Electronic Arts Set to Acquire Respawn Entertainment

Electronic Arts has announced they’re going to wholly acquire Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn has put out both Titanfall games, however they reportedly have multiple projects in the pipeline – including a third Titanfall game. The other two games include something taking place in the Star Wars universe, and a virtual reality game.

The deal will reportedly see EA will pay $151 million in cash, with up to $164 million in long-term equity in the form of restricted stock units to employees, which will vest over four years. EA may be required to pay additional variable cash consideration they’re contingent upon achievement of certain performance milestones, including the development of future games, through the end of calendar 2022. An additional consideration is limited to a maximum of $140 million. The actual transaction is expected to happen near the end of this year or soon afterwards.

“We’ve seen firsthand the world-class caliber of Respawn as a development studio with incredible vision, deep talent and an inspiring creative mindset,” said Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts. “Our longtime partnership is grounded in a shared desire to push the boundaries and deliver extraordinary and innovative new experiences for players around the world. Together, we’ve brought this to life in the Titanfall franchise, and now with the Respawn team joining EA, we have exciting plans to accomplish even more amazing things in the future.”

“We started Respawn with the goal to create a studio with some of the best talent in the industry, and to be a top developer of innovative games,” said Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment. “We felt that now was the time to join an industry leader that brings the resources and support we need for long term success, while still keeping our culture and creative freedom. EA has been a great partner over the years with Titanfalland Titanfall 2, and we’re excited to combine our strengths. This is a great next step for Respawn, EA, and our players.”

In case you missed it, you can find our review for Titanfall 2 here (we highly recommend it!).

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  • Hawk Hopper

    Press F now, so that pressing F in the future becomes easier, but it never actually gets any easier.


  • Mr0303

    OK, start the clock until their closure. When Titanfall 3 underperforms it will be their death bell.

  • Dr. Roswell. W

    >Titansfall 2 suffers because of Battlefield 1
    >EA buys RESPAWN
    >Everyone is going to be cool with this.

    Go get a shovel boys, and a priest. It’s time for the last rites. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/06d9bb19992b7fe2d8b1f31a6f073dcf961f3e232bab26c7935ebb0812af30d8.jpg

  • Anon_Amous
  • TheOnceAndFutureKing
  • iswear12

    This is fucking sad.

  • OldPalpy

    Suicide by publisher.

  • Alex Drake

    well this is unfortunate to say the least

  • Ser Finbarr


  • Rough

    Hmm… lemme grab this real quick


  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Should have bought more copies of Titanfall 2 ya fucks.

  • I’m really glad Indie companies like Indefatigable just keep popping up outa nowhere, ’cause EA keeps buying anyone, then running them into the ground.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Every third party developer in the world will someday be owned by EA.

  • magicalfollower

    Another company bites the dust…

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    RIP Respawn Entertainment.

  • James Hewitson
  • EA’s hunger is insatiable. They just devoured Visceral now the are eating Respawn. Pity.

  • That would not have changed things.

  • Remember when Respawn said it was EA’s fault Titanfall 2 failed thanks to them putting Battlefield 1 in the same week for release? Part of me thinks Respawn still haven’t forgiven them for that.

  • CRES

    Everyone knows that EA will just kill them off in a few years, WHY DOES ANYONE DO THIS!?

  • Zanard Bell

    I wish I could still feel sad, but they willingly dove into this, knowing how many franchises EA has killed over the years. Caveat emptor.

  • Z3DH

    You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

  • sanic

    Is this like how people commit sudoku by cop? But by publisher instead of cop?


    MS and EA should aquire each other.

  • BFG

    That one wont respawn

  • braneman

    So they get stock payments for four years, huh. Is there anything in the contract that says the can’t just dissolve the company two and a half years in for making a mistake EA forced them to make? Cause then those stock options are gonna sound really good when the company they’re for doesn’t even exist.

  • Roy

    I understand being quick to vilify EA for closing Visceral games but read this: https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/10/the-collapse-of-viscerals-ambitiousstar-wars-game. That game was fucked internally in more ways than one from the very start, EA’s management was not the sole deciding factor in that studio’s fate. I never have and never will play Respawns games but I heard Titanfall 2 was pretty good but rushed to market prematurely to joint-tackle COD with Battlefield 1, that was EA’s push if I recall so they’ve already fucked Respawn on one occasion. Who knows what EA’s plans are for them at this point, I mean if they were purchased with the intention of shuffling them onto the residual trainwreck starwars project then I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Madbrainbox

    Yep.They’re fucked.

  • ProxyDoug

    This second semester is turning into shit really fast.

  • brainiac7

    I suspect its the 150 million dollars :o

    I am guessing in a couple years we will start to see the core talent start to move on, start another studio which they can sell back to EA as well, maybe for 500 million this time. I remember when EA used to actually make games, now they are just a dung heap of accountants, lawyers, and other assorted bean counters who don’t have a creative bone in their bodies and the only way they can “create” anything is to buy it from someone else who can.


  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    I was wondering when they’d start restocking their blood bank; thought Bungie and Dice were the last ones until EA killed Visceral.

  • JohnnyCageFan2

    So it’s Respawn Entertainment for whom the bells toll.

  • JohnnyCageFan2

    Maybe not, but how about for $0.99 a pop?

  • Matz

    When instead of getting cancer you get asimilated by it, what a horrible way to die

  • Justin Williams

    Rofl! Don’t you mean Seppuku? I love the idea of death by number puzzle though- kinda a SAW thing.

  • Uncle Ocelot


  • Justin Williams

    After the low numbers on TF2 I kinda thought they were under the axe. RIP

  • Nanashi

    I guess Respawn is actually putting their name to the test, eh?

  • Neojames82

    “We felt that now was the time to join an industry leader that brings the resources and support we need for long term success, while still keeping our culture and creative freedom.”

    Okay, I would want the same, so then why would you join EA?!

  • DynastyStar

    Please don’t link Kotaku :(