Nintendo Switch Worldwide Hardware Sales Top 7.63 Million Units

Nintendo has announced total worldwide hardware sales for the Nintendo Switch have topped 7.63 million units worldwide.

The news comes via their latest earnings report for the past six months leading up to September 30th of this year. Software sales have reached around 27.48 million copies worldwide.

Hardware sales netted 2.9 million units in the second quarter of this year, while software managed to sell 13.98 million copies.

In comparison, the Wii U has sold 13.56 million units worldwide to date, so the Switch is rapidly approaching the moment when it will overtake its predecessor.

Nintendo is looking to move 14 million Switch consoles by March of next year, with software sales aimed at 50 million shipments.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Anon_Amous

    A lot of mistakes from Wii U have been learned from. The question is where will the Switch land after its lifetime sales. I have to think it can go tremendously high if it captures the handheld market that went after 3DS.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    They’ve sold half of Wii U’s lifetime sales after 4 years in six months, wew.

  • alterku

    Still nothing on the console for me, but this is good news for those people who like zelda and mario games.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    It won’t get the handheld market that went after the 3DS unless its gets the franchises that were popular on the 3DS. It needs a proper Pokemon game. A proper Monster Hunter Game. A proper Fire Emblem game, etc. The Switch’s sales are good, but after Mario Odyssey what’s left for this year in the way of big titles? Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will likely sell the same 1 million in sales to the same crowd that liked the previous games. Myself included.

    Until we see a Smash Bros announcement or some of the flagship DS franchises transferred over, we could see a sales slump end of next year in sales.

  • Mechonis

    I hope they carry this momentum. They got a great start and a lot of great stuff in development, but don’t become lazy like they did with the Wii and early Wii U

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    A good way to get some extra holiday sales is if they released a deluxe edition of Smash Bros 4.

  • Anon_Amous

    Both of those outside Monster Hunter (well including XX) are already scheduled and confirmed to be coming out, possibly both in 2018.

    No other developer has had a better 2017 than Nintendo. If you can think of a developer that had the same quantity of large scale releases that reached such critical and regular gamer acclaim definitely let me know.

    I don’t doubt sales slumps will occur but I stand by the prediction that Switch will capture a large portion if not nearly all of the 3DS market. Not to mention the Vita market (small as it was) since Sony has made it clear they aren’t messing around with a handheld competitor.

  • Miguel Angel Opazo Arancibia

    I’m waiting for new AAA titles. The bethesda ones are great but these are mostly re-releases.
    Had Wolfentein 2 been released the sales would had been a tad higher,

  • SLoWMoTIoN

    Those Mario Bundles sold out.

  • orbo

    And it’s probably gonna get that other half by the end of january.
    The switch doesn’t even have a christmas or new years under it yet and it’s definitely the hot item this year,
    I really do think it’s going to outsell the wiiu lifetime sales in a single year

  • orbo

    Plus I imagine that most of people making those niche games for the vita will start making them for the switch instead.
    Not that being on the switch will make them rise out of their niche status, but the incredibly dead vita is doing nothing to help those titles.
    The switch is not only loads popular already but probably the closes thing to the next vita to put their games on.

  • NegFactor

    I would be among the throng of Switch owners if Nintendo would give me a goddamn F-Zero game. I mean, maybe it’s not possible to make a better racing game than GX, but I’d still like to see them try.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    “No other developer has had a better 2017 than Nintendo. ”

    Yeah, I dunno about that. Depends on which Nintendo dev studio you’re talking about. Nintendo is also publisher and manufacturer so there”s.

    That argument is also based on the well deserved acclaim of Legend of Zelda almost entirely.

    This is a great Nintendo year for sure, but it also comes after a looooong slump and Zelda being pushed back like crazy. And with Nintendo’s big games “Possibly 2018” could easily be Spring 2019.

    And I also don’t think any console is going to be breaking 100+ million in sales for a while. The Switch taking the 3DS crowd isn’t gonna happen. Nintendo isn’t gonna risk losing the annual sales of mainstay Pokemon on handhelds and other handheld games that will make bank vs. the 8 mill in Switch sales. And I own a Switch.

  • Travis Touchdown

    No one cares about sales.

  • Michael Richardson

    It’s not F-Zero, but you ought to look into Fast RMX. It’s only $20 and has a ton of content.

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    This is nothing special. Playstation 4 has reached 67.5 million sales, and is slated easily for 100 million sales by the end of Q4 2017 or early Q1 2018.

  • BFG

    The vita is still doing well in japan, where the niche games still keep coming from.

    Problem of the Switch is that it is less of a hybrid and more like its own impractical niche that doesn’t
    really satisfy both needs of consoles or handhelds. Most people will
    use it as a console but it’s well known to be inferior to every console (in terms of raw power).
    It can almost be used as a handheld but it’s knowingly inferior to
    every handheld (too big in size, battery life). It wont satifsty the Vita audience, and not the hard-die handheld audience too.

    The Switch seems also to enable the whole cinematic AAA experience which the handhelds so far avoided thanks to underpowered hardware, with the devs having more creative freedom back then.

  • orbo

    >The vita is still doing well in japan
    Don’t tell lies, the thing has been out since before the wiiu and has a similar estimated sales, and you know the wiiu was a total disaster.
    Sony barely acknowledges the things existence and the only reason anyone gets a vita anymore is for all those niche games, and with many of them going to the pc you hardly even need a vita anymore for that.
    It’s got one foot in the grave and mark my words the switch is gonna knock it own the rest of the way in it.

    btw I like the size of the switch, I don’t think it’s too big at all.

  • BFG

    The vita is not selling like hotcakes sure (currently around 3000-4000 units per week sold, still far better what you’re trying to make it out to be), but it still has a consistent niche market there.

    and with many of them going to the pc you hardly even need a vita anymore for that

    Portability (which seems to be non-existent to people on trashing the Vita somehow) and the fact that lot of PC ports rarely include full japanese support (especially UI/text). And PC gaming isnt as big in Japan as it is in the West.

    Just because it’s been ported elsewhere dont mean the game suddenly disappeared on the original platform.

    btw2 most people actually don’t use it as a dedicated home console.
    Around half of owners use it in both modes and more use it as a
    dedicated handheld than users that use it for a dedicated home device.

    It still doesnt change the fact that it tries to be both a home console and handheld at once but utilmately doesnt meet the needs of either, like I explained earlier. Any other handheld like a DSLite, PSP or Vita (genuine handhelds) will provide a better experience than a Switch.

  • SiliconNooB

    It’s been a good year all around, given the successes of NES and SNES Classics.

  • Ruggarell

    Nothing really special about this the PS4 is stomping the shit out of everything is gonna hit 100+ million soon. That’s 5 years since release if it hits it by the end of 2018.