Sonic Mania Delayed for PC to August 29

Sega has announced a delay for Sonic Mania on PC.

The game will forgo its simultaneous console release for one on August 29th.

To make up for the delay, any users who purchase the Collector’s Edition for PC will get the original Sonic the Hedgehog free on Steam.

Sonic Mania is still launching across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch on August 15th.

Brandon Orselli


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  • DJ Rev

    Consoles beat PC again

  • Mr0303

    Maybe this is for a hot fix. Looking forward to the game.

  • JFpaes15

    How the fuck do you delay a game with system requirements for 10 year old computers?

  • Just Some Guy

    Let the shitposting commence.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Beyond mad. Why?

  • Delta


  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.

    At the end of the day, I’d rather a Sonic game get delayed by a year then release in the state they have been over the last fifteen years.

  • Mr0303

    The PC release’s gotta go faster.

  • Cubed Grapes

    There’s a PC Collector’s Edition?

  • buddyluv324

    I believe Gamestop is selling the Collector’s Edition. You’ll have to pre-order it most likely


    Lol. Take that shit to Sesame Street.

  • Cubed Grapes

    Forgot about that. Might just pick that up despite already buying the game on PC.

  • Rumble Red

    Fuck’s sake. This should’ve been announced a lot sooner. Sonic 1’s kind of a shitty consolation, too, since the version on Steam inexplicably isn’t the way-better Taxman version.

    On the other hand, this gives me hope that the leaked version wasn’t final. It mostly looked great, but there were a couple of places that seemed not quite done.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    He was playing the Switch version.

  • Ruggarell

    enjoy your shit delayed port PCUCKS.

  • Rumble Red

    I know, but if the PC version ran into problems this late, maybe that means that every version’s being worked on right down to the wire? …well, probably not.

  • Nagato

    Rumor seems to be that they pushed this back to implement Denuvo?!?

    Would’ve been a day one purchase for me (if not pre-order), but now I think I’ll keep my money and actually pirate a game for once.

  • Uncle Ocelot


  • Nagato

    No direct confirmation, but the timing of posting this seems too coincidental.

  • Nagato

    It’s either a last minute DRM implementation as rumored, or they’re purposefully holding the PC version back in order to push sales on other platforms/double-dipping.

    No way there’d actually suddenly be technical issues appearing this late in the game, much less only on PC.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Damn, thankfully you can refund Steam pre-orders then. Screw Sega, the devs probably hate putting it in too given their backgrounds.

  • CrimsonColossus

    Current Score:

    Console: 5
    PC: 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Cy

    At least it’s not delayed for console.

  • orbo

    Right, there’s no way they’re seriously having technical trouble for pc at this point.
    What specifically did they say on the stream? optimizing the game or something?
    Come on, my analog watch can play this game.
    This is almost assuredly to boost sales on consoles.

  • cowboyjimmy

    a new low for pc, a virtually fan flash made game got delayed, ouch.

  • Chocolate ISISCream


  • totenglocke

    Everyone is going to buy this and the remember that Sonic was never a good as Mario.

  • PS4 master race wins again!

  • Funnily enough, I had a dream once where Denuvo in DNA was the reason why there was no cure for the common cold…

  • Haven’t seen you in a while.

  • Yeah as 720p at 30fps is that best way to play a game. :)

  • It’s a sonic game so it will be terrible either way.

  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)

    A 2D Sonic game releasing a few days earlier somehow made him feel justified.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    The livestream they just did was also embarrassingly slapdash, even by Sega’s usual livestream standards. Everyone seemed to be shufflingly around awkwardly having nothing to actually announce except “btw PC version is delayed.”

    Their “good news” to follow this up was some staff who looked dead inside, unboxing the game. Several times they had to ask each other aloud like “Do we have anything else we can do to fill the time?” and it clearly just felt like they were trying to save some face.

    The crew thought Aaron was sleeping due to him not responding to calls (which they did live on mic, to the point people could hear his voicemail), when Aaron showed up it turned out he was in a ton of sudden meetings, which I get the disturbing feeling were about adding Denuvo.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    DRM. Why so close to release, I have no idea, but if they seriously kept it out of PC player’s hands for 2 weeks for DENUVO, they really can’t release a game without fucking something up at Sega.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    The sad thing is those ports they’ve been releasing were DRM free, it’ll be a shame if they resort to this but I guess there are other things to buy.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Console games don’t need DRM.

