Camelot Boss Wants to Make Shining Force IV

Despite resorting to regularly pumping out Super Mario sports titles for Nintendo, Japanese developer Camelot used to be primarily known for their Shining role-playing game franchise.

Now, we’ve learned (via VGDensetsu) that Camelot president Hiroyuki Takahashi still wants to make Shining Force IV, over twenty years since the previous game was released for the Sega Saturn.

He noted that it will always be up to whether or not the original publisher (Sega, in this case) will fund a sequel, and said he feels the chances of Sega greenlighting a sequel are very low.

Both Hiroyuki and his brother Shugo (who also works at the company) attended the “3rd Game Business Archive” in Japan, alongside Treasure CEO Masato Maegawa and Compile founder Masamitsu Niitani.

There are some other fun tidbits from the meeting, including the fact that Shining Force CD was sort of a warm-up for them developing games for the Sega CD, so they added bonus content.

Maegawa complained there was a lack of communication with Sega, and that they received no help from them for their Yu Yu Hakusho game on the Mega Drive. He also noted they were mostly developing games for western markets at that time. He also wants Sega to make a Mega Drive Mini.

Sega hasn’t abandoned the Shining IP, however, as they experimented with a cross-over fighting game titled Blade Arcus from Shining. That game was released for PC via Steam, worldwide (which they also re-released with new content).

It’s worth mentioning Shining Force III was released in three volumes – to get the true ending you need all three and only volume one was released in the west.

Are you a fan of the Shining series? Would you like a fourth game to be released? Sound off in the comments below! Also make sure to let Sega Japan know that you want a new true role-playing game in the series.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Justin Williams

    Hell yea!

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Make a Shining Force / Golden Sun crossover this is the only answer

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Sega please.

  • Mechonis

    Another IP dead under SEGA and will never see the light of day. Let it stay dead instead of seeing how Sega could revive it and just shit all over it

  • Uncle Ocelot

    It isn’t dead though, just unrecognizable from how it used to be.

  • Touma

    Let’s see, you have Resonance on PS3 (and PS4 soon enough); Hearts, Blade and Ark on PSP, Wind, Tears, EXA on the PS2 and the Shining Souls games on GBA, did I miss any other ones?
    It’s not dead at all, it just became a meta-series like say Legend of Heroes (or Dragon Slayer if you want to go back even further) or Megami Tensei.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    Yes! I hope we get Golden Sun 4 for the Switch as well!

  • Juan Pablo Fernandez

    I’m so in, my money is hitting the screen!

  • Audie Bakerson

    Golden Sun with shining style battle and Psynergy effecting the field would be great.

  • Since Sega is the most retarded Japanese gaming company they won’t greenlight it. They are too busy making Sonic mobile games.

  • Skull Knight

    Please Sega! Please make this game! I’ve never understood why you dropped this series for the West. Especially with how successful Fire Emblem has become. There is a very real audience for this game! And please make shining force III vol 2&3 available too. I literally made a Disqus account for this lol

  • CRES

    I would LOVE to see Shining Force IV, especially now that Nintendo seems to want to such the life and joy out of the Fire Emblem series with such confusing messes like Fates, Warriors, and Heroes.

    But then again SEGA is known for having hundreds of IP that they NEVER USE!

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    I think Konami is more deserving of that title.

  • JFpaes15

    I’d be down for a classic style Shining Force game, specially if they get the old artistic to do the games art, Tony Taka doesn’t so it for me, his character designs forShining Resonance look like it came from a cheap Korean MMO.

  • Matz

    They should be making Golden Sun 4 instead of making another game, the third game ended in a cliffhanger with many plot elements completely ignore halfway the game, heck at the end you almost forget what were you supposed to do in the first place

  • Matz

    I thought that Echoes was actually a step forward in the right direction and the only negative thing about the game was that they were faithful to the original NES game

  • David Curry

    Sega can’t even win the race to the bottom.

  • NukeA6

    As long as we get the full Shining Force III along with it but I guess there’s emulation for that.

