New Dragon’s Crown Pro Trailer Introduces the Fighter

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Atlus and Vanillaware have shared a new trailer for Dragon’s Crown Pro.

Featured above, the new trailer introduces one of the game’s playable characters, the Fighter.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the Fighter, via the game’s official website:

Experts in battle, outfitted with full-plate armor and a study shield. Boasting the stoutest defense of all classes, their shields can protect all allies in the nearby area. Their one-handed weapons have short reach, but they can swing them quickly, allowing them to make short work of nearby foes.

The new game will support up to 4K resolution, as well as cross-play with users on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. The game’s soundtrack has been completely re-recorded by a live orchestra.

Dragon’s Crown Pro is launching for PlayStation 4 on February 8th in Japan. A western release hasn’t been confirmed yet – however it shouldn’t be too long. We’ll keep you guys posted!

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  • Wait a minute. This is the same trailer from the original PS3/Vita release. All they did was change the title shot and add the extra info about the Pro version.

    Which means…*remembers Sorceress Trailer fiasco from years ago* Ooooooooh baby.

  • Mr0303

    One of the easier classes to pick up. A good party member for any team.

  • SevTheBear

    I really hope get this one in EU and US as well

  • Maybe one day we’ll get a PC version.

  • Jack Thompson

    What was the Sorceress trailer fiasco, and if that’s only trailer that had any sort problem what makes you think they wouldn’t fix it when reusing it?

  • cowboyjimmy

    check out the ps3 emulator called RPCS3, this game works perfectly, google is your friend.

  • I was actually talking about this Pro version though. I already have a PS Vita, so I could just download it for that.
    I might as well, I guess.

  • VersVlees

    I’m guessing it was the hissy fit kotaku threw because they were triggered by the sexy sorceress.

  • Jack Thompson

    Kotaku throws a hissy fit about everything.

  • SLoWMoTIoN

    I really hope this comes out for Jaguar.

  • catazxy

    While the ps vita version looks great and all, the most common problem I have is that I constantly loose my character in the fight, since there are so many characters jumping and trowing tons of colorful attacks. I don’t know if the problem is only when you play on a smaller screen, but I had to mention it to you since you said you might try it.

  • catazxy

    The sorceress and the amazon are the only reason I even bought the game.