art and how it smells?

    You are going at really great lengths to make excuses for this injustice with your little sock account created solely for damage control.

  • t3hthirstydog

    You know a great deal? What is there to know other than the videos that he posts?

    I used to be a fan of his product openings, his events he would record with his camera at the LGS, etc. But then he started introducing politics into his social media. Attempting to hold a conversation with him lead into childish responses from him. He then decided to separate accounts in the interest of separating politics and Magic and proceeded to consistently violate his promise to separate the two.

    But please, enlighten me more about him and his channel.

  • SRK

    He can play all the Magic he wants, just not sanctioned events. In fact, he is planning his own function the same time as GP Indy so that he can meet supporters and play Magic. You do understand that there is a massive number of people that almost never play sanctioned events, right?

  • SRK

    Bottom line, WotC has maybe stopped 10% of his lowest rated content, which is he is going to make up with his crusade videos against WotC. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out ahead with all the white knights he has supporting him.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    Ugh, it’s like you’re seriously mentally deficient. There is no way you can be this stupid and still manage to operate a computer. Is it all some terrible cosmic accident? Some loose ape dragging its hairy knuckles across a keyboard to semi-coherent results? An unsupervised mongoloid smashing his oversized head into the keys to create sentences of inhuman stupidity?

  • t3hthirstydog

    Everyone knows the real way to win an argument is to insult the intelligence of the other person. I’m glad you won. I’m going to take my inhuman stupidity and cry myself to sleep while I dream of that eTrophy you snagged.

  • Colin Kent

    I’m not sure you understand the real outrage here. Ok he got banned, fine. I can live with that, Hambly can too and so can you… Now, let’s hold everyone to that same standard and ban everyone who breaks the WotC ToS… how many people will be left standing? Who will be next?

    Power corrupts… when people realise they can get people banned for saying mean things, people will be accusing each other in a weird power game that just diminishes MTG. Oh wait… it’s already happening.

  • Jonathan Scott

    Awesome article.from an outsider.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    When the other person can only manage to present me with half-baked nonsense arguments, then how could I possibly ignore their lack of intelligence? You make no sense and then reinforce that idiocy with more incompetence and when I point it out, you come at me with a poorly constructed sarcastic comment that makes you look even dumber because you have nothing. Don’t get any tears on my trophy, you soft little bitch.

  • t3hthirstydog

    If you repeat it often enough, maybe it’ll come true.

    “Jeremy will always faithfully use every dollar to increase production value. He has not and will never take advantage of a situation. Amen.”

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    “Show me the reciepts.” – Jeremy Hambly

    Where is your evidence? If you have proof of him misusing funds then I would love to see it. Otherwise, you, as usual, have no argument.

  • t3hthirstydog

    I don’t have evidence. Likewise, where is your proof that he has used every dollar from his Patreon to increase his production value?

    Don’t know about you but I don’t blindly trust someone I haven’t spent the time to get to know.

  • Mr0303

    And who is he going to play against? Himself? His friends? Not pro players for sure.

  • Mr0303

    The bottom line is that they shouldn’t have done that. This is a clear injustice that you are trying to minimize and for some bizarre reason defend.

    If this hadn’t blown up and was covered by other large content creators that don’t have anything to do with MTG people like myself would be unaware of WotC’s shady practices and SJW tendencies.

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out ahead with all the white knights he has supporting him.” – and that’s your own speculation trying to yet again minimise the core issue.

  • SRK

    There is quite literally nothing stopping him from playing Magic against his friends or pro players.

  • Jonathan Scott

    The rule you violated in my opinion. You made me uncomfortable. Next rule you used foul language and demeaning tone in your responses here

  • Excellent article.

  • Jonathan Scott

    As soon as Brian used the Jewish purge he immediately violated WoTC terms and service and should be lifetime banned

  • Kevin Trask

    This was excellently researched, I don’t agree with everything you wrote but you covered a complex topic better than anyone else to date. I don’t know how this all plays out but I hope our society can figure out how to handle issues like this moving forward and I think you’ve genuinely contributed to that.

    I will note, I think “disgraced college professor” was a bit unfair and there were a few other comments that were unnecessarily judgmental and hyperbolic. Overall though, very well done and thank you for doing the work on this.

    If the mainstream media approached topics the way you did here we would be better off.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    Because that is what he stated it was for and he spends thousands of dollars on products and travel every year to produce content, you fucktard. The money he spends is clearly visible by the content he produces and he probably doesn’t even make enough from Patreon to support all of that shit. And you know what else? Even if he didn’t spend every cent on the channel, he provides the videos for free and I think it’s fair to compensate him for his time and effort if one enjoys his content. There isn’t even a sliver of evidence that he is doing anything unethical, you fucking subhuman, knuckle-dragging dope.


    So this shit is satantic. Jk. Great read!

  • Mr0303

    And how would he go about playing with the latter? Convince them to not go to tournaments, but play him instead? Please. Stop pretending that there are no roadblocks placed by WotC.

  • t3hthirstydog

    I agree that people that violate the ToS should face consequences. I understand that many people are outraged by WotC’s inconsistencies. But I also realize that it’s impractical to believe that they can enforce their rules in every single instance. Jeremy is high-profile and could have faced repercussions long before this all started with Christine. And I do agree that Christine likely stretched the truth with her statement. But there are also people here that think he did nothing wrong and I completely disagree with that sentiment. He broke their rules and faced the consequences he agreed to. He knew what he was doing and simply proved that he is no longer invincible.

  • t3hthirstydog

    One should compensate a content creator if they enjoy their content. I never said otherwise. We were specifically talking about production value because you came in here swinging, defending the man about how his Patreon money is used as if you knew. You’re assuming that he is of good character and that is part of the entire debate here. But again you lather on insults fueled by anger. I’m not even mad at you because of how stupid this sounds – we’re arguing in the comment section of an article about a man being banned from a card game and I’m tired. Have a good night, anonymous.

  • This is shocking! People actually still play Magic the gathering!

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    Yeah, just move those goal-posts over a couple inches. I explained why I came to the conclusion that he uses the money for production, but provided he didn’t, explained why that wasn’t unethical on his part (even though there is no reason to believe he doesn’t spend that money on his channel). It isn’t stupid to have a disagreement anywhere; it’s stupid to keep making retarded arguments and digging yourself deeper becuase you can’t admit you’re wrong or go away. Take your fake “I’m going to be the better man here.” bullshit and cram it up your ass, you brain-damaged nothing.

  • t3hthirstydog


    Love you. xoxo

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    Thanks, baby girl. I like how you’re trying to cover up how stupid you are by playing it off like you’re a troll btw.

  • Syndromic

    I’m not magic the gathering follower and don’t have much knowledge about
    this recent event. What I could gather from here is that Jeremy Hambly
    harshly made a scathing remark on this cosplayer named Sprankle. That is
    a ban and should have been an end of the story according to the code of
    conduct but…

    She continues the lie about the controversy that
    he sexually harassed her to earn some more sympathy and get victim bucks
    from her fans and the white knights. They also continue the narrative
    that Hambly is a misogynist, sexist, yada yada yada. As usual listen and

    Also if I can say something about this code of conduct,
    “Do not harass, bully, threaten, harm or cause discomfort for other
    persons.” It’s pretty flimsy. Cause discomfort? Magic the gathering
    sounds like Tumblr the gathering.

    Like I said this is the first
    article where I had more knowledge what happened and I could already
    tell from the comment section who the white knights are. Don’t get me
    wrong, from what I’ve seen of Jeremy Hambly, he seems like a very
    opinionated person, a type that can easily earn a lot of ire and hatred
    from the easily offended. However it seems clear that few people don’t
    seem to want to provide the both sides of the story, only extend the
    sympathy to the cosplayer. With the fanbase like this, I’m glad I was
    never a part of this community. This comment section is already flashing
    enough red flags to me.


    Your sequence of events is super out of whack. CSprankle hasn’t said shit since Jeremy got banned, because her twitter has been offline.

    This guy’s been going off for years. it took her very publicly exiting the game and a well-deserved callout to a negativity sinkhole in the community to prompt a response, let alone the lifetime ban. Cause discomfort is in there on account of a circumstance where Jeremy prompted (as a joke, OBVIOUSLY,) someone to attend another content producer’s panel and confront him about his weight. That’s uncomfortable. That’s publicly shaming someone in the middle of their panel when they have the spotlight. That’s fucked up.