  • Mechonis

    I mean I guess the Valkyria series is still alive too. Just a piece of shit compared to how it started

  • Touma

    Valkyria has only had one shitty game so far, sure it was terrible and put the series on hiatus but saying it’s shit now compared to back then is an overstatement and it doesn’t seem it might be on hiatus that much, they’re teasing a new game, although that may be a mobile title for all we know. I wouldn’t even mind it if they made anther ARPG as long as the gameplay is not a complete mess.

  • BFG

    Valkyria has only had one shitty game so far

    Looks like someone hasnt played either Valkyria 2 & 3. The second one is especially the one that feels retarded with the whole “totally-not” anime high school setting. Even the tanks designs were crap.

    Guess it’s too hard for the devs to give a consistent “world war” fantasy setting

  • Touma

    Meh, I didn’t mind the high school setting of VC2 that much to be honest. I still wouldn’t call it a bad game.


    Sounds too good to be true. Please don’t let this turn into some cruel joke.

  • BFG

    Especially with how successful Fire Emblem has become

    Given that how much of a travesty the Fire Emblem has become since the 3DS days, that only make all the dead franchises a blessing in disguise (like Advance Wars for instance since it was also made by Intelligent Systems).


    Need more Disgae dood.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    SEGA: “Introducing Shining Force IV for mobile! Now with microtransactions, flash graphics, and touch controls!”

  • RetroGamer

    Shining Force III was my favorite of the series. I still feel nostalgic when I think about the fairy waking up the old wizard during the startup menu. SF IV would be a very welcomed surprise.


    “It’s better than nothing.”

  • Nuku Nuku Natsume Mishima

    Shining Force 3 is a master piece (now translated finally), one of the best tactic rpg, I pray for another one, with the same character desing of course.

  • CRES

    Which is why I didn’t mention Echoes in my list. I haven’t gotten Echoes yet after being burned so hard by Fates and really not liking the fact that it has a $45 Season Pass for a $40 game (seriously, buy Stella Glow instead).

    Honestly, I think becoming popular was actually a bad thing for Fire Emblem, it’s become disconnected from fans like myself who enjoy the game for it’s hard but fair gameplay, intrigue filled stories, and likeable characters that you can pair off.

    Now the stories seems to be paper thin, the characters are just annoying stereotypes, and the gameplay is full of unnecessary additions like “Phoenix Mode” and weapons giving you penalties rather than have durability.

  • Ingo Knito

    Never understood this line of thinking. The difference is that there are simply more games to choose from. The “good” games of the past won’t suddenly disappear with the existence of the “bad” new ones. FE Fates: Conquest was really fun gameplay-wise and I was craving for more Fire Emblem, so I’m really happy about its new flame of enthusiasm, even if Awakening and Birthright were very easy, even if Fates’ story is nonsense.

    I will take a continuation over a death sentence any day since I can always come back to the classics. I think calling the death of a franchise a blessing because it doesn’t suit some tastes is misguided by a false sense of pride over some idea of purity for a franchise that somehow gets hurt by unfavorable decisions. I want a new Advance Wars, I want a new Fire Emblem and I also want a new Shining Force. Obviously you are free to criticize the decisions made, but I can appreciate the attempt and enjoy the good sides of it. But hey, I’m just rambling.


    Does Stella Glow bare any relation to Stella Deus? I loved that game.

    Edit: From what I’ve looked up so far, they’re both srpgs, share part of the name, same publisher, but different developers. I don’t see anything else connecting them.

  • CRES

    Other than the fact that they are both Strategy RPGs, no.

    Stella Glow was the last game developed by Image Epoch (before they went under). It’s really good and captures the look and feel of a good old school RPG.


    Cool. Looks interesting. Thanks!

  • Grampy_Bone

    Hell yeah

  • BFG

    The difference is that there are simply more games to choose from. The “good” games of the past won’t suddenly disappear with the existence of the “bad” new ones.

    Never said the “old games” suddenly disappeared. But I would rather focus on the older ones, while I only find a few actual good titles among the “newest” shit.

    FE Fates: Conquest was really fun gameplay-wise and I was craving for more Fire Emblem, so I’m really happy about its new flame of enthusiasm

    You mean Nami Komuro for her rather lack of interest of interest in the series despite being assigned a post to direct it since the first 3DS title. What “enthusiasm” indeed.

