Deep Silver Picks Up Publishing for Shenmue III

Ys Net has announced that Deep Silver has picked up the publishing rights to Shenmue III.

The new publishing deal secures the game’s worldwide publishing, and will secure both retail and digital sales, exclusively on PC and PlayStation 4.

Ys Net also further detailed the game’s Gamescom 2017 appearance, where series creator Yu Suzuki will be on hand for a meet and greet in the general admission area – while the game itself is restricted behind the media and industry area. Suzuki will be there on August 23rd from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM, and August 24th from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM.

Shenmue III is launching for both PC and PlayStation 4 sometime in the latter half of next year.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Mr0303

    Deep Silver seem to be the go to publisher for all these high profile Kickstarter games.

  • InkViper

    So they got a chunk of startup money from Sony and a promo spot at the E3 conference, to shill out there kickstart campaign, got funded by gamers and now have a respectively decent size publisher backing them for launch! Can’t quite shake the feeling that some shady shit is going on, or has taken place.

  • Mr0303

    To be honest this seems to be the model for all the high profile crowdfunded projects. In my mind if you have a publisher you don’t really need crowdfunding, but the deal for the devs is just too good – free money and promotion without much effort.

  • InkViper

    I get where you’re coming from, but Kickstarter projects always felt to me a away for projects to get made without the involvement of big-money players or high-interest loans from banks. But when I see both of them coming together I have to ask the question, did backers get a good deal, or was it even necessary to do a kickstarter?

  • Mr0303

    Yeah, I thought that too initially, but then I realised there is nothing stopping the dev of acquiring a publisher at a later date or sometimes even when the project is announced. Crowdfunding is incredibly flawed in general.

  • Himegami Aisa

    Crowdfunding is basically an (often quite risky and poor value-for-money) investment dressed up as a pre-order so it’s easy to see how precarious the model is for the consumers-cum-investors. Fig of course takes it to an extreme with its vastly unethical scam of an investment scheme.

  • Mr0303

    It’s not really an investment in most cases since you don’t share any of the profits. It’s just a donation with the hope that something good will come out of it.

    Also preorders are a bit better since you can cancel them at any point before the release – this is not the case with crowdfunding.

  • Humbert Humbert

    seems they got 6.3m on Kickstarter, if you subtract kickstarter fees and all that it maybe comes to 5 million.
    that’s not much for a PS4/PC game. Kickstarter (even if I’m not a fan of it. I like to pay for finished products), on a project like that is only to gauge Interest of the public.

    It’s like a job interview and the boss asks you “why should I hire you” and the interest of people wanting to spend money on shenmue3 are your ‘qualifications’ basically

  • This game gets more money and yet no concrete game play.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Hopefully this one won’t turn out like MN9.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    I hope to god that this is at least decent.

  • Mr0303

    5 million of funding is a huge sum for an indie game. The only games that outpace this in terms of funding are AAA games, but for those you hardly need crowdfunding.

  • doog

    I’m fully expecting a rushed, lower quality game. ~2 Years isn’t enough development time to make a game like this from scratch. But i doubt they have enough money to delay it much further unfortunately.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    What happened to Sony?

  • sAy_YaS

    Kinda glad I didn’t back this. Something didn’t seem right when they announced it @e3 with Sony. However I am glad its coming out and if Sega were to rerelease the first two games digitally I’d buy them since it’s been a long time since I’ve played them and I barely remember anything besides forklift missions, hang on, and looking for sailors lol.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    It is, but the catch is you don’t own shares in the company, which is what would actually entitle you to a share of the profits. Instead, you (hopefully) get games you might not otherwise.

    In a sense, that is your ‘cut’, since you are getting your money’s worth back in finished product based on the perceived value of your initial investment.

    Unfortunately you also run the risk of losing that investment. Because they sort of gamify the system an promise a game, a lot of people have trouble seeing it like one.

    Its even worse with Early Access though, since there are fewer if any consequences for not following through, and is sold just like a finished product.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha. This game is going to be a disaster.

  • Oh wait I think I’ve seen this one before. Mighty No. 9 anyone? Weak.

  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.

    Can we actually see some gameplay yet? All I’ve seen is the odd screenshot and WIP.

  • CrimsonColossus

    Sony: “Thanks for the Kickstarter money, retards!”

  • Mechonis

    Anyone else smell a train wreck?

  • Matz

    So Deep Silver will also make a cringeworthy launch trailer?

    “… and make your enemies cry like an Anime Fan asking for Sailors on Prom Night!”

  • Josh

    What’s going on? Why isn’t Sega publishing it? Does this mean there are no Sega references or arcade games in it?

  • sanic

    This trend bothers me.

  • 2501

    You’re putting too much faith in this game being Shenmue.

  • David Curry

    It depends on how much of Shenmue 3 was already finished (story, concepts, level design etc) before the Kickstarter-supported revival began.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    I also remember Ryo being a remarkable dick to any girl that’d do as much as look his way~.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Sega is still the owner of the IP so who knows?

  • psycho_bandaid

    considering it’s Shenmue, it’s probably all QTE anyway.