Okami HD Announced for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Capcom has finally confirmed Okami HD for modern consoles.

Contrary to previous rumors, the new release is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC – jumping its previously console-only releases.

A Japanese release is confirmed for a December 21st release for consoles and December 13th on PC, while the North American and European releases are coming on December 12th across all the aforementioned platforms.

Here’s a rundown on the new release, via Capcom:

The original game, released to critical and consumer acclaim in 2006, was hailed as one of the most beautiful games ever created, and this latest release with its renowned Sumi-e ink art style is now even more breath-taking as the graphics have been updated to take advantage of modern high resolutions. Okami HD will be compatible with Xbox One X and PS4 Pro whilst featuring stunning 4K graphics on Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and supported PC hardware.

In Okami HD players take on the role of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess who inhabits the form of a legendary white wolf Shiranui on a quest to defeat Orochi, an eight-headed demon and tyrannical monster responsible for turning the world into a ruined wasteland. Players must use Amaterasu’s magical abilities and arsenal of items, attacks and Celestial Brush techniques to restore the land of Nippon to its previous glory full of life and colour. Along the way, Amaterasu will be called upon to help a cast of quirky and intriguing characters and defeat a bevy of brutal enemies to rid the land of Orochi’s curse.

Players will be able to choose between playing in a modern widescreen format or the original 2007 release’s 4:3 ratio. Interactive loading game screens from the original game are also included, allowing players to earn bonus demon fangs which can be traded for in-game items.

Okami HD was originally launched for PlayStation 3 back in 2012, while the original Okami launched for PS2 back in 2006, followed by the Wii in 2008.

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  • Chili

    Hopefully Capcom does Asura’s Wrath next

  • Mr0303

    Well, if Capcom can’t make good new games they might as well remaster the good old ones. They are still lazy though.

  • Mr0303

    I skipped that one because of the true ending DLC shenanigans that Capcom pulled.

  • Madbrainbox

    The port will most likely be the complete edition and cheaper so that may be worth a look.

  • Madbrainbox

    I want the Onimusha series.And this time around I hope the Jean Reno one will be a proper PC port.

  • Madbrainbox

    This is nice.I hope the port is a good one.

  • Mr0303

    When I tried it I didn’t particularly like it. It was a QTE fest (and I like God of War). Plus this is Capcom we’re talking about – they’ll find a way to mess it up.

  • Uncle Ocelot


  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Praise be my PC Master Race Brother!!! A platorm in which I can buy it once and not have it become irrelevant due to a console generation upgrade.

  • Frisky 🂿 Jester

    I always used Okami in MvC but no idea who the fuck the spirit dog was. Now I’ll get to know.

  • Gildo Osss

    Apparently you can’t direct message people on Disqus so I’ll just post on another of yours. Fun convo bro. I’ll let you have the last reply here too ;)

  • Madbrainbox

    I’m not particularly fond of QTE’s either but it looks interesting enough.A good/weird story is sometimes enough for me to put up with subpar gameplay.

  • InkViper

    Portcom strikes again.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Bahahah, they won’t even pay to use the Jap player characters faces so they can make ports/collections; there’s no way in hell they’re gonna pay any money on some French bastard for Onimusha 3. Only way you’ll get it is if they pull a REmake.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    If you enjoy the Zelda games; Okami made me think of them and how inferior they are to it.

  • Psyramics

    > PC
    Good, I only have to buy this game a third time and then never again.

  • Bitterbear
  • 2501

    Just make a Clover Studio collection already (e.g Viewtiful Joe/God Hand/Okami )

    We are in a time where dweebs think Dark Souls is a “hard game”, they don’t know what will hit them if they play God Hand.

  • Rob

    Now this is a port I can get behind.

    Maybe I can finally finish the game after all these years.

  • Rob

    Fucking get in line pal, I’m still waiting for my Onimusha HD trilogy.

  • Rob

    Asura’s Wrath is closer to an FMV game than a God of War hack and slasher; about 99% of the game is QTEs.

    Having said that, if you’ve always wanted an interactive anime, this is about as close as you can get. It’s a really weird and wonderful little game.

  • Nagato

    Honestly, most of those idiots will already have a hard time with Viewtiful Joe on “kids” difficulty.

  • Nagato

    Let’s wait until the 60fps confirmation before celebrating, you two~

  • Rob

    Asura’s Wrath is basically the anime version of games like Heavy Rain or Until Dawn; it’s 99% QTEs.

    Having said that, if you’ve always wanted to play an interactive anime, this is about as close as you can get. It’s a really weird and wonderful little game.

  • RPG

    A PC port! Great news.
    I alaready own the original Wii version, and Okami HD on PS3, so I will probably refrain from buying this. I would be a bit more enticed if the price was decent, and if 60 FPS is confirmed. Although, I am sure it will be, at least for PC.

  • Madbrainbox

    An interactive anime sounds great.

  • Daryl Corey

    Probably get it depending on price

  • drunken monk

    I would say more like 70%. Did you forget all those sections where you have free reign with the small enemies, rail shooter parts and boss bottles?

  • Rob

    I recall, but I still think if you added up all the cutscenes and QTEs the rest of the game probably makes up a tiny sliver.

    I still think it’s a fantastic game, but important to warn people ahead of time it’s very different; same as I would with a game like Danganronpa for anyone not familiar with VNs.

  • drunken monk

    It’s more than a tiny sliver though so you’re misrepresenting the game despite your love for it.

  • Rob

    Admittedly it has been a long time since I played it, although watching some footage again makes me want to revisit it.

  • drunken monk

    Same here now that you mention it lol. What a unique and epic ride it is.

  • Rob

    It’s one of the very, very few games I’ve ever bought DLC for. And it wasn’t even the ‘True Ending’ DLC everyone is so mardy about, it was the Ryu and Akuma fights which were cool as all fuck.

  • drunken monk

    Those were cool and one of the best crossover things in gaming history IMO, but that last act was on another level.

    After I got my 100%, I had no qualms about it’s worth despite my ongoing stance against the growing trend of MT/ DLC.

    That’s why they should release a complete remaster package and it’ll be received much better today. Better yet, they should remake some aspects of the game like Yakuza Studio with Kiwami and reintroduce the more complex gameplay from TGS before release, high res textures and assets, some new mob enemies, and with options such as skipping the episode credits to make a more seamless and immersive experience (like Beyond 2 Souls did when they listened to fans and had option to play linearly).