    Nevermind that FE Fates was also divided into two different cartridges with a DLC that has a third story which nullified everything made into either of the two cartridges. If you’re happy with that financial decision, then that’s another issue.

    I think calling the death of a franchise a blessing because it doesn’t
    suit some tastes is misguided by a false sense of pride over some idea of purity for a franchise that somehow gets hurt by unfavorable decisions.

    It’s called having proper respect to the franchise, rather seeing it whoring itself to death. You also forget the overall situation in the vidya industry. Japan may not have succumbed to SJW bullshit, but between terrible business practises and dev teams having zero idea of what made the charm of older titles in franchises (Paper Mario/RPG, Valkyria, Kenka Bacho, Fire Emblem, Kadokawa still trying to make another “Amagami”-thing, etc), that’s still a big issue.

    I want a new Advance Wars

    Screw that. It’s better off dead, with the four games made on GBA/DS that you can go back in. Current Intelligent Systems would make it into a “Waifu Wars” with a definitively worse gameplay (implying they will ever go back to sprite art that made the charm of the serie), and not fixing some broken shit (like the infantery/mechs) from the previous titles.

    Again, dead franchises are a blessing in disguise. Everything needs to end at some point anyway.

  • iswear12

    Eh, Echoes was pretty good mate. Had that not came out I would’ve agreed with you wholeheartedly, but I still mostly agree with you.

  • iswear12

    Wait till Switch FE comes out before completely judging it as a series in terms of its health. Echoes gives a lot of hope (and let’s be real, FE DLC and most DLC in general isn’t really worth bothering with if the base game is fine on its own, which Echoes is)
    I agree with you on the casualization and general cancer that Awakening and Fates have wrought. Furthermore they have splintered the FE community into “weeb trash” and “elitists” (the names they have for each other) and the results are fucking sickening.

  • Konami isn’t a gaming company anymore in my eyes.

  • BFG

    Echoes was a remake (made by a different team) of an old Fire Emblem title from the Famicom era, so it seems kinda harder to screw this up (though remakes arent immune of being worse than the original, see Eiyuu Densetsu Evolution or Silent Hill HD Collection for instance), however I heard some critcism from japanese users reviews mainly calling out the DLC practise that seems to tarnish their enjoyment.

    Hidari’s art is definitively good though.

  • iswear12

    >its hard to screw up a remake
    its actually easier than you think mang.
    Remember Goldeneye?
    Samus Returns? (you can say its “decent” but when AM2R exists, this game is just flat-out embarrassing)
    You’re probably thinking of remasters and ports (which can still be done especially badly depending on which company gets it) more than remakes.
    Echoes actually did a good job of fleshing out the skeleton provided by Gaiden while remaining faithful in the most meaningful ways possible. That’s actually pretty damn difficult to pull off; if DLC criticism is all that can be made about the game that’s pretty telling of its quality to be honest.

  • Ingo Knito

    Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree then. The addition of new games, even when they are total shite, will never change my respect for the well-done iterations that came beforehand, which is why I still think the repect you show is misguided if the result is to wish for the death of a franchise. Do I lose respect for Fallout 3 because of Fallout 4, for Mass Effect 1/2 because of Andromeda, for Starfox 64 because of Zero? No, and I still want more games in those series, to keep the possibility alive of a worthy successor and because – most of the time for me at least – there is still good left to enjoy, even if it has flaws.

    Btw, I was referring to the enthusiasm from the fandom, not the makers, basically making it possible for the franchise to continue living (though you would disagree there, since you want them dead). I’m not blind. though. I know Awakening and Fates had major faults. Also, the limited edition of Fates shouldn’t have been that hard to get in some places, but since I got that, I was satisfied with the amount of gameplay I got and saw all three paths as one game combined. I will agree, though, that they should stick to one complete game and stop dividing the experience.

  • iswear12

    You don’t seem to entirely understand his perspective. I *think* I share a similar one to him but I’ll speak for myself on the subject. New games don’t harm or interfere with the old games in any *tangible* way, yes. The Fire Emblem games don’t exist in a vacuum, they exist as a franchise, a “family” of sorts. You lose a sense of pride when a poor entry comes along into a beloved franchise of yours, and worse it fundamentally changes some of the core aspects of what you loved about the games within it. Imagine if you could look into the future and see your great grandkids doing shit. Imagine how you’d feel if you saw them disgracing your cherished family values, whatever they might have been.