    Wizards doesn’t want to ban players, players are their revenue. Their wording here is broad (but not unreasonable,) so that if you’re a constant canker sore asshole, they can show you the door and you can’t scream “WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!” on your way out.

  • ChazDragoon

    Talk about a clusterfuck…i think i’ll stick to PSO Ep. 3: C.A.R.D. Revolution if i get the itch to play a card game again.

  • Colin Kent

    And…. so do many people (break ToS). However, let’s say it’s high profile people only… like Hambly, ManaLeek, etc to serve as an example to others. Then why has WotC not come out an explicitly said that certain (influential) individuals that have massive followings who dox, lie, exaggerate, condone mass flagging, etc to sell a narrative will all be held to the same standard? Once these people have a victory, it’s only a matter of time before they go after someone else (probably using the same exaggeration tactics) to look heroic. I mean, seeing how the ManaLeek acted both, presently and in the past, would you want him judging you and demanding your punishment if you fall foul of his meandering standards? I doubt it. This whole situation is a joke and WotC will come out worse for it.

  • HMinnow

    Alright, so you claim to stand in the middle on the argument as an outsider looking in. Would you call this a centrist argument? If so, you may want to re-evaluate your view on what central politics is. To stand in the middle is to take nobodies bullshit. Your arguments are so un-researched and biased to the right its laughable that you put yourself “in the middle”. Calling Jeremy an asshole is stating a fact he has admitted himself. It doesn’t push your points to the other end.

    With that out of the way, let me state my core belief in all this. Bigotry and harassment are not political. They never should be considered as such, either. Shitbags exist on every level of a political spectrum. Honestly, I checked out on your viability when you started pointing your fingers to the punch a Nazi blog post, with the explanation of “this MTG player thinks punching people of different politcal beliefs is a good thing”. Classic nonsense from the fuckwad (this shall be my term for “Alt-right”) playbook of downplaying the severity of being a shitbag by grouping them with the less-shitbag members of the fuckwad community. Not only downplaying how disgustingly hateful these people are, but politicizing hatred so that in can be deflected into the greater war of left vs right. It’s downright disingenuous and really puts all your cards on the table for people who know what they’re looking at.

    Let’s take a quick moment to discuss the less-shitbag members of the fuckwads. People who were roped in by a political climate that has shifted so heavily from what they are used to that the sweet words and charisma of indoctrination, feels like its given them a voice. They aren’t really the people who I mean when I say fuckwad. When I say fuckwad, I refer to the true “Alt-right”. The racists, the sexists, the Nazi’s, the White Supremecists, the “insert label here”-phobic.Those actively participating in hatred. I don’t mean the casually -phobic, though they aren’t innocent, either. They are guilty of ignorance, not hatred.

    And, for the true sake of fairness, there are also the fuckwits. The anti-men, anti-white, anti-straight, anti-gender normative. These too are shitbags This is a primarily left movement that can go fuck itself as well. People aren’t pieces of shit based on their birth. People have no control over the genetics that they have been bestowed. Both sides are loaded with shitbags. Its just hard to address this here as your article leans very hard towards arguing on the fuckwad side

    You mention intolerence in your article, but you lack an understanding of the nature of the “paradox of tolerance”. You mention that very principle, though not by name, but without an awareness to why it doesn’t matter. The paradox as it goes, is that to have true tolerance we must be intolerant of the intolerant. If we are not, then tolerance dies upon its own existence. True tolerance is practically impossible, and most who believe in true tolerance have accepted that. The only path that could ever lead there is to be so intolerant of intolerance that eventually there isn’t any. That just won’t happen, but even if it can’t, the closest we can ever get is embracing the paradox and accepting, and only accepting specifically, the intolerance of the intolerant of the tolerant. The bigoted are going to be hateful and we must vehemently strike against that behaviour.

    This is not a war of politics. It is a war of tolerance. Jeremy is unable to tolerate different people playing magic. He can’t tolerate that his personal views are not accepted. He is unable to tolerate a change in the landscape of a game he has been into for a long time.

    White-knighting is a term invented by the fuckwads. It was created by those who view woman not as human beings but rather as objects who exist for the mere purpose of sex, ownership, or some other piece of asshole bullshi. Anyone defending a woman is a white-knight, as, no matter the actual reason, you will be called one. It’s a way to dehumanize woman, but make it look like your opponent is the one doing so. Its another classic fuckwad handbook-style deflection. However, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t some people who do this.

    John Winter made a lot of mistakes, 5 years ago. The problem is… those were 5 years ago. People can change a lot in 5 years. We were all idiots at some point in our lives. Its how we take having been a shitbag and use it to shape who we are now. What TML said recently falls under my earlier points on the paradox of tolerance. He could have been less abrasive, I don’t forgive that, but that is a lesson for him to learn. We’ll see what to think about him when the lesson has set in.

    Wizards really fucked up with Lucas and Zachary. Lucas directly attacked a WotC employee and as a company they should have stood behind their employee completely. Zachary was a PR disaster so they took the route that would appease the larger audience. Cutting yourselves off from the problem is a fine business tactic.

    Jeremy has never learned a lesson from his drama. For over 2 years he’s been entrenched deeply in it. Every time it happens there is a shitstorm, a bunch of his tweets get deleted, so on and so forth. The first bit of drama I found my way into seeing was the spoiler card situation. I pretty quickly caught on that Jeremy is an asshole and stopped watching any of his videos. He’s never taken an effort to be any better, so now he’s here. Banned, and rightfully so, for being a constant problem.What he does is not critical, its downright inflammatory and insulting. It leads his followers (who by now, he certainly knows, do this) and he never denounces those actions. He is completely complicit in the problem. Critique is not about dragging your targets down, but rather about analyzing and presenting an argument. The goal is not to be inflammatory (though true criticism absolutely can inspire that). Thumbnails calling people pedophiles and sexual predators’ are not critical, in the slightest. They aren’t funny, they aren’t jokes, and saying so is merely deflecting. WotC cut ties with Jeremy for the same reason as Zachary. PR can be a real bitch.

    Finally, just as Jeremy continues to claim, all most people want to do is enjoy the product. People like Jeremy care too much about some quality of these people to just let them do that. Then, when people fight back, they just deflect it into being a political dispute. And it goes on and on and on. If Jeremy had just stopped attacking people, he could have just continued to play the damn game, no problems.

    I’m gonna TLDR this now;

    This articles heavily biased towards not only Jeremy but towards actual hate groups. It doesn’t send any relevant messages, and as far as I see it, is a giant propaganda piece attempting to expose MTG players to disingenuous arguments built to indoctrinate them as shields for actual hatred.

    This message is for you Jeremy. This article doesn’t help your case. It doesn’t make you more sympathetic. It makes you look like tool of the fuckwads and I think you’re being used to further their cause. I wish I could give you my sympathy. At one point, I believe you genuinely cared for the product you made, and the game you played. But you dug this hole for yourself.

  • Caio Pontes

    Wow, you’re all over the place in the comments aren’t you? True to your username, thirstiest simp around here.
    Here’s something for you: The cunt hasn’t been harassed, but he was to the point of WOTC banning him from tourneys, and I don’t give a shit about people asking for money as long as they’re upfront about it and don’t beg like a whore.

  • Caio Pontes

    “Attacking a woman”
    Fuck outta her with that retarded shit

  • ProfessorFluffy

    Something I found concerning in regards to this drama, I heard that when they banned Hambly for life they also deleted his Magic the Gathering Online account. It doesn’t bode well with me that a company can delete a person’s account that they’ve invested money into; especially when they’re randomly updating their rules and restrictions and are enforcing them retroactively.

  • Shadowed Heart

    Sprankle being innocent? LOL. You shouldn’t be implying whores are innocent because whores are in no way, innocent. Excuse me while I laugh.

  • Conner Garry Sennett

    Pretty sure Mr0303 was saying WOTC did do something, so she should have went after them.

  • nanka

    lmao this was a very long post just to say “I’m an SJW who thinks punching people I don’t agree with is acceptable”.

