Debut Trailer for That One Piece: Grand Cruise VR Game

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Bandai Namco has shared the debut trailer for their upcoming One Piece VR game, One Piece: Grand Cruise.

Featured above, the first official trailer for the new virtual-reality game shows off a mix of combat, decision making, and interactions with main characters from the series.

One Piece: Grand Cruise is launching for PlayStation VR sometime next year in Japan.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Amethyst Eclipse

    Oh my god what’s wrong with her face?!

  • wafle7350 .

    hmmm i would like to see more scene with nami and robin… i hope the models are easy to mod.
    i see potential in this.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    No ability to tap their shoulder with enough force to cause them to lose focus long enough for their waist muscles to loosen up, allowing Odas womens giant breasts to drag their torso backwards; breaking their backs, no buy.

  • So instead of exploring the whole ship as any of the crew with possibly hundreds of little interactions to spot or do including various clothes options (Unlimited Cruise), we are a VR bobblehead self-insert with some shoddy “selection” elements and we are forced to endure the start of the Time Skip’s clothes again (dressing room or get out).

  • Jack

    I said it before and I’ll say it again.

    Just do a open world One Piece RPG where we create our own character (completely non-cannon).
    They could do sort of a One Piece themed Mass Effect (before it went to hell), let us create a character in the One Piece world, and pick a route in which we become a Pirate or a Marine or whatever and have branching storylines involving One Piece Characters. Go crazy with things.

    But unfortunately I doubt that will happen, if there’s one complaint I got with Anime games nowadays is that they worry too much about sticking to the Cannon.

  • TT

    I want an Arc Systems styled One Piece fighting game

  • True Goddess Reincarnation

    It is one piece m8. They all look weird.

  • Bassgs

    They’re pirates, of course they’ll stick to the cannons.

    Jokes aside, creating your own character type games can be a bit complicated. Sonic forces kinda turned me off from that idea



    why though? the character creation in Sonic Forces wasn’t bad at all. why did it turn you off (I’m just legitimately curious)

  • chaoguy

    I heard rumor that One Piece is SO big, when people started dropping it out of fatigue- it affected the whole damn anime/manga industry! Leading to their crackdown on piracy (thinking that was the reason) and greenlighting/canning so many shows over the last few years (trying to make the next Naruto or DragonBall Z)

  • chaoguy

    Give it time and with the success of Z Fighters- you might be onto something.
    And that could lead to some kind of Shoen-Jump fighting game that’ll blow even the good MvC games out of the water.

  • chaoguy

    There was an MMO at some point, but I think that sank.
    I totally agree that non-canon storylines (what if your own crew traveled the path Luffy would have done) would be the best ways to do it.

  • MMOs are garbage.