Ultimecia from Final Fantasy VIII Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade

Square Enix has announced the latest fighter to join Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade.

The mysterious and powerful Ultimecia from Final Fantasy VIII will be added to the game in its planned September 2017 update.

Previously, Final Fantasy X’s Jecht was confirmed for the game – he’s also confirmed for the game’s console release. As we previously reported, a new character will be revealed every month between August to November.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the game’s console release, is launching on January 30th in North America and Europe, for PlayStation 4. You can read more about that here. In case you missed it, you can find our exclusive, hands-on E3 2017 video preview for the game here.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Malcolm_Ecks

    In before the flood of “not surprised” comments that unnecessaril
    y flood the comments section every time a Dissidia NT post shows up.

  • ProxyDoug

    What’s this? A Youtube Comment section?

  • ProxyDoug


  • evilmajikman

    Recognized her voice immediately. She sounds exactly like she did as Ruby Heart in MvC2.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Way to remind me that this bitch and the game she’s in exists…

    I first played it last year, and I’m STILL mad.

  • Ace

    No surprises here. I’d only be shocked if the original Dissidia cast didn’t all make it in.

  • Wannabe_Baby

    I was hoping for Seifer — he was teased at an event recently — but whatever, I guess this was inevitable.

  • MT Silver

    I like Final Fantasy 8…