    The mere fact that you even believe in the psychotic notion that “nazis” and “white supremacists” exist to any meaningful extent enough to mention them means you are totally 100% brainwashed SJW.

  • Crizzyeyes

    Debatable, honestly. I find it difficult to feel sympathy for those who are still had by “tricks” from the oldest profession in the world. If you can’t control your basest instincts, are you really even civilized?

  • solus01

    What an incredibly long and pointless article. You almost had something with your pseudo-legal spiel right up until you claimed The Mana Leek said “Hambly was responsible for all mental health issues affecting MTG players” while quoting “toxic assholes like Jeremy are a big reason”. I wasn’t aware that Jeremy was responsible for all players like him, and that big reasons are penultimate causes.

  • ProxyDoug

    Argh, just fuck Magic. Nuke this faggotry from orbit.
    Just accept every western fandom has been taking by SJWs and professional victims and wait for them to eat themselves.

  • ProxyDoug

    Pretty much what I got from it. This piece goes on and on and still blames the guy in the end.

  • Lou Colagiovanni

    Oh, but you’re mistaken. Look at the full quote.

    “He went on to say Hambly was responsible for all mental health issues affecting MTG players:”

    Mana Leek said Hambly was responsible, not me. I found the assertion absurd.

  • Grim Cube

    Great point about policing “discomfort”. How will critical journalism even survive if discomfort is the bar for where action of banning people is appropriate.


    You do not own your accounts on virtually any website. Magic the Gathering Online’s terms of service state you do not own the cards, you pay to use a service and access their database for trading and matchmaking.

    You may not like that this is the case, but it is also something you agree to when you create your account. I assure you, the terms of service for magic online have *always* had cause for banning accounts. People have been losing world of warcraft accounts for years for being shitholes on the internet. This isn’t some new overreach, some retroactive bullshit. This is how the rules go, Jeremy’s not the first, and won’t be the last.

  • Riosine

    Rofl at how big wall of Text glorifies shitposting, youtube drama and RNG Card Gmes as “Critical thinking”

    Dramaqueen youtuber guy totally Failed to Define a Real life Measurable Metric for [COSPLAY] skills or whether [COSPLAY] Skill are inversely Proportional to [Prostitution] skills. Thus being disqualified for critical thinking and just talking out of his Half-assed bias.

    I Hope Your next article Don’t be about Flat Earth youtube Drama

  • Colin Kent

    You’re conflating criticism with critical thinking… the article doesn’t mention ‘critical thinking’ once. As for ‘dressing up,’ he (Hambly) said it adds no value to the actual game itself and that it was little more than ‘lingerie.’ Some of the pictures she sold were fairly sexually provacative afterall. Sprankle equated this as several years of harassment (a time frame which she lessened time after time).

    From your tone, I’m guessing you enjoy over exaggerating things: a perfect heroic white-knight who creates drama where there is none to look good. Who’s the Drama Queen really? It’s sad.

  • BooyaCS

    The main problem I have is that their TOS applies to all social media like big brother. He wasn’t an employee of Wizards so him being an asshole is irrelevant to the conversation.

    Harassment is a legal issue. If you are legitimately harrassed then contact law enforcement.

    Problem 1 with the TOS is that it applies to your personal life. As a libertarian keep all forms of control out of my personal life. Who I follow on social media etc. This is my main problem. Now if you are saying he should have been banned prior then I ask why?

    Also you have players actively cheating. Causing the integrity of the game to go into question (I can destroy the integrity of MTGO quickly). So should he have been banned? No… He wasn’t beligerant at a sanctioned event or Online on MTGO. The point is you have people, employed by Wizards, that are using social media as a way to allegedly harass someone. This should be an offense that is fireable. As a non-employee you don’t represent the company. Therefore that company should stay out of your social media. When the company attacks it’s player base as being toxic then they have a deeper issue.

    The point is keep these types of beliefs out of a card game. Go back to content related to that game. Don’t use identity politics or the like, don’t say well we need more of group x just because. Give evidence to support the contrary and then go about manners on how to fix that. Include the opinions of those that are in disagreement with your own.

    Is Unsleeved media an asshole? Yes… Does that mean he should be banned? No. Look at it from this perspective. Have you ever read a harsh movie, game, music review? Should that reviewer be banned from EVER attending another movie again, reviewing a video game, or music? If so why? Why silence someone’s opinion? That is the main issue. It isn’t an issue of someone getting banned. It is an issue of a company reaching into our personal lives and telling us how to act.

    The fact that Hasbro/WoTC wants to police our social interactions with people is absurd. Is it a bannable offense to go see a Jeff Foxworthy show? In WoTC’s opinion it may very well be, and that is WRONG.

  • Riosine

    And the Phallumetry proof of this statement where is it? welp

    Just ctrl+f “think critical” and you will reach the part where the author rants About how strategical random card games are in non sarcastical way

    Im also just defending my turf, I do not like people use Mathematical based tools and skill badly, or rather don’t use at all and pretend to, So yeah Im albine Tanking science

  • Tech Kitsune

    The disgrace is having the nerve to open a ‘community college’ without accreditation, and still call it a community college. He’s no professor and he tries to play it up as if he actually were. That took less than two minutes to find on Google, and you should be ashamed of your intellectual dishonesty. Also, smart people don’t stop reading, they continue to read, so that says a lot about you. Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  • Tech Kitsune

    He’s not a college professor, period. That’s the whole disgrace. Tolarian Community College isn’t even an accredited college, let alone any sort of real college.

  • Novus Ordo

    Except he didn’t actually play Magic at tournament. He had a career total of 200 DCI points. He is not a Magic player. He is someone who figured out that he cold make money by shitposting, harassing Magic employees, players, and content creators, and putting out low-effort unboxing videos.

  • Novus Ordo

    The most hilarious part about Jeremy Hambly’s meltdown is how he keeps promising hard-hitting articles, and then they end up being blogs by people who know nothing about Magic on web sites nobody has ever heard of before. :)

  • SRK

    My understanding is that he was a college professor “in his real life”, or at least a teacher of some kind. And it’s pretty obvious TCC is not a real college, I’m not sure why you even need to bring that up.

  • Tech Kitsune

    No, he is not any sort of college professor, his fake “college” is what got him the nickname “The Professor” and anyone in serious academia has a lot of disdain for his disgraceful appropriation of the term “community college.” He’s like those Stolen Valor fake “war vets.”

  • totenglocke

    Sadly, no matter what their political views / upbringing / culture / etc, the majority of men will always side with a woman who has a pretty face, regardless of the circumstances.

  • SRK

    So basically you were triggered when he mentioned nazis and your brain just shut off. HMinnow’s post was pretty low on the “SJW” scale and points out the idiocy of the extreme on both sides of the spectrum.

  • One thing that should be mentioned is with them banning him from Magic Online they took away all his digital cards that he paid money for. This sets a dangerous precedent. What if say Valve were to enforce a similar policy and ban someone from Steam robbing them of all their games?

  • totenglocke

    Sorry, but fuck anyone who defends the “you don’t own what you buy” bullshit.

  • SRK

    Quite the overreaction. His college is an obvious riff off a fictional place from the game itself – what is he, offending actual academics from the Tolarian Academy?

  • Tech Kitsune

    I don’t think it’s overreacting at all. You’ve not got a clue how many clueless people thought they could learn how to play Magic by looking there? Sometimes I wonder if the 20 years I’ve had in this community is too long, as there are so many new people that seem to not know any history of the community. I ask you to go read up for a while. This community is by and large full of hypocrisy, intellectual dishonesty, and a lot of self-pumping aggrandization. Most of that is embodied in “The Professor” and many other top-brass individuals.

  • SRK

    Brian Lewis, adjunct professor at De Anza College:

    I guess you should have done some more reading before declaring he wasn’t a real professor, yeah?

  • GunbladeKnight

    1) There is strategy even with random chance. If your opponent leaves 2 blue mana open, do you cast your best card and risk it being countered, or do you bait out a counter with another card? The fact that you seem to think that there’s no strategy shows how little you know about it.

    2) He tells people to think critically, as in to take a step back and look at all of the evidence and try to find the truth.

    3) Critic is not a verb. You meant to say you were CRITIQUING the article.

