Sony Interactive Entertainment Boss Andrew House Steps Down, John Kodera Appointed as Successor

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced an immediate corporate swap with company president and global CEO Andrew House stepping down – his replacement is current deputy company president John Kodera.

House will remain with Sony through the remainder of this year as chairman to ensure a smooth transition in leadership. It’s worth pointing out that Kodera has been with the company since 1992.

Kodera was also made representative director and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., the company’s legal branch headquartered in Japan. As before, House has become director and chairman.

Within his new responsibilities and position, Kodera will take over the overarching management of Sony Interactive Entertainment as a whole – this includes their game and network arms. Kodera will naturally report to Sony Corporation president and CEO, Kazuo Hirai.

Brandon Orselli


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  • sanic

    Is this good, bad, or nothing?

  • malbhet

    We’ll soon find out, my best bet is things will probably maintain the same old crappy service as Sony ignores the consumer when it comes to their problems.

  • I feel sad for Kodera

  • Fabio

    Your question stands as a testament to how well this article is presented. Completely unbiased.

  • DrearierSpider

    House always came off as a cartoon super villain in presentations for some reason.

  • Jack
  • chaoguy

    More than the Ubisoft or EA guys? Not disagreeing, but he seemed to act the most natural- out of all the corporate suits. He seemed more relaxed at least (i.e. when something leaked, he said “and now for something you may have seen last night”). He actually reminds me of Reggie during the Wii era. Of course, how someone comes across doesn’t reflect how they run the business.

  • chaoguy

    A bit of history on the guy going out and the new guy coming in would have been nice, but you can’t recall the past even if you balance out the bad & good- since each act of bad and good is subjective. Likewise, the new guy might be a non-entity as far as the public is concerned with no real info.

  • Travis Touchdown

    LIke rats fleeing a sinking ship.

  • DrearierSpider

    Probably has a lot to do with the fact that I hate consoles, and their company’s executives by extension. EA definitely comes off as a lot more corporate and out of touch though.