Orange and White New 2DS XL Launches October 6 in North America

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Nintendo has announced the North American release date for the Orange & White Edition of the New 2DS XL.

The new color for the non-3D handheld will launch on October 6th in North America, for $149.99.

It’s worth mentioning the Orange & White Edition New 3DS XL has been available in Europe and Japan since this past July.

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    Slap an Overwatch sticker on it and confuse your neighbors!

  • Kakaku

    It reminds me of those orange popsicles I used to eat as a kid. They were orange on the outside and had vanilla in the inside.

  • It’s literally an orange creamsicle.

  • Joshua

    It’s literally an orange creamsicle.edit: wtf kakau you beat me by seconds

  • RPG

    I remember seeing it at a local shop over here in the Netherlands and all I could think was ” meh.”
    I am not a fan of the colour scheme personally.


    Embarrass your children.
    Offend/Trigger women.