    Now think about that in the context of a game franchise. New games that suck don’t hurt the old ones, no of course they don’t, but they bring shame and disgrace to the franchise as a whole when they should not be. It fucking hurts when you see a beloved franchise going the wrong way on a one-way street, and what’s stopping the next car from hitting it? (or in the megaman’s fanbase, a fucking 16-wheeler).

    For some people it would be better if it had gone out with dignity rather than live with shame. I think its a difference of philosophies to be honest. It also makes you long for the older days, furthering your nostalgia and making the biting pain of a poor entry into a franchise that much worse once you play the older ones. If it weren’t for Echoes coming out, I’d say hope was gone for the Fire Emblem community (and the “fandom” you refer to is fucking splintered). Look at Fates’ metacritic user score, and more importantly, have you looked at the community at large? They’ve divided themselves along the lines of “weeb trash” vs “scumbag elitists”. These new games have fucking fractured the community. I won’t comment on who’s right or wrong in that (though it might be easy to guess who I’d side with) but discussing and having fun with others talking about Fire Emblem and creating content for it will likely never be the same again unless something fundamentally different happens or changes. Think about it from the perspective of a monkey’s paw. Would you be willing to bring someone you loved back to life, but give up their soul as the sacrifice for it? Okay enough extreme analogies aside, I hope I got my crazy personal viewpoint across.

  • DizzyGear

    Even if they make a new Shining game it will never leave leave Japan because Sega, so meh.

  • BFG

    I can give some slack on the mistakes of a new-born franchise, but it’s a different matter when there are (successive) butcherings done on a well-etablished franchise or title previously known for quality.

    Again you want things to continue endlessly, which is silly to wish about, as sooner or later, the thing will inevitably be a shadow of its former self. In an age where devs would often rather “broaden their target audience”, better let things die in dignity than letting them whoring out.

  • Justin Williams

    Unfortunately SEGA has never done what is good for them. Great company with some of the best IP in the industry and fucking ZERO idea how to deliver to fans. We would be better off if SEGA took a buyout (Nintendo???) so a company with some ambition could do something with their IP.

  • I fucking loved Shining Force 1 and 2, never played 3 though. I’d sure as hell support a 4th game if it winds up being as fun as the fist two.

  • Sam XXX

    Should’ve took notes from Sony how to market a game/console/IP

  • CRES

    The thing is I liked Awakening. I though the story was solid (if a little minimalistic), and the characters where good. I even liked the marriage and children system as it is a natural evolution of the pre-exsisting Support System, and how the children came into the story was explained by the plot. It was like a finely crafted statue that you can only see the blemishes when you get too close.

    Fates on the other hand was like they took that finely crafted statue and attached tassels, balloon animals, silly hats, and god knows what else to it that makes it look completely ridiculous.

    And now Nintendo is cramming Fire Emblem (especially Fates) so far down our throats that I’m sick of seeing it. Which is a shame because I was one of those “elites” who enjoyed the games back in the GBA days.

  • Justin Williams

    I think you just saw the future! Seriously SEGA has run out of ways to twist the knife in the backs of SEGA fans- a microtransaction filled mobile game would be one more kick in the balls. Well played!

  • Justin Williams

    3 was great EXCEPT that the battle scenes were rendered in horrible looking polygons (not the Saturns strength). They should have kept it all hand drawn…. would love to see a remake with modern graphics.

  • CRES

    The graphics you could tolerate, afterall all early 3D games don’t age well.

    But the voice acting on the other hand.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    I think you’ve been missing what’s been going on since Sammy bought Sega a few years ago. They’re what got Sega EU into porting the PS3 classics like Bayonetta and Vanquish, as well as Valkyria Chronicles. And lets be completely honest, while Shining Force was great, to say Sega doesn’t know how to service fans is absurd.

    The vast majority of Shining Force’s fans are in Japan. It’d be nice to see SF 4 made, but the franchise was niche back when it came out. And the thought of Nintendo buying out Sega these days is laughable considering the merger with Sammy and the recent buyout of ATLUS. Sega’s doing fine.

