No Super Mario Odyssey Content Locked Behind Amiibo

While Nintendo has made some interesting decisions regarding in-game content being unlocked via their physical amiibo merchandise, they’ve confirmed Super Mario Odyssey won’t have any content locked behind amiibo.

The news comes via the game’s official website, which has the following message:

Super Mario Odyssey is compatible with all existing amiibo. Some of them unlock exclusive outfits for Mario, while others give in-game help. Try tapping different amiibo to see what you can get!

Note: All outfits can be unlocked in-game without amiibo.

The above Wedding Outfit amiibo versions of Mario, Bowser, and Peach (not pictured) are being made available for the game, however now we know they won’t restrict content.

Super Mario Odyssey launches for the Nintendo Switch on October 27th, worldwide. In case you missed it, you can find our exclusive, hands-on preview for the game (with video) here from this year’s E3.

Brandon Orselli


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  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    Yeah, they better not do that shit again, I’m still pissed about Fusion Mode

  • Mr0303

    That’s great news. Physical limited DLC is possibly the worst kind.

  • AnarKreig

    Nintendon’t what EA, Warner Bros and Activision does.

  • CrusaderEsper

    I think they heard the outcry loud and clear with that but were too far gone to fix it. Then again, Splatoon still has amiibo-exclusive gear.

  • Michael Richardson

    The way it should be, honestly.

  • NukeA6

    Good, let’s not add something wrong to a game that has been nothing but good news so far.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Good to know.

    The plot seems like Bowser is trying to marry Peach. It would be an interesting twist to see Mario and Peach get married in the end.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    I thought there have been games that did though. Like in Breath of the Wild, you can’t unlock Epona without the amiibo.

  • Kakaku


    On another note I’ll be getting that Bowser. Really reminds me of Super Pario Mario and that’s my favorite incarnation of Bowser. Oh the Mario and Luigi one is great too. Bowser’s just a fantastic villian/antihero when they let him open his mouth. Hopefully this removal of content locking will slow scalpers enough for me to grab one.

  • Tyler Sampson

    And Metroid Samus Returns

  • JoshuaBoudreaux

    no required for anything important in the game though, she was just a DLC bonus basicly

  • JoshuaBoudreaux

    one of the few games that locks V-hard mode behind a pay wall, but really what others games have not? Nintendo is not the first, and wont be the last.

  • MusouTensei

    How it should be.

  • Tubsiwub

    They’ll continue to add bonuses to amiibo owners, they just thought it best not to do so in this case. Not sure why, but I’m positive that this isn’t a change for the company.

    Perhaps they don’t plan on making a lot of these, so this is a way to quell the hate storm that’d occur if people couldn’t unlock “Purple Land” or something should these have locked content.

  • Malascus

    epona is just a maxed out horse, you can eventually tame those.

    Also giant horse< other horses.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    It’ll be locked behind Amiibo AND DLC.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    Something as trivial as skins is not too bad, but locking an entire difficulty mode is fucking retarded, especially when unlocking it costs more than the game itself.

  • DrearierSpider

    Amazing that this is something to celebrate. Probably giving their retarded fanbase good boy points for letting them get away with shutting down streaming in creator program.

  • Bitterbear
  • Fear Me I Am Free


  • deadmancrawling

    Considering that the Odyssey is all about Ulysses going to lay waste to his wife’s captors, I guess that’s what they’re going for.
    I hope they do marry, such a fundamental shaking of the status quo would be something very refreshing and un-nintendo
    Pauline’s gonna cry in that wedding tho :c

  • deadmancrawling

    Man screw amiibos.
    Physical DLC got me salty since like 2001, I could never play the new goomba shoe level because these cards were so rare here.

  • Matz

    I guess that complaining about the locked content in Samus Returns had some impact in Nintendo, good for them and I hope that Amiibos are used only for unimportant stuff like some shitty skins and cosmetic stuff, now if Nintendo were to release a Mexican Mario Amiibo, I’d love to have that one

  • Snorlaxation

    Now THAT would be a fundamental shaking of Nintendo’s status quo

  • Anon630

    Gotta love how it’s perfectly fine to let Metroid sell exclusive content for an inferior AM2R clone, but when it’s Mario, suddenly they have enough sense not to alienate the fanbase with said content blocking. The worst is all of the idiots commanding fans to buy Samus Returns as if Nintendo is livestreaming the cutting of her life support.

  • Jack Thompson

    Something similar already happened in Super Mario RPG as a gag.

  • Mr0303

    Both Mario and Bowser think that they’d get half of the Mushroom Kingdom once they marry Peach, but seem unfamiliar with divorce laws.

  • Mr0303

    Eh, it’s more like Nintendon’t what Ninten’do. None of the companies you mentioned had limited physical DLC.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    It would be an interesting way to go to make Mario now going after his wife instead of his “girlfriend?”

  • Are our Eyes Real?

    Metro Last Night Did it.

    Players complained the fuck out of it and they changed it thanks to the big backslash. That’s it. Just one other game has ever done something as stupid as locking difficulty setting modes behind a paywall and for obvious reasons it ended bad for them. it should have been the same for Nintendo. But you know, Nintenyearolds and all that.

    So no, don’t try to act, don’t even dare to act like there are tons of games that do this, because there are not. For obvious as fuck reasons.

  • すろぉもぉしょん

    NTR soon

  • SuuLoliBoob


    Not to over look the fact that yes, nintendo does make shitty supply of amiibos, you could still get the shit that comes with them by buying cards with the chips in them for pretty cheap. Not like it really matters when most of the extra stuff is pretty pointless in my opinion.

  • SuuLoliBoob

    To be fair, one’s a franchise that brings in billions of dollars to the Company, the other is Metroid.

  • Mr0303

    That doesn’t change the fact that they are limited.

  • I’m not sure. Super Mario Maker also had all of the content unlockable through gameplay as well.

    It is like they have different standards for different IP.

  • mewnani

    Didn’t Metroid also make a lot of money, albeit not as much as Mario?

  • RetroGamer

    I’m an amiibo collector, but still don’t get the benefits since I leave all of them packaged (and have no interest in using any tricks that damage the packaging).

  • catazxy

    Its a sad day in gaming when we have to praise a company for not fucking us over….

  • Then the feminists can peddle to gamers how marriage is a such a great thing for men, even Nintendo says so!

  • Brimfyre

    I love that NTR is a running theme throughout the mainline Mario games.

  • JohnnyCageFan2

    Before reading the article, Mario gave me Monopoly man vibes instead of the ’80s figure skating bridegroom he was supposed to represent.

    But what’s with this forgiving atmosphere? Nintendo did a scummy thing with their amiibo (which was their own choice) and now they aren’t and are being praised for it. Now I’m not calling for tiki torches to be lit (mainly because they’ll release a Hawaiian-shirt Mario amiibo next), but c’mon…

  • JohnnyCageFan2

    Different standards as in double-standards? ;)

  • 0xFFF1

    So it’s a way to get certain items earlier than usual. I suppose that’s fair.