First Teaser Trailer for Bullet Girls Phantasia

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D3 Publisher has shared the debut teaser trailer for the recently announced Bullet Girls Phantasia.

Featured above, the first trailer for the modern-combat-meets-high-fantasy action game provides a look at its heroines, the monsters they face, as well as the returning “interrogation” mechanics.

Compared to the previous games, the setting is now a high-fantasy world inhabited by orcs and other monsters, dropping the school setting seen before. The above trailer was shown off at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Bullet Girls Phantasia is launching for both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita sometime next spring in Japan.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Hiecchi

    There is also a english trailer
    Lets hope there will be a localisation and not only a asia vers.
    Importing is not so easy for my country >_<

  • Mr0303

    Glad that there will be an English version of the game. I guess they had a look at Play-Asia’s sales and realised that ecchi games can sell well to western audiences.

  • Syndromic

    I’ve been wanting to play this series. I hope it doesn’t get banned or censored in Australia.

  • Hiecchi

    It cant be banned, because there is no official western release, only a asia vers. with eng. subs
    Only pqube can rescue us
    Let them hear your voice that you want that game

  • Loli the (42) Hedgehog

    Kinda of Ironic that I’m seeing this right after my pre-order of Senran Kagura PBS arrived.

  • sanic

    I’ll take 1 asia copy please.

  • Oh shit, is PBS out?

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    >english trailer
    what did they mean by this

  • Loli the (42) Hedgehog

    technically it comes out tomorrow but the story got a hold of it a few days earlier.

  • Ace

    Oh hey, a waifu simulator

  • Ruggarell

    Another mediocre fapbait