Atlus Possibly Teasing a Catherine Sequel

Atlus held a 30 minute livestream earlier today in the hopes of attracting potential new hires for their new Studio Zero team. While a game developer hiring for a team isn’t exactly mind-blowing news, at the end of their livestream they teased a potential sequel to a cult classic they made last hardware generation.

We’ve learned that at the end of the “Golden Recruitment Special Program,” which was all “Golden Playhouse” themed, Atlus teased a potential follow-up for Catherine. For those of you not following these hints, all of this imagery is from Catherine,  sexually-driven thriller-puzzle game Atlus launched for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The livestream was opened and closed by Trisha, a character and host from Catherine as well.

At the tail end of the stream, Trisha seems to address Atlus staff directly, pondering if she’ll get her gaming debut in their upcoming Studio Zero game, RPG Project Re Fantasy.

Finally, she said that for anyone waiting for this, there might be some surprises in store – she also noted her surprise over when her “next job” might be talked about.

Brandon Orselli


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