New Nintendo Direct Set for September 13

Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo Direct broadcast for this week.

Set to kick off on September 13th at 3 PM Pacific / 6 PM Eastern, the new Direct will focus on the upcoming fall and winter lineup of games for the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch.

You can watch the direct via the following links:

Nintendo made a special note saying they’ll share new details for Super Mario Odyssey as well.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Uncle Ocelot

    It’s 45 minutes long, longer than Nintendo’s E3 presentation.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Prepare for even more Nintendomination.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Yep. While Microsoft and Sony blithered about trying to get people hyped about games they announced at E3 2015, Nintendo dominated E3, and they will continue to do so with this Direct.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    The weird thing about Sony’s show is that it felt about the same length as Nintendo’s, despite being twice as long.

  • Mechonis

    Zelda DLC and amiibo probably. Hopefully some Xenoblade amiibo. I’d like at least one

  • Migi

    Don’t expect anything groundbreaking with Nitnendo’s limited hardware capabilities. Most I.P are wasted on the system especially considering content now get’s censored during development so they won’t get a backlash like they did with so many censored games released on the system.

  • InkViper

    Fuck Reggie, that fat balding cunt!

  • Migi

    I doubt it’s Reggie who is at fault really, It’s more the whole Nintendo SJW treehouse that’s at fault.

  • totenglocke

    It’s always amusing to watch the MS / Sony fangirls have a meltdown over the Switch’s success.

  • Travis Touchdown

    With even less content, yeah.

    Sony’s conferences really are nothing but fluff.

  • Last year was great because it didn’t have any. This year was entirely fluff on stuff they announced last year, so it was pretty meh

  • InkViper

    Oh, come on due, who do you think there boss is! That dude has final say on every think that happens in the North American division.
    And if he doesn’t, then it’s a genuine case of the inmates running the asylum1

  • Alienshroom

    Meh once Nintendo can finally obtain Sonys non contract exclusives then we can talk. Until then I will be playing Neptunia 4, Senran Kagura, Blue Reflection, Ys VIII, and Little Witch Academia this fall for PS4 while I got Odyssey and possibly Xenoblade if it comes this year for Switch. Im in it for the games, I dont care where they are at im going to play them. However I wont shout from the rooftops “Look this platform has games!” When it actually does not.

    Funny you mention Sony and Microsoft “blithering” about games announced in 2015 when Zelda was advertised for Wii U in 2014 and was delayed till 2017! How many people got hyped for the Wii U and bought one because of the constant stringing along and milking of this Zelda game? Then when it came out, the side quests sucked like 2005 World of Warcraft!! Show me at travelers sword, fetch me 10 crickets, give me 55 mushrooms… Your a hilarious hypocrite….

  • This is way console exclusives are bad for the gaming industry.

  • 45 mins is way too long to deal with Nintendo’s “humor”.

  • SilverBassCross

    Give me Falcom games on Switch and I’ll be a happy man. Gust already seems supportive with Nights of Azure 2 and the next Atelier coming to Switch. Mainline Senran Kagura is also pretty likely, considering they’re making that ”massaging” game for Switch.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    I hope they talk about the upcoming JRPGs on 3DS like Alliance Alive or Radiant Historia.

  • Migi

    I’m not that worried really cause i gone PC anyways so i can just pirate their games eventually. but i’m just calling out what Nintendo makes a garbage console that is always a downgrade from any other kinda gaming machine. The I.P are just a waste on such a limited hardware.

  • Migi

    Looking at how Nintendo does business it most likely is a case of inmates running the asylum. to me Reggie feels like a retarded child that barely listens to it´s fanbase or else they´d cater to the hardcore as well. But eventually who implement the censorship and twisted translations it´s a 100 procent SJW Treehouse.

  • Michael Richardson

    Sounds like a pretty meaty presentation. Hopefully we’re in for some surprises. Also hope they won’t waste too much time on SMO: as hyped as I am for the game, I’d like there to be some surprises left at launch.

  • RichardGristle

    Yeah 2016 Sony E3 was pretty amazing. 2017 was the opposite of amazing.

  • RPG

    Agreed. I was very dissapointed for Sony’s showing for 2017.
    As an aside. I thought 2015 on the other hand was excellent. The re-reveal of Last Guardian, Shenmue III (please be good) and FFVII remake (PLEASE BE GOOD) being highlights for me.

  • RPG

    I am torn on this presentation. On the one hand, I am quite interested in what Nintendo will show. On the other hand, I REALLY don’t want to have any more details be spoiled for me for Super Mario Odyssey, as I prefer to experience the things I am interested in as blind, and with as little expectations as possible. Especially since the release date is fast approaching.