  • GBass

    the best part of all of this is, theres videos from over a YEAR AGO with boogie and others talking about how he’s a muckraker in the community and causes problems, its out there, watch all of them. This isnt a campaign against jeremy for memes, this is people who had enough of his shitposting and collectively spoke out. Its not just sprankle, theres a lot of others in the community who have complained against him. It’s kind of ironic that he complains about virtue signalling and SJW’s, yet, here’s an article from someone who doesnt even play magic trying to get him some social justice. He just needs thicker skin and not be so butthurt

  • SRK

    But she said they didn’t, which is why I was questioning the suggestion that she go after them.

  • SRK

    It’s not like the only time pros spend playing Magic is at tournaments, most of their Magic playing time is spent outside those times. Whether or not he could find pros to play against, I don’t know, a lot of them signed that letter condemning actions like his.

  • Riosine


    People with critical thinking, or any commutation these 2 words, just don’t play Randon games to begin with.

    the Big Problem here this is article is built upon Card games are strategical and critical and stuff, and I hence the “Magic Hypocricy ” title. So its as simple as to proof these games are not so to invalidate the whole rant

  • solus01

    The mana leek said toxic assholes LIKE Jeremy were A BIG REASON. That’s a long way from JEREMY IS THE REASON. English and logic matter, and that’s THE REASON that your article philosophical quicksand.

  • Tech Kitsune

    Not the same person. similar look, totally different ages.

    Oh, protip, that Brian Lewis you linked to was my professor here at De Anza (right next to Azusa.)

    Again, more intellectual dishonesty from you. but please continue, I find this quite entertaining. Perhaps I should go out on the grounds and get a picture of the fire-blazen hillsides.

  • Thomas Johnson

    For the most part well discussed but there are some issues and its the same issues i seem to have with everyone thats saying Jeremy shouldn’t be banned cause these guys are bad to.

    Every piece of evidence thats given from other people all seems to come from stuff that has in 90% of peoples cases happend 2-3 years previously.

    If you think people should be banned for the stuff they are saying from that time in the past you are saying that they clearly could of never changed or seen an error it what they said or did and can never be shown forgiveness. If that is the cases then a life time ban on Jeremy is right because clearly he can never be given a second chance either


    Are you saying what they have said and done in the past is acceptable and they shouldn’t have any sanctions brought against them?

    Either you have to say these guys have done nothing wrong and so Jeremy has done nothing wrong or you have to say Jeremy deserves to be banned for life as do these guys. You cant have it both ways

    Also to add you outright intentional misinterpret The mana leak when you say he blames Jeremy for content creators mental health issues, he doesn’t claim its Jeremy’s fault but the negativity of “people like Jeremy” he is clearly blaming are large group that someone is a part of not solely that person. Not to say if agree or disagree with your arguments towards him but it lessens your point when you do something like that

  • GunbladeKnight

    “Pay to win” and that’s why a $20 deck was able to beat $1,000 dollar decks. The fact that you think that you can’t form strategy around probability shows how stupid you are.

    And the “Magic Hypocrisy” title is because the people that banned Jeremy have consistently ignore similar actions from people that they like.

  • SRK

    LMAO … it’s the spitting image of him. Just admit you were wrong and stop deflecting by calling people liars.

  • Matt Ruefer

    holding everyone accountable for every instance is a standard that they created for themselves, though. you do see this, correct?

  • SRK

    Do I think WotC went overboard with a lifetime ban? Yes. Do I think he deserves a time out of some kind? Yes. Do I think the threats on his person, property and wife are defensible? Absolutely not and he think he should pursue all legal courses in regards to that garbage. But everything started with Jeremy. He’s a negative person making horrible comments about other people while rabble rousing others to do the same. He also spreads misinformation and half-truths and whines about people being hypocritical while being hypocritical himself. If he would stop doubling down on negativity, he could have saved himself a ton of issues.

  • Matt Ruefer

    so, what is strategy? a careful plan or method. poker is a strategy game with a random element added to the game so its not just the same game every time. don’t sit there and say that this game isn’t steeped in critical thinking. it takes a huge amount of critical thinking to adapt to the randomness of the game and account for it.

  • Mr0303

    Citation needed on all of this.

    The point stands that they have unreasonably limited his reach.

  • Novus Ordo

    Except he didn’t actually play Magic at tournaments. He had a career total of something like 200 DCI points. He attended GP Vegas and got zero points in the event. He is literelly a professional troublemaker, not a Magic player.

  • Mr0303

    I don’t care what you think. You have been defending this indefensible behaviour from WotC. Being a “negative person” in no way justifies the way he was treated by the thot, her white knights or by WotC.


    Sounds like mobile/online games shit. Only own virtual stuff that will be gone when the game/server got shut down.

  • Mr0303

    His skill level is irrelevant to the issue at hand.

  • Novus Ordo

    Why do so many men like you feel so threatened by women that they have to perpetuate this myth?

  • MTG is not a welcoming community, the moment you post the wrong MEME on twitter they can confiscate all your virtual items without even having to explain what you did wrong.

    Wrong think not allowed either, you must agree with ideas and bias or else your are bigot that deserves your virtual items ceased.

  • SRK

    You clearly do or you wouldn’t be making all these posts attacking WotC and Sprankle.

  • Riosine

    Finally After 500 tries I managed to beat once Yay muh lukstrategy of personal experience payed off. Yeah I do undestand you kid has much strategy as playing dnd with with weight disbalanced, loaded, dice.

    To Determinate whether a card game is really strategical you would had to consistently win with a crap deck and ass rng. Much like Low level Speedruns of rpgs do with maximized strats

    You know the reason of the titlename aren’t mutually exclusive, right?, in any case is still built upon card games being smart(ass) stuff. axiom and has as an unfortunate implication P2W × NG games are strategical.
    This is beside any form of Natural selection over the banned unchaming dramaqueen individual had underwent

  • SRK

    Citation needed of what? That pros spend more time playtesting than playing tournaments? Or that a bunch of pros signed a letter condemning actions like his?

  • Riosine

    Not good enough for this case. To Determinate whether a card game is really strategical you would had
    to consistently win with a crap deck and ass rng. Much like Low level
    Speedruns of rpgs do with maximized strats

    Basically Strategy should overcome any other possible variable

  • Mr0303

    I don’t care what you think about the situation and I’m not attacking anybody. Just pointing out that they didn’t act in an honest and fair manner.

  • Arenegeth

    Disclaimer 1: I don’t give a shit about Magic the Gathering, or TCG’s in general for the most part.
    Disclaimer 2: I haven’t read the above story since is pretty long and I’m already informed about this drama from other sources on the internet (I also hate reading snippets of people’s tweets).

    From what I gathered and as a synopsis for those new and not caring enough to look deep into the topic.

    A shitlord Youtuber and MtG nerd was mean to some MtG female cosplayer on social media, white knights come to the rescue. Wizards of the Coast itself starts the virtue signaling shenanigans as is being infiltrated by SJW as a lot of nerd past times are these days. Guy ends up getting banned from events and generally branded as a vile wrong thinker and the ism’s ensue, which in turn kicks up a witch hunt and a rift in the community happens, as people pick a side and draw a line in the sand (when did we see this happen before?).

    So 3 points of interest here.

    1. When a company gets infiltrated like that, the only cure is attrition. Social Justice has the slow spreading qualities of most cancers, but it can never truly enter remission unless the host dies and is born anew or the master organism (Hasbro) decides to cut of all the vile and pus. So if you care about MtG the best thing to do now is to STOP caring about MtG. Hasbro won’t pay attention and start rolling heads until they lose money, so stop giving them money, do your own private tournaments, etc.

    2. Wizards of the Coast is a private company, and is free to associate with who ever they want to and can ban anyone from their events, not send them goodies to review etc. Do not think otherwise. Sure the whole thing seems unfair, but the reality is, you can’t force them to associate with anyone, you can however stop giving them money for this reason and inform them about it.

    3. This is the only part of this ordeal I actually care about (I mean SJW taking over hobbies, what else is new?). Jeremy had his online Magic stuff taken away from him, because of this drama. That is the equivalent of Steam banning you from their service and taking away all your digital purchases in the process, because with the Twitter account you had linked with Steam or as a public persona, you called Anita Sarkeesian a cunt on Twitter. Now Anita can block you, and Twitter can ban you if they feel like it, but Steam shouldn’t be able to do shit about things that don’t happen on their service. Hell, you could be a serial rapist or a mass murderer and Steam still shouldn’t ban you, since its not its job to judge your private conduct away from their platform.

