Rumor: Dragon’s Crown Pro Western Release Leaked

When Sony Interactive Entertainment first published their list of exhibitors and playable games for this year’s PlayStation Experience, they had both Sega and Atlus (now owned by Sega) listed.

Buried in the list of playable titles was none other than Dragon’s Crown Pro, which has yet to be confirmed for a western release. The list has since been updated to remove the game.

While it makes sense that Atlus and Sega would publish the gorgeous Vanillaware-developed action-RPG worldwide, we’ll have to wait and see until this year’s PlayStation Experience.

The new and enhanced version of the game will support up to 4K resolution, as well as cross-play with users on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. The game’s soundtrack has been completely re-recorded by a live orchestra.

A Japanese release date is set for February 8th of next year. Could we see a western release around the same time? We’ll keep you guys posted.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Eldhin Hellknight

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  • PC Port when?

  • Aurelie

    if you spent your time working instead of whining about PC release on every topic, you might be able to scrape the pitiful $250 together to buy a console

  • Wodge
  • Mr0303

    Yeah, the game was definitely on the PSX list of playable titles. I guess they removed it because they wanted to make an announcement. A worldwide release would be nice. Day 1 for me whenever it comes out.

  • I have no problem buying a console for a single game and I’m not a fan of port begging but it makes sense here. They’re remastering / rereleasing it and both Sega and Atlus have in recent years embraced Steam by releasing their back catalogues on it.

  • s_fnx
  • I have a PS4. I want to play the game online with my friends who are all on PC. I already own one copy of this game that I have no one to play with.

  • reblinds

    ==BEEP BEEP, make way for master race coming through, I’m running fast to make up for the time lost waiting for this port==

    Feels good to be mustard race. Now excuse me while I research what great games there are to come. With a swift google search of E3-2016, I’ll be able to plan what games I’ll be playing for months to come

  • reblinds

    get new friends lol

  • DrearierSpider

    Most PC gamers have the money to get a console, they just don’t want the terrible experience that comes attached to it in a lot of cases. The biggest flaw of Bloodborne is without a doubt the performance, which directly stems from PS4’s pitiful hardware.

  • reblinds

    >performance matters more than gameplay
    to a point yep, but bloodborne doesn’t get that bad. You don’t know what you’re talking about and are just regurgitating mustard propaganda. begone retard

  • Crizzyeyes

    Performance does matter more than gameplay you utter buffoon. You could be playing the best game in the world and it would be diminished to a mediocre experience at best if the entire game ran like Blighttown. There is not a legion of PC gamers hunting you to put you in a concentration camp, you can leave your bugout bunker now.

  • DrearierSpider

    I have over 150 hours across 2 full playthroughs of BB, so I can clearly speak from experience. Is it unplayable? No. Does the low frame rate and uneven frame pacing hurt the experience? Fuck yes. If your best argument in defense of the performance is “it’s not that bad,” then it isn’t very good either, now is it?

  • Yes because that’s a rational way to live. Discard your friends because they’re only playing on the platform you spend the majority of your time on. PS4 is only good for single player experiences because why would I pay for PS+ anyhow?

  • reblinds

    >Performance does matter more than gameplay you utter buffoon.
    >>to a point yep
    why are mustards always so illiterate? low IQ race is more like it

  • What games? Vita has no games.

  • Why waste money on a shitty consoles. Espeally with traditional consoles going away.

  • May you are retarded. Bloodborne can’t even maintain 30fps. It is unplayable.

  • Do you see how horrble these Vita slaves are?

  • RichardGristle

    What games you’ll be playing? More like what movies you’ll be watching LOLOL

  • luggage lad

    He’s basically saying the only real flaw Bloodborne has is the performance. Doesn’t sound like pc fanboyish, just how things are.

    Fact is Bloodborne would be a better game on PC. It’s still an amazing game on PS4.

  • SevTheBear
  • reblinds

    wishing for it on the PC is pure delusion and shows clear and poor understanding of how the industry works. It’s literally not a conversation worth having.

  • luggage lad

    You misunderstand. No one here is asking for Bloodborne to be released on PC, some are just saying it would, objectively, be a better game on PC.

    Know what’s really a conversation not worth having? Some PS4 fanboy telling people to buy a shitty console they don’t want just for a single game.

  • reblinds

    Speaking of misunderstandings, the thread kicked off with:
    >I have no problem buying a console for a single game

    as for PS4 fanboys, I haven’t seen any around. I think people who get into a platform tend to know better than to just get one game, they’ll find quite a few that interest them.

  • FreshSnug

    Why bother? The west doesn’t deserve it.

  • RetroGamer

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