    It sucks that they’re not concentrating on niche IPs they haven’t touched for over 20 years but we can say the same about Nintendo in spades. They’ve got Persona, Yakuza and the ATLUS franchises on their side.

  • iswear12

    Eh. Awakening hid its flaws better than Fates, I’ll agree with you there.
    My personal problems with Awakening was that the story takes a nose dive after the Gangrel arc that it never recovers from. I would be a lot more forgiving of Awakening if it hadn’t led directly to Fates. A lot of Fire Emblem fans were indeed happy when Awakening first came out despite its problems because we actually got a damn fire Emblem game again, which is why you see its metacritic user score be much higher than Fates, they could forgive this…. weird anomaly because it was still a Fire Emblem game. Intelligent Systems really took the wrong lessons from the game as a whole and applied all of them to Fates.
    The children, eh… they were convoluted and all of them were entirely optional to acquire because of the paralogues. If anything they felt jarring as heck because I always had to leave the main storyline to focus on “this one time-traveled dude who managed to fall into a field somewhere near a group of mercenaries” or something like that. Only that but they felt they had much less relevance to the story, and really only felt acceptable once you look for their good supports (of which there were few).

    I could wax on and on about the problems of Awakening but I’ll stop for now. You’re right that it was better than Fates but… that doesn’t make it “good” imo. I just wish they handled the story ( and its holes) and map design better, and I might’ve been willing to forgive a lot of these flaws.

  • CRES

    Sure, if you take a look at Awakening’s individual parts, they are not that spectacular. But why I say it’s like a finely crafted statue is because if you take the game as a whole, everything works wonderfully together. The sound design, the interface, graphics, how the Support system lend itself to the marriage and children systems (even if the reason why the children are here is convoluted, it’s at least better than in Fates), and even the story had a truly satisfactory ending (something missing from a LOT of games these days).

    For me, all a sequel to Awakening needed was to iron out all the rough spots. For example, I like the reclass system and learning new skills in Awakening, but I dislike how you could level up endlessly in that game. If it was up to me I would have reclassing allowing you to keep your skills and Weapon level but reduce all of your stats back to Level 1 with a minor carry over.

    But with Fates they changed TOO much, and added too many unnecessary things, you had to buy the game THREE TIMES, and if that wasn’t bad enough a good 30% of the game’s dialog has been lost in translation.

    I mean, I love Awakening. I understand it’s flaws, but overall it is a fantastic game. I HATE how popular Awakening made the Fire Emblem series.

  • iswear12

    The sound design is overall pretty good. The interface is decent.
    The graphics… Eh…. I really don’t feel Fire Emblem working well in 2.5D chibi style at all to be honest. I’d have either sprites, or something closer to PoR or RD in terms of art style for the units in combat.
    The story did not have a satisfactory ending in my opinion because it failed to do proper build up, the flow was inconsistent, and the characters didn’t lend themselves towards that goal well at all.
    It had a lot of polish and presentation, but I consider it to be a shallow game for a Fire Emblem one, and I didn’t feel much emotion or satisfaction at all at the final boss. The most emotions I felt for the game were in the first arc after what happens to [Don’t Speak Her Name] and the general fallout. They really had the opportunity to make the game an (overall) great entry into the series from that point on despite flaws. They captured the moment powerfully, and the subsequent chapter establishing more depth and nuance in the enemies was stellar. I’d be surprised if you felt a dry eye after being forced to [spoiler].
    If they’d just managed to keep up that pacing, keep the story relevant and make the children integrate more smoothly into the plot (while actually having relevance to it rather than just feeling like one-shot gimmicks trying to establish Grima’s power without actually being forced to explain it in any meaningful way “He killed my parents in that timeline! x infinity).
    The support system… eh. I won’t comment on that one.
    I still think Awakening has too many problems for me to call it a “fantastic” game. When something as important as plot isn’t gotten right it just doesn’t feel like a “finely crafted statue with cleverly hidden flaws”. It feels more like looking at a painted landscape that would’ve been beautiful. but… you can clearly see where and when the artist sneezed when he was making it.

  • Pill Dickle

    Sir, I’ll give you a million dollars for that hat!