    This sets a pretty bad precedent, and is another step on this moral arbiter culture that SJW Twitter bunnies have being perpetuating when they started getting people fired from their jobs, for things that have nothing to do with their actual jobs, but shit they said online. This needs to stop. Now. Before things really get out of hand, because it won’t be long now, until all these unemployable, unpersoned shitlords, that had their shit taken away because they said something mean on the internet, come together and start stringing people up. Of course the irony is lost on SJW’s that the culture of hate they’re perpetuating will eventually bite them in the ass.

  • Mr0303

    Which part of “all of this” didn’t you get?

    Regardless if you provide them or not the point still stands.

  • GunbladeKnight

    It was more like 8 times out of 10 the cheap deck won out. It was so consistent that the price nearly doubled immediately after it was featured. And why would I roll a die in D&D instead of using a spell to kill them outright?

    But go on and keep showing off your sub-10 IQ.

  • SRK

    You just called Sprankle a thot, which is a derogatory name.

  • Mr0303

    And? Calling people names is not attacking them. Not to mention the accuracy of the term.

  • Matt Ruefer

    when you say RPGs, are you referring to games like chrono trigger and final fantasy?

  • Riosine

    Rofl I don’t even need IQ to think I rather just use Mathematics and science as templates .
    its so clear you are just fabricating dubious claims and not a gamer just a noob, who doesn’t even know hit chances are calculated through die rolls in dnd things

  • Riosine

    yeah as an analogy, instead of crap deck crap weapons and skill

  • SRK

    That pros spend a lot of time playtesting:

    “Say, for example, that there is a PT in five weeks. I’d play zero Magic week 1, one hour a day week 2, two hours a day week 3, three hours a day week 4, and twelve hours a day week 5, and that was enough to have very good results and to be one of the best players in the world.”

    That a bunch of pros signed a letter:

  • Matt Ruefer

    so, what specific examples do you have of a speedrun of those games experiencing RNG and a superior strategy winning out?

  • Vepr

    Interesting article, thank you for delving deeper. It is perplexing why WoTC was not more even handed and consistent in their approach to these type of issues over the years. With the propensity of stuff like this to blow up these days I am surprised it was handled in this manner. I suppose they are in a bit of a damned if you do or damned if you don’t situation to some extent but error on the side of facts and equal treatment at least.

  • GunbladeKnight

    You do know that science and math deal with probability, too, right? Actuarial sciences base everything on probability.

    Also, what die would -I- roll when using this spell:

    And that’s not even counting more imaginative uses of spells like Minor Image, or even spells like Power Word: Kill that the enemy doesn’t even get a chance to overcome it.

  • SRK

    Being negative by itself, no. But you can’t just ignore all the other stuff.

  • Mr0303

    That’s the schedule of a single pro player, but still. I’d imagine that he plays against other pro players rather than his friends. If he had a similar ban I’d imagine that those numbers would be quite different.

    So all of those players are also in the wrong, claiming the harassment happened and supporting a lifetime ban where none was deserved.

  • Riosine

    RNG manipulation is an strategy in Chrono Triggers run that pretty much merges RNG as a function of strategy itself, It concludes killing lavos with the re-raise, and a elixir, by triggering the accesory robo gives you after planting a forest sidequest, and overflowing his hp counter

  • Mr0303

    What other stuff? Calling people names? Well, tough! I don’t care how popular he is in the “community”. Nothing he did justifies the witch hunt, the lies by the thot or the lifetime ban.

  • Alex Hinkley

    Perhaps she should have considered getting a real job instead of playing dress up for a living and relying on begging for money?

  • Alex Hinkley

    That’s different. He wants donations to use in the fight. She wants donations so that she can buy stuff and go out to eat without having to work a normal job. Big difference.

  • SRK

    Well that’s your opinion, and you know what they say about opinions.

  • Riosine

    Natural science, Yeah, Mathematics. HELL NO.

    And You do even know Why? Because is Natural measurable science, you have something called Measuing Errors, And you had to do like 10k measures of a phenomenae and then apply statistics to see what value converges at. you end with a measure

  • Matt Ruefer

    so, you are referring to a manipulation of the RNG in the game itself. what about a speedrun of a game that doesn’t have any way to manipulate the RNG of the game itself, would you consider a method to beat the game that takes into account the inability to manipulate RNG as some sort of strategy?

  • Riosine

    You just use a different special overpowered strategy. You know you use different strats for different games, right?

  • HMinnow

    It’s a deflection tactic. Note that he broke down hate groups into only Nazi’s and White supremacists. He cedes that the others exist but deflects from them by ignoring them, and pointing out the two extremist groups I mentioned that are smaller groups to attempt to get me to cede that they don’t exist. The fuckwad playbook in a nutshell. They do exist. Look at Charlottesville, or the Daily Stormer for proof.

    I don’t plan on playing the fuckwad game by ever responding to him directly. He’s just gonna deflect again. That post was never for the fuckwads. It exists to not only call out the author, but if it even stops one person from falling into the propaganda machine, then it did its job.

  • GunbladeKnight

    Well fuck, guess we better tell insurance companies that they should just throw darts at a board for their pricing options because they don’t use REAL math. Why bother coming up with the best pricing option to make the most profit while still being affordable if anything random is just “lukstrategy”? And before you say anything, yes statistics is a math discipline.

  • totenglocke

    Thank you for proving my point. You immediately defend her because she has a vagina and insist anyone who judges people on their character is “threatened by women”. That White Knight shit will not get you in her pants, she’ll still look down on you. You’re just making everyone else look down on you as well with your absurd behavior.

  • Gray

    Hey. It’s kind of disingenuous of you to claim this high ground of being reasonable then paint MtG players as “just more likely to sexually harass”. Why should I trust your research or points if you’re openly insulting people while trying to look like you aren’t? If you’re going to comment on the community that way you should be proving that to outside observers. I don’t think you’re helping much either, here.

  • Riosine

    Eh? I really not even sure if insurance companies actually use Optimization calculus to do their computation.

    However you don’t seen to understand long number theory and you are just talking sillyness instead of just shut up and remain cute whilebeing introduced it

    Hint you need more than 80% with 10 tries to write a theory

  • Matt Ruefer

    absolutely, i know you use different strategies for different games. so, if you create a special overpowered method of winning in magic, wouldn’t that be considered a strategy then?

  • MusouTensei

    This is what you get when you let social justice infest your fandom.

  • Riosine

    Yes but the Consistency of that strategy should approach 100% win rate especially since it is a turn based non hand agility game

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Is that a Kotaku article? I thought I am on Niche Gamer.

  • GunbladeKnight

    I’m sorry, did I say that it won 8 games, or that 8 out of 10 times it would win? You apparently don’t know what a ratio is.

    But go ahead and prove me wrong, go buy a deck with a playset of the 10 most expensive cards. I mean it’s pay to win, so you should be able to win every game since it’s just pay to win, right?

  • Snorlaxation

    I think Hambly’s a mega douche, but that doesn’t mean sprankle isn’t guilty of her own shit.

  • Snorlaxation

    doesn’t sound like they were defending it, but explaining it. it’s one of the big reasons people have so much issue with digital only copies of games these days. It’s not favored, but it exists, and has for a long time, especially in regards to email accounts, blog accounts, live journal, fanfic websites, etc etc.

    It’s not Ideal, but even today it’s used and abused tremendously by both sides.

  • Mr0303

    Yup, that’s my opinion and fortunately for me it’s supported by facts.

  • John Smith

    If you have tabletop simulator someone uploads every magic card there so you can just play for free
    There are probably other ways to play for free but I just noticed it while browsing tabletop simulators workshop


    Understand what you’re buying. Bits on a server with a TOS agreement you agreed to, whether or not you read it. If you don’t defend it, if it’s outrageous to you, *don’t fucking play magic online.*

    People have been getting paid game accounts banned for so many years, are those all an outrage? You make a stink on World of Warcraft, you lose it. Nobody cares that it has resale value, you screwed it up, you pay the price.

