New Dragon’s Crown Pro Trailer Introduces the Dwarf

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Atlus and Vanillaware have shared a new trailer for Dragon’s Crown Pro.

Featured above, the new trailer introduces one of the game’s playable characters, the Dwarf.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the Dwarf, via the game’s official website:

Stocky fighters whose muscular frames permit them to wield a weapon in each hand. Their strength lets them pick up and throw anything in sight, even heavy foes. Throwing enemies lets them damage multiple foes with one fling, laying waste to an entire horde of adversaries.

The new game will support up to 4K resolution, as well as cross-play with users on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. The game’s soundtrack has been completely re-recorded by a live orchestra.

Dragon’s Crown Pro is launching for PlayStation 4 on February 8th, 2018 in Japan. A western release hasn’t been confirmed yet – however it shouldn’t be too long. We’ll keep you guys posted!

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  • giygas
  • Aurelie

    Just fuck off. Dragon’s Crown was a half-decent game, although nowhere near as good as old school beat’em up.

    But this lazy repackaging of PS3 games without any gameplay changes is retarded. It’s worse than DLC.

  • buddyluv324

    That was a fun time!

  • BFG

    Although it is giving life again for the online, by giving crossplay with PS3 & Vita users?

  • Mr0303

    My second favourite character to play as.

  • mizter zebra

    honestly, that’s hot

  • mizter zebra

    it was the begining of the end. and the start of realizing the journalists were cunts.

  • Uncle Ocelot
  • SevTheBear

    Dwarfs are just pure muscles xD

  • Kainevil Rc

    Of course nigger, i wanted a PC port instead. Even the PS3 one had framerate issues.