New Valkyria Game Reveal Set for November 20

Sega has announced they’re set to reveal a new Valkyria this month.

The reveal will come via a new teaser website on November 20th. The teaser will gradually change and presumably unveil more of the game’s logo at noon, Japan time, leading to the official announcement.

The latest game in the series, Valkyria Revolution, is now available for PlayStation 4, worldwide.

We’ll keep you guys posted.

Brandon Orselli


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  • If this is a phone game, I’m going to tear my hair out

  • Mea K

    Sweet. Actually use the unique game mechanics people like this series for this time, please. Thanks!

  • Jack

    Hopefully it’s not going to be more trash like Valkyria Revolution.

  • michail st

    I bet its mobile f2p mmo game.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Please just be VC4

  • Guest

    I’m sure they’ve learned their lesson seeing how Revolution is practically in the digital bargain bin

  • Audie Bakerson

    Well, multilanguage decreases the odds of mobile game.

    Notice a tentative ESRB rating. ESRB doesn’t normally rate mobile games, so we safe on that front.

  • CatCouch

    I liked Revolution for what it was, but it’s not why I’m interested in this series. COme on true current gen full fledged sequel. No more spin off and mobile distractions, please.

  • Mr0303

    Turn based combat please with a timely western localisation, SEGA.

  • Lone Wisdom

    For a second there I thought it was ValkyriE. C’mon, Square, bring back Valkyrie Profile!

  • Leandro Teixeira

    Please let it be a new game of the main series, not another Dinasty Warriors spin off, I’ll even take a VC3 remaster

  • Malascus

    Thank god we got a fantranslation for VC3.

  • Mechonis

    Stop butchering this series

  • BFG

    A VC4 that needs to take its roots from the very first one from an art design side, ignoring the second & third title, and that revolution abomination

    Let us have the christmas cake too this time

  • Anon630

    When they decided their sequel was going to be on handhelds, I couldn’t help but be disappointed. Perhaps it’s a sign of bad times in an economic depression in moonland.

  • Jack Thompson

    Moon people commute a lot. It’s why everything from the Gameboy to the 3DS has been very successful, and now the Switch.

  • Miguel Angel Opazo Arancibia

    -_- Please let it be a REAL Valkyria Chronicles game.

  • Pilebunker

    I wouldn’t mind a proper Revolution game. The first was awful because they had to rebuild the game after heavy negative feedback from their first gameplay trailer. Then again, I don’t want a musou game either.

  • totenglocke

    Also, remasters / PC ports of VC 2 and 3.

  • totenglocke

    It’s also why I have high hopes for series that have been handheld exclusive since now the Switch is both Nintendo’s new handheld and console.

  • Cy

    After Revolution, I have no faith that they can write video games anymore. At this point, I think a shitty phone game would tarnish the VC legacy less than if they tried to make another real game.

  • Nagato

    Should’ve learned it when it was already destined to be in the bargain bin before launch.

  • Nagato

    Honestly, a fully turn-based phone title that invokes Advance Wars wouldn’t be a bad outcome here at all.

  • bgrunge

    The added classes and progression in 2 weren’t bad, and the area based gameplay was simply a function of the psp not being able to handle the big environments. The only real bad parts about 2 were the plot and tone, which were too lighthearted and too much like an anime.

    Personally, I hope they return to the somber tone and mostly realistic focus of the first game, but set in a different theater and era. I would LOVE a Valkyria Chronicles game that draws from Vietnam the same way the original drew from WW2.

  • iswear12

    It would be a cash grab at the end of the day.

  • iswear12

    I *loved* Valkyria Chronicles 1 and haven’t been able to play the other games.
    Hopefully whatever it is, it’ll be available on PC and without shitty fucking DRM.

  • sanic

    New card based mobile game since they shut down the old one? Also I’d like a rerelease of 2/3 please.

  • Leandro Teixeira

    Indeed, it was pretty good (even tough it had some font problems). IMO, storywise VC3 is the best game in the series, it should’ve been released on the PS3

  • JohnnyCageFan2

    SEGA’s made my November for the last 3 years straight-ish. C’mon SEGA, make it a 4th.