  • Riosine

    You still lose to rng and luck. and your strat and win ration are still Personal experience kid

    If you had the Best strategy on a strategy related game you would win despite being outnumbered. your cards suck under rng handicapping or any other form of luck.

    Has your p2w x rng skillz pride blind you so badly?

  • Snorlaxation

    Shades of grey appear and influence most things in our lives. Not everyone is a saint, not everyone a monster.
    Just because sprankle might be less than a nice person, or even kind of a douchy one herself, doesn’t mean Hambly didn’t invite a whole world of negative backlash for all the negativity he sent out. What kind of whiny person goes on putting people on blast over CARDS?? So what if she used her cooch or flashed some boobs to get some trading cards?
    He had to go and continuously spew lots of angry drivel, and that got him in trouble.

    Does that mean he deserved death threats? That he Deserved all the backlash? No. I have no idea what he’s like outside the Magic circle or offline. Getting called out on your bullshit is what you should get for spreading rumors and nonsense, just like what happened with that adult film actress Ames (though the unfortunate ending of her killing herself should not have been a desired outcome by anyone).

    just because sprankle isn’t an innocent divine soul (and even if she’s just a regular person), doesn’t make Hambly’s stupid whining and ugly comments any less bad and deserving of backlash.
    Hambly’s stupid whining and ugly comments doesn’t mean he deserves death threats.

  • SuuLoliBoob

    What the fuck did i just bear witness to?

  • OMFG, This article was ridiculously long!


    Harassing by using a high-profile social media account to repost crudely photoshopped images with their likeness in compromising situations is not “posting the wrong meme.”

    Baselessly claiming other members of the community are sexual predators is not a meme.

    These are harmful statements that can have real impacts on real people. That’s not mean words, that’s not having fun at someone’s expense, that’s actually a problem.

    It is *not* hard to be welcomed in MTG, just play the game and be a good sport. Account bannings are rare, and the tournament suspension list is *not* long.


    This precedent exists everywhere. People have been losing online gaming accounts to moderation for years, regardless of what value they have. Don’t be dense. Ever seen an MMO account with resale value banned? This is not different.

  • Michael Barnes

    What if I told you that Hambly wasn’t banned because of Sprankle and that it is a strawman. Also they deliberated much more than 13 days. He has been posting videos since July saying that his inside sources at WotC were investigating him and that he was going to be banned. He has been pushing for this for close to a year trying to instigate as much as he can so that he can be at the center of an MTG gamergate. He wanted this to happen.

    He was going to get a suspension along with everyone else that got one from the Magic for Bad Facebook page, WotC upgraded it to a lifetime ban based on his body of work.

  • Sebine

    What if I told you: Sources?

  • solus01

    The mana leek said, “toxic assholes LIKE Jeremy were A BIG REASON”. That’s a long way from JEREMY IS THE REASON. English and logic matter, and that’s THE REASON that your article philosophical quicksand.

    This is the second time that I’ve used those exact words to describe why you messed up, figure it out please.

  • Michael Smith

    Becoming a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) is NOT going to college. Most CNA courses are only 4 weeks long and there are a few online courses. Pretty easy. Sure, some community colleges will string out a class over a semester but that is it. One and Done. Requirements = GED

    Did Christine Sprankle take her Patreon money and turn it into a CNA class?

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    There is a clear difference: those cards have monetary value, they were bought and can be sold. A WoW account only has value because of THE PLAY TIME THAT WAS PUT INTO IT AND THE ARBITRARY VALUE PLACED ON THE ACCOUNT BY WHOEVER IS PURCHASING IT, not because the player bought ‘X’ item with real money and is now selling that item for real money in a system designed by the game’s creator. The precedent that is even more outrageous than the previously mentioned scenario is that they are punishing a player based on that player’s conduct outside of the game in their own personal life. Why would a company have/want jurisdiction over its users’ personal lives and social media accounts?

  • Smorgesborg

    My mistake.

    Either way, you’re just showing more of how people wouldn’t have seen it as sufficient reason to stop.

  • Michael Smith

    Not your mistake. You are right that she has other goals in life now.

    I don’t have the original post about CS going to “School” but it would be a serious misrepresentation on her part to say a CNA class is a long term commitment and/or that being a CNA is more than a 40hr a week job with minimal training.

  • Getting banned from an account for in game activity is completely different for being banned for something that had nothing to do with the game itself. This would be like Valve banning you for being a Trump supporter.

  • gush

    Great article.. You searched everything you could and talked about it…
    That’s…. journalism? I guess… not the most common kind of journalism, but it’s good this breath of fresh air.

  • Michael Barnes

    What source do you need? WotC never mentioned Sprankle in their ban and Hambly has a ton of video going back to July claiming WotC is going to ban him. And a bunch of people were suspended for the Magic is Bad FB page at the same time Hambly was banned.

  • Cat

    I don’t know what you’re all arguing about, on every YouTube channel they all ask people to look at their Patreon or PayPal account, so is everyone on YouTube begging for money?

  • Cat

    I totally agree with you, he apparently spent thousands of $’s online as well as all the rl products he bought and to take away thousands of $’s from someone is totally outrageous

  • giygas

    Trading cards are for fags.


    This would be like Valve banning you for making high-profile inflammatory statements that reach over one hundred thousand people. This would be like Valve banning you for asking someone to sabotage a panel at a Valve event. This would be like a Valve banning you for accusing Valve employees by name of being sexual predators.

    This is not about someone’s political stance. It’s very much about actions that *affect their brand* and it’s VERY clear to see.

  • RetroGamer

    I tried this game like 2 or 3 times and I’m glad that I never took a lasting interest in it.

  • Lucy Taylor

    You seriously need to STFU. Men who disrespect women have no place in society. Even if it’s supposed to be a “joke” or “not serious”.


    You cannot sell an item for real money in a system designed by wizards of the coast. You can trade it for other cards, and that is all. There are also RMT transactions for items, not just accounts, in world of warcraft, diablo, etc. You can even re-sell cash shop items in some other freemium model MMOs. The value and ability to do so are dictated by a market interest which is most certainly lower than that for magic cards, but that’s a matter of supply/demand, not a matter of ownership.

    Also, if you have an audience over over 100,000K subs, you are not “private.” The days of offline being called “IRL” are over, because *online is still real life when we identify ourselves by personable informatino there.* Jeremy has made accusations about specific Wizards of the Coast employees. He’s *certainly* done his fair share of degrading other players. That’s about the game. That affects the brand. That’s reason to cut him off.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    The issue isn’t that they banned him from using their service, which they are completely in their right to do. The issue is that they seized his property/assets, which have real-world value. It’s more like if you bought a car from Honda and gave it a poor review and criticized the company, then they banned you from purchasing any cars from them in the future and seized the car you bought from them without providing any reimbursement. The post you responded to was pointing out that is a very strange precedent to set, regardless of whether or not they have the right to do so.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    Obvious bait is obvious. Step up your trolling game, fool.

  • Lucy Taylor

    No trolling here, fool. I’m just amazed that there’s people here who can actually defend and excuse harassment towards a woman because she supposedly “lied”.

    Niche Gamer do Niche Gamer.

  • Biased beta soyboy white-knighting cucks defending lying and exaggerating vagina from any wrongdoing shocker.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    The difference with WoW/Diablo is that they do not sell those items to the player directly, they simply sell the game and players earn those items by playing. Any value assigned to the items is completely arbitrary. On the other hand, WotC sells items directly and assigns value by their rarity (a system of value that they created and fully acknowledge). Not to mention that one can trade in these digital items for physical product, thereby equating their ownership with physical ownership, rather than just digital license. If players can trade these items that have been assigned value by the sytem WotC created, and there is no system to enforce trades of equal value, then they can be sold easily and no steps have been taken to prevent this (they even allow players to trade cards for “tournament tickets”, thus creating a currency with flat value that players can use to buy/sell cards and cash out later). And just because other games or companies may have perpetrated the same theft doesn’t make it legal to do so. To address your other point, I never stated it was “private” or that they do not have the right to ban him, simply that it is a dangerous precendent to be setting, which you can’t seem to wrap your head around.

