Total Worldwide PlayStation 4 Shipments Top 67.5 Million Units

Sony Interactive Entertainment shared their latest financial results this morning, and the biggest announcement is that total worldwide PlayStation 4 shipments have topped 67.5 million units.

The new milestone was reported with shipments leading up to the end of this year’s second quarter, on September 30th. In total 4.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles were shipped during this quarter, an increase of 0.3 million from the same time as last year.

Sony increased their forecast from 18 million to 19 million units shipped in their 2017 fiscal year, which starts on April 1st and runs through March 2018. This means they’re expecting to ship 79 million PlayStation 4 consoles by March of next year.

Editor’s Note: Image source: Engadget

Brandon Orselli


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  • DrearierSpider

    That’s impressive considering Bloodborne and Persona 5 are still the only exclusives worth a damn, with the latter not even being first party.

  • Mr0303

    Not bad. I’ve been pretty happy with mine since it offered a good variety of games. I wish Sony didn’t mess it up with the mid generational upgrade nonsense.

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    And it will keep getting higher every day. It is never too late to be apart of the Playstation Nation guys.

  • SuuLoliBoob

    Hey, it’s the Knack machine. Can’t wait to play bloodborn for another 6 months.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Persona, exclusive?

    Ho ho ho.

    There is a PS3 version.

  • Mechonis

    You forgot Yakuza and Kingdom Hearts (which is just remakes) but that’s it.

  • Mechonis

    Eh, I’ve gotten good mileage out of the handful of exclusives.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Who cares? We’re on the current Gen. The one where it sold the most. By your logic, being the Nintendrone you are, you just disqualified Breath of the Wild as a Switch exclusive. Congrats, your favourite console is now only running on Mario Odyssey and almost fuck all else.

    Fuck off clown.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Did I not get done saying that I think ARMS is better than Odyssey? Not to mention Splatoon 2 and countless other releases.

    Meanwhile, ALL PS4 has is PS3 ports.

  • Touma

    let me see: Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Mask of Truth, Uncharted 4 (and the Nathan Drake Collection if you count that as an exclusive), Horizon Zero Dawn, Dragon Quest XI, The Last Guardian (although that ended up being crap in my opinion but I’ve seen a lot of people that swear by it) and as mentioned before, the Yakuza and Kingdom Hearts games.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    “Meanwhile, ALL PS4 has is PS3 ports.”

    And much to your dismay still sells better by miles.

    Coming from a guy who owns both.


    Not trying to get in the middle of this turf war (well I guess I am), but I would’ve bought a PS4 if Persona 5 really was only for it. But I got it on the PS3 instead. BotW is also a reason I haven’t bought a Switch because I got it for the Wii U. But PS4 has a bunch of good stuff. Just not enough for me since a good chunk of the PS3, VIta, and PS4 stuff that interests me comes to PC.

  • Travis Touchdown

    >sells better

    Selling better than Xbox One is not an accomplishment.

  • Roy
  • Eldhin Hellknight

    Nice, now make some real improvements on it’s shitty as OS

  • The Watcher

    PS4 is a very necessary and important move by Sony.

  • BFG

    The Utawarerumono titles were on PS3 & Vita too, as I went for the latter. Not saying that disqualify them as ps4 games, but they’re not exactly an exclusive either.

  • BFG

    You mean just like the Switch have too? Numerous multiplats of games present on other platforms.

    Arms isnt the game I would spend 40 bucks on it (ten or fifteen is more reasonable for the kind of game you would get fun for an hour or two) and Splatoon is multi-onlt which means paid online.

  • BFG

    I much prefered the XMB menu on the PS3 and PSP

  • Mr0303

    Well, yes. It was the next generation.

  • DrearierSpider

    Uncharted and Horizon are pure, undistilled peasantry.

  • Zack Attack

    There is single player in Splatoon and there is no always online DRM in it.

  • BFG

    It’s a still a game that mostly rely on multiplayer. Same reason why I would rather skip Senran Kagura Peach Beach on PS4, because it’s mostly a multiplayer game, and instead wait for a PC port.

  • Ankoku Tou

    Funny, weren’t you the faggot who said sales doesn’t matter in 2 articles here? Yet somehow it suddenly mattered to you when it involves Sony. Yeah fuck off.

    Fuck off with your console wars and your sour grapes port begging outta here.

  • Exien

    just to bad that’s not only exclusiv games many can be played on PC and thats the best place to play no shit from sony to deal with it.

  • Michael Richardson

    BotW was never a Switch exclusive in the first place.

    Did we forget about MK8D, ARMS, and Mario + Rabbids? The latter is one of the best games of 2017.

  • Mechonis

    Dragon Quest XI is on 3DS and the upcoming Switch version which runs the same graphics.

