Clock Tower Creator Reveals Machiavellian PS4 Game “Demeritocracy”

DMM Games has announced a new game developed under Clock Tower series creator Hifumi Kono.

The new PlayStation 4 game is titled Demeritocracy or the Two Faces of Arias Ruth, and just like its name implies – the game is described as a “Machiavellian Adventure.”

The protagonist is something of an antihero that works from the shadows, where you’ll be gathering information, congregate with people and groups to discern their objectives, and more. They’re likening the game as more than just an adventure game or visual novel.

Hifumi Kono is the director and scenario writer, who is joined by Arco Wada as character artist (she’s worked on several of the Fate games, including Fate/Extella).

Here’s a quick look at the first two characters:

Arias Ruth, the protagonist. He uses an alias, he somehow has the ability to manipulate and even control other peoples’ actions and consciousness – a secret he has kept under wraps since his birth. Through a combination of his intellect, good looks, and abilities, he fights for revenge against a powerful nation. On paper he’s an honor student, in secret he’ll do anything to win.

Karaya Dial, the rival of the protagonist. He was discovered after displaying advanced strategic intuition and capabilities as a young man. Now he’s the youngest part of a council of wise men that work directly under the king. Unbeknownst to him, he becomes the very obstacle for Arias’ ambitions.

The game is set within a fictional world that is basically like medieval Europe. This world, however, contains “lost” technology.

Demeritocracy or the Two Faces of Arias Ruth is set for a release sometime next year in Japan, for PlayStation 4.

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