Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Sells Over 500,000 Copies in 3 Months

Ninja Theory has confirmed sales for Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice have broken 500,000 copies.

The new milestone was reached in three months after the game’s launch in August of this year.

Here’s a breakdown of the sales and various stats, via Ninja Theory:

  • Over 75k pre-orders across PC and PS4 before launch.
  • 250K units sold in the first week at $29.99.
  • Over $13m in revenue generated in 3 months.
  • 500k units sold in 3 months, which puts the project beyond breakeven and into profit. Our prediction was to be at this point in 6 months from release.
  • Development took 3 years and with an average team size of 20.
  • Game sold as digital-only.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is now available for PC and PlayStation 4.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Rumble Red

    The game seems pretty dumb and I’ve got no love for Ninja Theory, but it’s still nice to see a middle market success.

  • orbo

    I have been interested in it, and now it has a steam thanksgiving sale.
    Might just pick it up.

  • sanic

    I think ninja theory sucks ass but if they’re making their own crap instead of ruining others whatever have at it.

  • Pillbugable

    Honestly considering the people working on it, I thought it was gonna be crap, but it’s actually a genuinely solid game that I would recommend, though maybe on a sale depending on your preference.

  • AnarKreig

    Mostly a walking simulator, so I have no interest in it, but I do think it’s good of them to prove that the ‘AA’ business model works.

  • Shattno

    Development took 3 years and with an average team size of 20.

    That’s actually pretty impressive.

  • Bu-but I thought all PC gamers are pirates and that PC gaming is as dead as the Vita? :(

  • Thoon Thoon

    I am really tempted to get this, it sounds interesting as fuck and it is technically an indie game, so im curious to see how high production it is from the looks in videos.

  • Travis Touchdown

    It is, the game had a PS4 release.

  • catazxy

    I want to see a growth in AA games, so hopefully we’ll see the Hitman’s devs doing something with the IP next time

  • They stated that more than half of the game sales was from PC. Learn to do some research child.

  • malbhet

    This game is proof that triple A budgeted games waste too much money on development and even more money on advertisement. This game proves that word of mouth can go a long way.

  • malbhet

    I guess you didn’t like Heavenly Sword on the ps3 then? Sad, that game is one of my favorite ps3 games.

  • malbhet

    I’m waiting for LimitedRun to print physical copies of this so I can buy it. I really, REALLY prefer physical over digital, in fact digital only is a deal breaker for me in many cases, except on the ps3, I really wanted Moon Diver and Hard Corps Uprising. Those games really should be released on PC.

  • sanic

    I think it was great that game convinced sony to not make ninja theory a first party studio, about as positive as I will get.