  • Still a great choice for folks who want their physical copies. Just wish we had more backwards compatibility options…

  • Similar experience, I already owned a WiiU so didn’t buy a Switch for it and I still need to put some time aside before ordering P5 for PS3. Don’t know when I’ll be getting a PS4, eventually will, but for now now dying to. I’ll buy a PS4 copy of .Hack//GU so I can have a physical copy, but I’ll be playing it on PC.

  • Currently playing Cold Steel 3, so yeah using a lot my PS4. great console to have.

  • Really wanted the XMB on the Vita, that would have been nice on a touch screen too.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Mario+Rabbids is just XCOM with a mediocre story. I own all the games you mentioned. They’re good games., but ARMS does not have the content to warrant comparison to even games with loot boxes today. MK8D is another Wii U port over.

    Like I said, this is a good Nintendo year. It looks like an amazing Nintendo year due to how many years Nintendo was doing poorly, even with the 3DS’ success.

  • Ruggarell

    The only 8th gen console I bought and need. It will serve me well into 2018 and beyond.

  • Michael Richardson

    Nobody cares about the story in a Mario crossover game. The important thing is that it’s beautiful, reasonably challenging, and filled with content. The focus on swift movement across battlefields makes it a good deal more fun than XCOM. The music is pretty good, too.

    And no, this is a superb Nintendo year.

  • Yeah if you like games at 900p at 30fps. Nah I will stick with PC the true place to play.

  • Jack Thompson

    But BotW isn’t even a Nintendo exclusive. It’s on PC.

  • BFG

    France deserves three nukes for ever birthing the Rabbids

  • Lea Pastillaroja

    how does it stack against the Swic? (because we all know the Xbone is out of the competition this gen)

    Not to hyped about the PS4, anything i could have wanted in that machine is also coming to PC
    At this point the Swich is the only console with exclussives worth a purchase

  • Travis Touchdown

    They don’t.

  • The Watcher

    The mid generation upgrade is necessary to soften the big budget blow of 4K games development for developers especially the Japanese ones.
    They can still make 1080p games but displayed in dynamic 4K or checker board rendering.

  • Mr0303

    One has nothing to do with the other. Mid generational upgrades are akin to the phone market trying to sell you new hardware iterations every couple of years.

  • Roy

    Yeah I know they aren’t all exclusives but personally I’d rather deal with Sony’s shit than Valve shit. Sony still makes games for their platform and a wide range of games too so that’s a pretty good reason to deal with Sony DRM.

  • The Watcher

    Game consoles are different beasts compared mobile phones.
    Game consoles are highly dependent on the TV technology reigning on the mass market .
    One of the reasons PS3 and Xbox 360 had very rough starts is the transition from Standard Definition to High Definition cost of game development. The Wii did not have that hurdle but surprisingly the Wii U did which meant Nintendo still struggled 6 years into the PS3’s life.
    Mark Cerny did the right thing to make the transition to 4K as smooth as possible with PS4 Pro.

  • Mr0303

    “Game consoles are different beasts compared mobile phones.” – and I hope they remain that way, but these mid generational upgrades and talk about dropping generations altogether is bringing them closer.

    Console gamers as a whole don’t care all that much for definition and the sales of the Pro against the base model are a testament to that. If your argument was that the intention of the Pro was to prepare devs for a 4K console (even though the Pro doesn’t support true 4K for most games) then two things:
    1. Citation needed on the intentions of Cerny or anyone at PS/Xbox management
    2. Even if it was this is a terrible way to make devs adjust to 4K since it’s giving them additional platforms to optimise for and they’ll concentrate on the base model since it is selling less.

    My guess is that companies saw what Nintendo was doing with the 3DS and saw if they can replicate that and sell a slightly better version in a couple of years.

  • Touma

    The 3DS version different enough I consider it a separate game altogether.

  • Touma

    Yeah, I completely forgot about the Vita/PS3 versions of Uta 2&3, my bad

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    That would be pretty awesome

  • Piracy, my dude.

  • You can also cut a few off that list. Not sure why people like Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn is mostly garbage and The Last Guardian failed.
    Let’s not forget that in time, PC will probably get all these games.

  • The Watcher

    It’s just common sense economics, my friend.

    “True” 4K games are not economical for game development and mass market consumption for the time being.

    Why make true 4K assets that require double the: game development cost, time, effort, hardware processing power, storage space, retail price, a mandatory upgrade to 4K TV set, etc, etc. when you can make a 1080p game but can be displayed in 2160p checkerboard on a 4K TV without all the above mentioned problems?

    Even MS Xbox One X has checkerboard rendering capabilities which they allow devs to choose.

  • Mr0303

    Anything stated without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Just saying “economics” is not an argument.

    Most of what you said are just assertions and using the above rule I’ll simply dismiss them.

  • Not really. Cold steel 3 will soon be on PC and be much better.