Payday 1 and 2 Designer Announces New Game, GTFO

During tonight’s Game Awards, new indie developer 10 Chambers has revealed the first gameplay for GTFO, a co-op shooter designed by Payday: The Heist designer Ulf Andersson. It will be released in “some form” before the year ends, seemingly in Early Access form.

Matthew Sigler


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  • Max

    Worst name of all time.

  • Cy

    Payday 2 was awful, this doesn’t look any better.

  • AnarKreig

    Had it come from any other developer, I may have been optimistic, but I detest both Payday 1 & 2.

  • GuyGuysonEsquire

    Lemme guess, another buggy Payday reskin, just like RAID was, but with more modern gaming bullshit.

  • Lügenpresse
  • Feniks

    GTFO? You read my mind.

  • Early access and tons of DLC. GTFO!

  • sanic

    Space left 4 dead, might be cool.

  • bgrunge

    I’ve enjoyed both those highly, and what the dev did, buying their IP back from the publisher to eliminate pay to win game aspects was a pretty stand up thing to do, IMO. If that kind of action doesn’t deserve gamer support, IDK what does.