  • Justin Williams

    Until SEGA gets out another Streets of Rage/ Bare Knuckle, Panzer Dragoon, Phantasy Star 5, etc. I will continue to say SEGA is not listening to fans nor serving them. Also acting as publisher isn’t quite the same as making original content. Vanquish and Bayonetta (Both Platinum Games) are cool but SEGA did not make them- only published them. Atlus? Same story. SEGA is NOT doing fine, it is a sad ghost of the creative powerhouse it once was.

  • Justin Williams

    I barely remember the voice acting to be honest… I did play all SF 3 parts many years after they released on my chipped Saturn after the translated/ patched ISOs were released and the 3D bits were eye gougingly bad. I still play SF 1 & 2 from time to time though. I agree the old 3D stuff just didn’t age well and have none of the charm of old 2d graphics. The bones of the game are great though, just wish SEGA would consider an HD update with updated poly models.

  • Chili

    This would be kinda rad
    Although I’d rather see Camelot make another Golden Sun game.

    >Sega hasn’t abandoned the Shining IP, however, as they experimented with a cross-over fighting game titled Blade Arcus from Shining
    What, no mention of the upcoming Shining Resonance Remaster?

  • Justin Williams

    In SEGAs defense, Sony has always had a vast pool of money for promotion while SEGA (mostly due to its own stupid mistakes) has been cash strapped post- megadrive.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    So you’re saying that Sega’s not servicing their fans by not making sequels to franchises from the Sega Genesis era? That’s fairly silly. It’d be more fair to say that Sega’s not servicing fans of 90s era Sega specifically. Sega is doing fine. Them not catering to your specific nostalgia bone doesn’t mean otherwise. I love and played the shit out of those franchises as a kid too, but I also grew up continuing to love what games have become. Getting hung up on 20 years ago is more to do with you liking your childhood than how Sega’s doing. In terms of money their doing better than they ever have. In terms of publishing we’re actually seeing more of their content from Japan when were were in the Dreamcast era.

  • CRES

    I guess this is where we have a difference of opinion. I agree that the first arc was the best part of the game, but I really don’t feel like the middle or ending where that bad. Maybe a bit forced and contrived at times and I’m not a big fan of the time travel aspect as it feels weird in a Fire Emblem game (but it’s STILL leagues better than just having access to pocket dimensions because your maid is actually a dragon) but for me it still works overall.

    Again, I’m not saying Awakening’s story is a masterpiece, I much prefer Fire Emblem (GBA)’s story personally. But for me it delivered what it needed to and didn’t screw up the landing, and with how many terrible stories I’ve been subjected to in my years of gaming and watching anime that fell flat in the last few moments, that’s okay in my book.

  • Justin Williams

    Agreed 100%- would like to add, the cultural environment in Japan is *not* what it was 10-20 years ago when JP was undisputed king. Lots of “old guard” game developers retired or moved on to other things while Japan has descended further into the seedy fringes of otaku-ness. Most of the games that made Japan a global powerhouse in gaming simply would not be made in Japan today and more and more original Japanese IP is either culturally impenetrable to western gamers OR so thoroughly tailored to western tastes ($$) that it is no longer particularly interesting nor does it hang with what western developers are creating. It doesn’t help that the Japanese have always been brutally xenophobic about anything that doesn’t originate from Japan. When MS poured a shit-ton of cash into launching the OG Xbox, the Japanese steadfastly refused to consider supporting it with sales nor software despite Bill Gates personally delivering cash and possibly hand-jobs to any Japanese willing to buy and/or develop for it. This lead to a drought of software for the heavily funded MS gaming machine whose architecture not coincidentally was quite PC developer friendly….so MS did what they had to do and courted US/UK PC game developers HEAVILY to bring content to the system and thus totally changed the gaming landscape away from Japanese IP. The top selling games in the US (world?) are now made by western developers and the Japanese are not ignorant of that. There is a lot of butthurt in JP over their games increasingly riding bitch to franchises like Halo, COD, GTA, Elder Scrolls and basically anything Bioware/ Blizzard makes. Even Nintendo is anxiously awaiting ports of Doom and Skyrim to legitize its system as “one of the boys” so to speak. The west won gaming and in so-doing has caused a good share of the JP game industry to get a case of “salty AF” toward the west. I wouldn’t expect a lot of good will from JP toward the western market in the future but thats just my opinion.

