HORI Reveals an Official Dragon Ball FighterZ Fight Stick

Video game peripheral maker HORI has announced a new, official collaboration for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The company is readying an official fight stick for the game, however it’s only supported for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC (via XInput). Featured above, you can get a look at the Super Saiyan Blue Goku-themed paddle, which also comes with a touchpad, and a headphone jack.

The new fight stick will be available on February 1st of next year, the same day the game launches in Japan.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is launching across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on January 26th in North America and Europe. In case you missed it – we recorded exclusive, hands-on gameplay for the game, complete with our commentary on how it plays and feels. You can find that here.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Justin Williams
  • catazxy

    That’s pretty awesome.

  • Mr0303

    Not only does it feature a lame Super image, but my guess is that the button colours are DLC.

  • Guest

    Eh, they could’ve done a lot more with it. Pretty much anybody can just get a picture made up to put on their stick. Missed opportunity to do translucent oranges for the case/buttons and whatnot with a dragonball as the knob. Maybe a less garish picture. Shit, now I really want a cool custom dragonball stick.

  • Justin Williams

    3d printed the case and bought an Easyget arcade hardware kit for $15. Total cost was under $20. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/03036a6e2ef2dc24c179648b02be3ab700407ac84f2ca87fc6d7818cf89b9f10.jpg

  • uncle_alfred

    Was that really the best image they were able to put on that stick?

  • Psichaos

    I regret not having arts & crafts ability, because an arcade stick with a 4-star dragonball as the knob sounds dope. Alternatively, I’d have the buttons be the the set of seven Dragonballs, with a Z as a place holder for the 8th button, and have Shenron as the faceplate image. Maybe have the buttons be translucent and put LED lights in them so they’d “glow” when the stick is on like Shenron is being summoned. It sounds and looks amazing in my imagination, but I lack the tools and skills to make it reality.

  • Rough

    Teach me your ways.
    How did it go?

  • Justin Williams

    Perfect! Havent tried one on a console but for steam/ PC/ Mac and Raspberry Pi it is plug and play through USB. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2d465a12f7eb8fe7df0761da67647075273a6520e8d91c16960a96ce03e376e0.jpg

  • SLoWMoTIoN

    They are trying to produce something of the same quality of Dragon Ball Super.