  • Z3DH

    “This is not to downplay the very serious charges of harassment so many players, particularly women, must endure.”

    Why not? It’s mostly bullshit.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    No, see I said “Step up your trolling game, fool.” because you aren’t good at it and you need to try harder. What I didn’t mean is come back with another sad attempt to bait someone into your transparently fake trash-tier feminist argument. Maybe check out 4chan and learn how to be a better shit-poster.

  • Bitterbear

    Reading comprehension is a racist, ableist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, colonialistic, Nazi tool of the patriarchal toxic masculinity.

  • Smorgesborg

    The point is the WOTC overreacted, she should have said something. She didn’t. Thus, “she should’ve spoken out.”

  • Sebine

    Ah, so you don’t have sources, just hearsay.

  • ActivistZero

    I am by no means an insider to the MTG community, but based on things that my brother who is involved with Magic Jeremy was a massive bellend where it was not a matter of if but when the banhammer would finally strike.

    HOWEVER, as this article, as well as various posts on twitter have shown that there are people getting away with far worse things.

    The only thing I have to say is either Wizards reinstate Jeremy & Travis Woo, start enforcing their community guidelines on everyone regardless of or just continue being hypocrites and potentially lose money in the long run

  • Toejah

    Just beacuse one has a good paying job dose not mean that any other work that others find to be of value must be done for free. And there is no requirement to support to view the produced content.

  • nanka

    “They do exist. Look at Charlottesville”
    Perfect admittance of being an SJW right there. Calling Charlottesville anything regarding “nazi” or “white supremacist” related is clearly 100% proof of being an SJW. Charlottesville, a group of people who sought permittance to use a park for a silent protest (and gained legal documents allowing this) being attacked by the domestic terrorist group ANTIFA is not a nazi or white supremacist event. You are a fucking evil psychopath.

    And yes, people who are racist, sexist or have an irrational fear of things like spiders do exist and none of them are problematic. These labels also get thrown around like nothing and in the SJW sense that you are using these terms they mean nothing as well. An SJW like you calling someone racist/sexist/phobic is the same as just you saying “I don’t like you because you’re not on the extreme left”. So there is no need for me to address them. I only mention the other two groups because people are being blamed for being nazis or white supremacists for absolutely no reason. AND PEOPLE ARE USING IT TO JUSTIFY PHYSICALLY ASSAULTING RANDOM INNOCENT PEOPLE ON THE STREET.

    But of course you want to downplay literal violence and murder. Because as long as someone gets called a “nazi” or “white supremacist” after the fact then you think they deserved that violence.

    Thanks for proving to everyone that you are both SJW.

  • Mystic Thunder

    Glad to see someone else looking at this from a reasonable perspective, even though expressing this relief publicly puts my DCI number at risk of being banned (their actions with Jeremy set a dangerous precedent, after all).

    However, I differ from your opinion in the part where you claim that Sprankle had no fault whatsoever; she still told a massive lie. In her actual Patreon post, she stated that Jeremy had nothing to do with it. If I were in her position, I would’ve told the truth; after all, her true fans would be happy for her, what with her getting into the college she wanted.

    In the end, I feel that this is a classic case of contributory negligence on all parties involved…

  • Mystic Thunder

    If you REALLY wanna go all the way back to when Jeremy’s troubles with the SJW types started, it can all be traced back to a joke about Planeswalker piss and Pepe meme. Yeah, that’s “posting the wrong meme.”

    If you REALLY wanna get into whether Jeremy’s claims that that judge is a sexual predator, it’s not baseless. The dude’s conviction is a matter of public record. RE: Sprankle, though, he more or less questioning whether she realized that she was essentially leading a bunch of horny teens around (yes, yes, I know, semantics, but he has a point; a teenage dude’s head isn’t exactly on straight around attractive chicks, if you catch my drift). Those were never the points that were considered to be the memes; see the previous point for what was considered to be a meme.

    Make no mistake; there are no innocent parties in this one

  • Gwoen

    Your short answer is wrong, even if the words would be diferent the problem was that a rege mob full of anti-jeremy stood behind the claims and insisted on WotC to ‘take actions’ and that was because of years of antagonizing other content creators. All that aside I dont think ‘the repercussions’ should be that severe (a life time ban of participating and attending events of a game he loves) for just his choice of words.


    I’m not talking about the judges. I understand the public record cases are public record.

    Look into collision with Daniel Fournier and Mark Rosewater, Wedge and others.

    Also, Jeremy had shit with the community way before the planeswalkers and all-gender bathrooms. Literal years before that, that’s recent history in comparison.


    I stand corrected, you mentioned in his personal life, not his private life. They are different words.

    That doesn’t change the audience. It’s still on a high profile social media account. I really don’t feel that’s terribly “personal” and certainly is still an issue wizards is within reason to take action against.

    I acknowledge there is a slight difference in distribution with magic online. I do not find it consequential to the value, and certainly not worthy of discussion in the context of Jeremy’s losses, given that one can only redeem for physical product *certain* card sets currently in print, which are not likely to be a reasonable portion of his collection’s supposed value, and certainly isn’t worth very much on a secondary market at the moment.


    Jeremy doesn’t apologize for shit, what are you on about? The man is all about non-apologies and saying he understands his wrong and doing nothing to change it. There’s no redemption there.


    It’s really very much not? You seem to imply this has never happened before by claiming it “sets a precedent,” but no matter what Jeremy wants to think, he’s not special. People have been banned from magic online for being a shithead, and will be banned for being a shithead in the future.

  • Mr0303

    Obvious bait is obvious.

  • Dr. James Russel, PhD

    Why do you have to keep using shitty memes as if they reflect reality?

  • Dr. James Russel, PhD

    If you don’t like people’s opinions, “don’t fucking read them” kiddo.

  • Dr. James Russel, PhD

    No harassment occurred.

  • Lucy Taylor

    Not bait. I find it extremely funny though that more and more “Anti-SJWs” like yourself are using this “bait” or “troll” excuse to shut down and silence any means of discussion. Have you taken advice from Breitbart commenters?

    Aren’t you guys always accusing us “SJWs” of using insults and ad hominems to shut down discussion?

    Look who’s doing the same now…

  • Mr0303

    You claim that you want to have a discussion, but say that I “seriously need to STFU”. Please try harder next time – you are too obvious.

  • Lucy Taylor

    You need to STFU because you have no idea what really happened in the event. Are you the harasser? No. Are you the victim? No. Were you involved? No.

    You don’t know anything, so why are you making excuses for the harasser?

    “Please try harder next time – you are too obvious”

    Again, desperation. #antisjwsnowflakes

  • Mr0303

    A bit better, but you can still put more effort into it – the hashtag was a bit much.

  • Byron Pike

    great article. thought unprofessional conduct By Wotc isnt new news to people that have been playing the game for years

  • Kuraudo

    “views Sprankle not as a revolutionary cosplayer, but as a talentless and an over glorified softcore porn model who hustles her fans for a living by sexualizing herself. ”

    I never thought about it that way before, but I feel like he has a point.

  • ProfessorFluffy

    To clarify I have no issue with them banning a person from breaking the terms of service. If the ToS is incredibly intrusive I’d avoid using their service. What I have an issue with is them enforcing the updates to the ToS retroactively.

    Enforcing the rules retroactively means, they update the terms of service for the game, then ban people for things they did before it was even against the ToS. To you it may not be overreach, but that is a matter of your opinion. The laws in most countries would disagree with you on this however.

    In regards to services like Magic the Gathering Online, a problem I also find with their ToS is they became incredibly intrusive over time. When I signed up to MtGO, their ToS only included being banned for behavior in the game itself. I did agreed to the ToS at that time, but I don’t agree with what they’ve evolved into.

    Just to note, Magic the Gathering Online is a very old game. It came out before social media even existed (about a year before MySpace launched), so there was no way their ToS would have included policing a non-existing platform.