  • Justin Williams

    “better let things die in dignity than letting them whoring out.” Like microtransaction filled mobile games? Cause that is the franchise equivalent of putting your bitch on the corner.

  • Justin Williams

    I don’t think ignoring a large % or your market and their desire for product based on classic properties is good business or “doing well”. I’m not actually sure how they justify it . Nintendo is back on the gravy train due in large part to appealing to NES-SNES era nostalgia. I should add that in the Genesis era SEGA was a household name that was holding its ground against Nintendo, who at the time was the beginning and end of console gaming. Of course SEGA fell apart for various reasons post-Megadrive but I digress. You consider the SEGA of today to be “doing better than ever”? I’m not sure I can support that statement . SEGA is a ghost of its former self and it is not just “me” saying that- it is a pretty commonly held sentiment. I guess we are all wrong.

  • iswear12

    I haven’t been subjected to many terrible stories in games that I’ve paid for, so my perspective is probably different of yours. I suppose I’ve been really fortunate to have been able to just play such good games throughout my life.

    I can respect your opinion at the very least, you articulated yourself well even if I disagreed with ya.
    Have an upboat m8 :^)

  • Dawn Blast

    On one hand I Agree with you. on another I Reaaaallly want a Genealogy of the Holy War Remake…

  • Sorry Takahashi
    You’re making Ultra Smash 2

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    “I don’t think ignoring a large % or your market and their desire for product based on classic properties is good business or “doing well”.

    And I don’t think that a “large %” of Sega Genesis fans really care as much as you do because they’ve been a part of making fantastic games since.

    “Nintendo is back on the gravy train due in large part to appealing to NES-SNES era nostalgia.”

    What? How? They’ve put out under-stocked mini versions of their consoles and have still ignored a bigger bunch of their old IPs than Sega has. Where’s Mother 3? Where’s a proper console Metroid? Why have we gone without an F-Zero game since the Gamecube?

    Come on man, take off the rose tinted glasses when it comes to The Genesis. I loved the console, but I’m not exactly gnawing at the teeth for a Crusader of Centy sequel, or another Streets of Rage game.

    “You consider the SEGA of today to be “doing better than ever”? I’m not sure I can support that statement . ”
    In terms of revenue absolutely. And interms of the variety of games they publish, again, absolutely. More variety than Nintendo when you take away Mario plus spinoffs and Legend of Zelda’s perpetual late releases.

    “SEGA is a ghost of its former self and it is not just “me” saying that- it is a pretty commonly held sentiment. I guess we are all wrong.”

    You guessed right. Wanna know how I know? There will never, ever be an Operation Rainfall level petition for the Sega Genesis games to get sequels. Not enough people care about Phantasy Star Online coming to the West anymore for Sega to bother doing it. Vocal minorities do not translate to guaranteed sales.

  • Kalkano

    And Square

  • Kalkano

    Actually, Shining Force games sold more in the west than they did in Japan. The same is true of Golden Sun (another Camelot franchise).

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Can you find a link for those sales? Golden Sun I get, but there’s a reason we didn’t get Shining Force 3 parts 2 and 3.

  • Scottie Thompson

    Hell Yeah. Bring it back.

  • haf7ne5r

    Shame that I had to make a random account on Disqus just to post one comment.

    Shining Force 3 End-game Spoiler alert:

    …I wanted to see what post-Destonia would be like after Scenario III, with Emperor Domaric, King Benetram and Gracia, who lost his Innovator powers after defeating Bulzome.

  • Cameron Johnson

    As one of the few die-hard fans of Shining Force, I would ascend if Shining Force 4 became a reality. It would at least give Fire Emblem a series to compete with. I feel as if it may never happen though. With no real successful Shining Force game being made since III, it has been over 20 years since the franchise had some serious relevancy. If the original creators of Shining Force (Camelot) made it though, the series might get a chance to live once again.

  • Kalkano

    Sorry for the late reply. I did see actual numbers that showed that, but I don’t remember where they were. Early Shining sales numbers are VERY hard to find.