Romancing SaGa 2 Western PS Vita Release Set for December 2017

Romancing SaGa series creator Akitoshi Kawazu has confirmed that the PS Vita re-release of Romancing SaGa 2 is coming next month.

The classic Japanese RPG will be re-released for the handheld and “some other game consoles” sometime in December of this year, news confirmed in a tweet.

The game has already been re-released for iOS and Android back in May of last year.

Brandon Orselli


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  • RPG

    Awesome. I have been interested in trying this series for a long time. If it gives me something to do on my Vita, all the better.

  • Sam XXX

    Yes. Double yes.

  • Justin Williams

    My money. Take it.

  • sanic

    Is the first on the vita here already?

  • Took more than a year to get a mobile port lol. I assume by other consoles they mean switch and PS4. Maybe PC in the future. They know this will sell like shit on Vita so they are putting it on profitable platforms.

  • Desperately got to get what you can for the Vita at this point.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    srsly, what is a vita?

  • Grampy_Bone

    Rather have a full remake like Minstrel Song but okay. Do R SaGa 3 next plz.

  • Person Man

    I believe only the second game got a port in Japan. So don’t count on it.

  • Person Man

    I hope the year was spent improving the translation. The mobile version had an awful, most likely machine, translation.

    I’m willing to bet it sold like shit on mobile. Romancing Saga isn’t exactly a household name here, and pixel art has been becoming unpopular.

  • orbo

    I’m willing to buy this on the switch, and you’re right, it’s probably one of the “other game consoles” mentioned.
    Also, I’m glad this is a 2d game.
    I just don’t like the graphics of minstrel song, when I think of SaGa games I think of 2d rpgs.

  • Bitterbear

    There’s not gonna be a PC port because modders will put the developers to shame.

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    The PC port begging is becoming cliche at this point.

  • BFG

    How dares someone having fun out of a system that is different of mine !

  • BFG

    Anything to push an anti-vita narrative when we’re living in a generation where exclusivity is pretty much a dead concept

  • BFG

    No, the first game is a PS2 classic only available on PS3.

    Kinda wished there was a proper Vita port of GrimGrimoire and Akai Ito/Aoi Shiro too

  • Michael Richardson

    My Vita doesn’t get too much love these days. I ought to buy this and give it some attention.

  • SLoWMoTIoN

    So no west release?

  • What are you looking at my boner for? Interested?

  • How was that port begging? You Vita faggots make no sense.

  • But that is true for all games on PC.

  • A device for people that hate true gaming.

  • Was waste the money? Vita is dead.

  • Which system will you get it on?

  • BFG

    Because GrimGoire is the sole remaining game missing on the handheld (not counting Kumatachi which is a DS title in its own right, and Aegis 13 that has yet to show any equivalent of gameplay) and akaiito/aoishiro are two yuri visual novels I wouldnt mind on it too even if I already have the PC version of aoi shiro and can emulate akaiito on PC

    There are the enhanced ports of Utawarerumono (from the PS2/PSP version) and Doukoku Soshite (a Sega Saturn title), so that half-answer my wishes. Not counting Anata no Shikihime Kyouikutan and Metal Max Xeno that both seems promising.

  • BFG

    That’s pretty funny to say this considering it’s pretty much a Nippon Ichi Software/Falcom/Squaresoft/Aquaplus/Vanillaware & other niche portable machine

    Just like any dedicated handheld that cater more to gameplay than “woah” graphics.

  • BFG

    I didnt know there was a “true gaming” lmao

  • BFG
  • alterku

    Only really interested in Scarlet Grace. If that gets localized and a physical copy I’ll pay full retail price.

  • Hell yeah. People that don’t want gaming to improve are casual gamers aka fake gamers.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    >games on the vita


  • BFG

    Dont go the Gamezard trolling route either, just because the games simply dont interest you and are in japanese

  • Wait to see what other platforms are. Don’t waste time on the Vita.

  • Michael Richardson

    Why? It’s a simple game, so the Vita version should be uncompromised and, more importantly, fully portable.

  • It will be held back by the shitty vita. Switch is better.

  • Person Man

    Not really. Battery life is about the same, controls barely matter since it is a turn based game, they both have touchscreens, and the amount of buttons required is minimal. The resolution wouldn’t be an issue since it’s all pixels anyway.

    It’s just down to preference and availability, at that point. Now if they added features into the new ports, that’s entirely different.

  • -fishy-GAMEs-

    The game was originally in development for Vita and iOS, every system that comes after will essentially be a VitaiOS port and considering its a snes remake, it wasn’t gonna be held back by any platform to begin with. The developers themselves chose this and they even said they dont like working on Nintendo platforms since Nintendo dealt with them badly in the past and the audience for jrpgs migrated from Nintendo platforms elsewhere after the SNES anyway.

    Why you talk smack about the Vita and praise the Switch though leads me to believe you have a soft spot for Nintendo which is funny considering hardline stance on what appeared to be consoles in general and anything that isn’t Steam. Why dose Nintendo get a free pass from the GameZard I wonder, that’s a big mystery I bet.

  • Oh I dislike Nintendo and thier stupid gaming tablet pretending to be a console. But the fact is that the Vita is more ass and hold back gaming more than the Switch. Really GlassHouse I thought I explained this already on steam.

  • Either way the Vita is too weak. Plus it will not sell well on the Vita as no game sells well on it.

  • BFG

    A better look at his post history and profile should give you a good idea at what kind of individual you’re dealing with

  • BFG

    Anything that isnt supporting “4k/60fps & amazing graphics” is “holding back gaming” to him, despite handhelds have always been about gameplay first rather than “woah”-effect graphics.