  • mizter zebra

    hi, just saying this is a thing a guy is banned for “bad conduct” because some cosplayer with big tits was jilted 6 months after a break up but pedos are A OK

  • mizter zebra

    hi, what research did you do? i mean people even attacked boogie for saying that unsleaved media was slandered and that the cosplayer was a lying spurned lover that’s abusive. just like Zoe Quin

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    Oh, wow, you certainly rustled my jimmies. Man, you are seriously awful at trolling. Do you really expect us to believe that anyone, even a feminist, could possibly be this stupid and obnoxious? The thing that makes a great troll is that it straddles the line between believability and madness. You’re just too obvious.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    Again, that’s totally fine, but when you start banning people for that, it needs to be evenly enforced (it’s not, as the article painstakingly points out) otherwise the ToS won’t stand up in court because they aren’t enforcing it, which means they are being unethical and discriminatory.

  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    Once again, for, what is this, the fifth time? I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH JEREMY RECIEVING A BAN, JUST THAT IT IS A DUMB AND HYPOCRITICAL MOVE ON WOTC’S PART. You don’t have to find that fact consequential to the value, but a court of law certainly would, and it doesn’t matter if the collection is worth $5.00 or $5,000, I guarantee you that any judge would label it theft.

  • Lucy Taylor

    Because anyone who disagrees with anti-SJWs must be “trolling”.

    Funny, aren’t you anti-PC/SJWs always accusing us of using insults and ad hominems to shut down and silence discussion?

    That’s exactly what YOU’RE doing now.


  • disqus_xKI4QZWeWC

    You try so hard, yet fall so short. Here’s a tip for the future: SJWs do not refer to their adversaries as “anti-SJWs” because they don’t like the label ‘Social Justice Warrior’ and by calling their opponents ‘anti-SJWs’, they would be labeling themselves ‘Social Justice Warriors’. See? These are the kinds of things you have to consider when trolling, otherwise everyone can see right through the charade. And the other poster was correct, the hashtag is way over the top.

  • Mystic Thunder

    And here’s the key difference that you’re ignoring out of convenience; none of that shit garnered major attention from a group of narrative-loving assholes that wanted nothing more than to destroy a man’s career. It wasn’t until the joke about Planeswalker piss that the SJWs really caught on and made his life hell.

    It wasn’t until the SJWs caught on that he was doxed (which is illegal, mind you), his wife started being stalked and harassed, and his friends were turned on him. It wasn’t until the SJWs caught on that his videos started getting falsely flagged, his social media basically shut down, and his business’ livelihood damaged. There are guides out there, published by sources such as [i]Hipsters of the Coast[/i] that teach people how to falsely flag all of Jeremy’s accounts, and that urge readers to not even bother seeking the truth.

    I think we can all agree that one party took this too far, and the other responded out of desperation…

  • Ace
  • Bea

    I’m going to guess that she had hopes of becoming like the next Yaya Han or Jessica Ngari, they and a few others have made a career of it but very very few people can actually make a living as pro-cosplayers.

    Sponsor deals are nice to help pad their wallets but the real profit comes from selling your own merch/photos which I’m going to guess she didn’t do or wasn’t successful in doing. Plus it was MTG, it’s a small niche for cosplay.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Anyone who pushes this far for the thing they love doesn’t have low confidence. He didn’t even go back on what he said to try and get them to unban him and stuck to what he said. I’m with him if she was just blatantly milking the scene with very little interest shown in the game because stuff like this is just a Trojan horse for the other things that killed other hobbies like video games.

  • LazyBoy

    Good thing i always played MtG casually with family, friends and their friends only. It costs a lot but it’s great fun. There are different formats to spice it up and make sunday tournaments.
    I guess by reading this piece that the MtG community suffers just another shitstorm like any other community full of SJW suffers. MtG, once a geeky thing, became more trendy for millenial normies who think being a geek/nerd is cool, without being one, because they are more passionate about ultra-left thoughts than their hobby. WotC’s strategy is to please this kind of audience rather than the hardcore fans because they will always come back some days.
    If you ask me, appart seeing an overuse of SJW-friendly characters in the arts, i don’t feel concerned by the SJW-ness with this game, maybe because i never played in an official competition.

    But what is the most concerning thing for me, is when this pro player was blamed for choosing an ultra-rare card during a draft, because ANYBODY would have done that and that guy felt forced to sell it and give away the money because of those mean spirited hypocrites.

  • Jonas

    Wait, you think it’s a myth that men do dumb shit for a pretty face? Wow, uh, I never thought I’d see this contested. Guys do dumb shit in vain attempts to make a pretty girl notice them. All. The. Fucking. Time. No, that doesn’t mean women are evil, but if you think no woman has ever taken advantage, then boy do I have a deal for you! Just for you! I’d like to sell you the scrapping rights to Eiffel Tower on behalf of the French Government. Totally legit, I assure you.

  • Prof. Faust

    Let me preface this by saying I’m not a Magic: The Gathering player or follower of any of the people involved, so I have no personal stake in this.

    “Christine Sprankle is the only innocent party. Sprankle should not have blamed Hambly for harassment that, as a public figure, she was receiving for years before Hambly published his video.”

    What the fuck, Lou. Innocent people do not lash out with false accusations against their critics. Under the right circumstances, a false accusation will land someone in prison, and it’s precisely this kind of blasé attitude that shields the perpetrators of these crimes from prosecution. If you had intended to create an evenhanded analysis of events, you fucked it all up with your insistence upon Sprankle’s innocence.

  • Prof. Faust

    Since I can’t directly reply to your first message, I’ll put it here.

    White-knighting is a term invented by the fuckwads. It was created by those who view woman not as human beings but rather as objects who exist for the mere purpose of sex, ownership, or some other piece of asshole bullshi.

    Did you get that from a gender studies course? Take a moment to consider who is being insulted by the phrase “white knight”. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not women. If it can be taken to imply that someone is objectifying women, it implies that the white knight himself is the objectifier.

  • Just goes to show you should never allow women to join groups as they will ruin it as they ruin everything.

  • No need to be a soyboy.

  • This is what happens we you let women infest your fandom.

  • Women are too weak to be threatening.

  • Redemption from telling the truth.

  • She could have not have been a lazy bitch and got a job.

  • Maiq TheLiar

    Even other women agree to this, lol.

  • Maiq TheLiar

    “Culture News” lol

  • Snorlaxation

    well, it might be all the bottoming.

  • Michael Barnes

    My sources are WotC’s email to Hambly and Hambly’s videos, all of which are common knowledge.

    That is why I asked what source you needed, because the claims I made didn’t require a source. It is like saying 2+2=4 and you asking for a source.

  • Dave The Sandman

    A good article, although I find it hard to support your proposal that Sprankle is a wide eyed innocent. She lied her ass off about why she was leaving, and decided to settle a score by having her fanbase gang up on Jeremy, knowing full well what would happen. She is, at best, a vindictive and manipluative liar.

    You might want to revisit the world of MtG given Jeremy’s recent revelations around pedos and sex offenders in the Judge program and WotC attempting to lie their way out and cover up the scandal…..and Hasbro apparently playing along with WotC’s dishonest strategy. The MtG Judge program doing a Pontius Pilate and claiming they have no responsibility to check out the Judges is equally disgusting and hilarious at the same time.

    Also contact the One Angry Gamer blog – Billy would probably love to mirror this content and signal boost your work.

  • brainy37

    Its possible that she invested her Patreon money into a better paying job like CNA. But one thing for sure, she benefited from this substantially.

    Hambly checked her Patreon funding which was actually pretty good at the beginning but had been declining. There is a video about it. She turned off the information showing how much she was making shortly after she posted her leaving the community. While the amount made was no longer showing yet the number of patrons did almost double after this incident. It stands to reason that she received a huge windfall due to this incident.

    There is also the issue of her reasoning for cosplaying MtG. Cosplayers are looking to make coin off of this hobby and numerous cosplay forums have sections about that subject. They’re always looking for new grounds to exploit when other locations or entire genre’s are saturated. Showing up to cosplay a game where your actual investment in gameplay is questionable, is somewhat suspicious. While MtG cosplay is growing it was near non-existent only a few years ago and therefore fertile grounds.

    Maybe I’m completely wrong on this. Maybe I’m not. But its hard to believe that the circumstances are not a clear as some want to make them out to be.

  • Saul Etilworg

    The second video oppening line:

    “A tolerant community must be intolerant of intolerance. ”

    Is based on :

    i feel something wrong on exposing personal information of “John Winter” but i believe that nichegamer editors have enougth experience to discern a doxing attemp .