Capcom Releasing Official Street Fighter II SNES Cartridge for Series’ 30th Anniversary

We’ve covered new games being released for the Super Nintendo on honest-to-goodness cartridges, however we haven’t seen a premiere game company do something like this in a long time. Capcom has announced they’re releasing a special, limited edition reproduction of Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo.

The release is being made in celebration of the series’30th anniversary, via Capcom and distributor iam8bit. Described as an “ultra premium throwback relic,” the cartridge comes in a vibrant red design, complete with lots of nostalgic artwork.

Here’s a brief description of the release:

Featuring one of two colored cartridges, each housing the original game code and fully playable on NTSC consoles – but that’s just the beginning! The “Legacy Cartridge Collection” embodies retro-inspired luxury, amplifying the core SNES box design with a glistening foil sheen, delicately embossed texture, chic spot varnish and an innovative tri-fold cover that opens to reveal bonus vintage art. Inside, we’re keeping it old-school by restoring the contents of the original instruction booklet, complete with a new archival cover print + secret pack-ins (to be revealed when you crack that shrink-wrap seal).

Here’s a rundown on the game’s packaging details:

  • Brand-New Playable SNES Cartridge
  • Tri-Fold Box w/ Foil, Gloss & Embossments
  • Premium Instruction Booklet
  • Retro Pack-In Surprises
  • Package Design & Restoration by Jango Snow Art & Design

The Street Fighter II SNES cartridge will be limited to 5,500 units worldwide, so if you’re interested, go order on via the iam8bit website. Shipping is supposed to go down sometime in November of this year.

Brandon Orselli


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  • NukeA6

    It’s $100. This is why people do emulation. I mean, even the SNES Classic is cheaper than that and it has SF2 Turbo.

  • SuuLoliBoob

    To be quite fair, this seems to be more of a collectors item for long time fans, considering it has an actual limited run.

  • Mechonis

    It also has a high chance of igniting your SNES

  • Jose Flanders

    Doom Cart + Repro label + PCB + Security bit screw driver = same exact thing

  • Travis Touchdown

    Well, the SNES does have a higher install base than the Switch. I bet this game will outsell the Switch version, easy.

  • Matz

    God bless Western Game Collectors Culture, why can’t we be like Japan were you find Super Famicom games everywhere at a normal price?

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    There’s nothing “collector” about this shit. Anyone could make an SF repro, paint the cartridge and print out a cardboard box.

  • Fandangle

    Westerners have this weird idea that older means better, that antiques should cost more and and get more expensive the older they are.

    Japan doesn’t have these concepts or at least not to the degree that the west does.

  • sAy_YaS

    WARNING: Use of this reproduction game cartridge (the “Product”) on the SNES gaming hardware may cause the SNES console to overheat or catch fire.


  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Somewhere in the multiverse, an alternate Matz is asking why we can’t be like America as his people ponder buying a limited run school girl Chun Li statue with pantyshot function released for the 30th anniversary. We’re both shit when it comes this collectors bull.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    “Westerners have this weird idea that older means better”
    No, we have people who want a quick easy buck and a bunch of “loyal” customers; not to mention collecting is a hobby to some people. Most everyone these days would drop whatever they’ve had for something barely better just because it’s new.

  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)

    That just means you’re playing with power.

  • ProxyDoug

    “The SNES hardware is deemed a vintage collectible, so please exercise extreme caution when using the Product and make sure there is fire extinguishment equipment nearby.”


  • Phynx

    That warning is applied to everything that producer sells.
    I’m curious if there’s ever actually been an incident, though.

  • sAy_YaS

    I would say yes. If they have to put a disclaimer about something catching fire and to keep a fire extinguisher neaby, id say its happened already.

  • Gravelord

    Yep, only Capcom could come up with crap like that. I still have my copy of the ORIGINAL game and don’t need this bullshit. How about you make… uh, why bother.

  • Gravelord

    How about you talk big once the numbers are out?