  • RichardGristle

    Sonic is fucking trash.

  • RichardGristle

    >Consoletards actually still care about Sonic games


  • Nagato

    According to the people who had it pre-ordered, they got Sonic 1 added to their accounts on Tuesday already, so internally the delay had already been decided on by then.

    Either way, it’s such a bizarre decision: it’ll be cracked within a day of release no matter what, and a DRM-free release on GOG and Humble would’ve sold decently too.

  • RichardGristle

    Good job, you get a shitty game sooner than I get to not purchase it.


  • RichardGristle

    He’s on that furry hype train apparently.

    How any retard can be excited about Sonic is beyond me.

  • RichardGristle

    Into the dumpster where Sonic belongs.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    I didn’t mean the meetings were deciding *on* it, but rather he was being told “the situation” about what he could or couldn’t say, all of this feels very “rushed at the last minute” for the PR guys.

  • Mr0303

    Meh. Not sure about Forces, but this game looks to be good.

  • Neojames82

    That is a stupid reason and it really all it is going to do is give this game a black mark on it when it was hitting all the right notes. Not to mention, will just encourage pirates to crack it anyway.

  • RichardGristle

    Nah I’m just shitposting, that’s cool if you like Sonic. I just think it’s one of the most overblown things to come out of the 90’s.

  • -=aa=-

    enjoy your shit delayed port PCUCKS.

  • Anon630

    I remember when game development didn’t seem like a factory line of petty cash grabs. Now even a company like Valve has no shame.

  • Brownninja97 .

    hey chocolateisis wasnt the same without you

  • Brownninja97 .

    why are you so aggresive

  • Thaddeus Mage

    Sega seems to have been caught off guard with the leaks, and thus if the DRM rumor is true then that is their reaction. Leave it to a minority of the fanbase to ruin it for everybody for shit and giggles and spit in the face of the goodwill they provided. This is why gamers can’t have anything good in $CURRENT_YEAR, in the end they do not give a shit about the developer’s end of things indie or AAA.

  • Thaddeus Mage

    Tbf and sympathetic to them, I suspect it’s connected to the leaks and spoilers ahead of release date. Just sniff around on Youtube for the rampant complaints and you will see.

  • Thaddeus Mage

    It’s probably because of the leaks ahead of the release date, if you haven’t been aware of the drama occurring on Youtube and potentially other social networks I do not know about.

  • Thaddeus Mage

    Summary of comment section thus far:

    “It’s totally reasonable to expect a company to do absolutely nothing in the face of some fans getting disappointed and burned by dickbags outside their control. It’s fine, I’m sure CDPROJEKT RED would brush off Cyberpunk 2077 getting almost entirely leaked by fans before their anticipated launch campaign was carried out. Any game studio should react that way. PRAISE THE LULZ ITS ALL THAT MATTERS IN THE VOID AND HORROR THAT IS LIFE”
    *audio of violent defecation loops*

    Look, I know it’s a hard thing to do as a human being, but please try thinking of the other end of the equation. And no, despite their thus-good so far PR, I’m not a corporate lackey or narcotic fanboy of SEGA’s American division trying to damage control. But CRIPES, if this is the average reaction of the Internet (rationally it isn’t), then I’ve got little sympathy for the ever-continuing cycle of gamers getting shat on. Just like people complaining about BF1 and OW microtransactions when they could play Titanfall 2 but choose not to, despite EA being evil as always.

  • Bigfatdane

    Just checked my account and yes, someone’s added SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive classics to my library recently and it does have Sonic 1 listed as DLC waiting to download.

  • Bigfatdane

    Holy moly, this comment section is toxic.

  • Kessek

    No, just teenagers.

  • Zanard Bell

    Doesn’t faze me in the slightest. Meanwhile, this should tide the fans over waiting for the PC version.

  • Shiggy Diggy Doo

    So since you’re just so much wiser than everybody here judging from how high that dick shaped horse you’re riding on I’ll ask you a question

    What does delaying a game do to stop an early leak?

  • Thaddeus Mage

    Nothing, as I’ve repeatedly pointed out that this is a reaction on SEGA’s part. If SEGA had formally announced that they were adding DRM then I would be understandable of the fan reaction, but Christ your cataracts have to have been seared off by the sheer acidity of the comments to not see how childish they are. I’ve also pointed out that this isn’t a majority reaction (at least not from my limited scope of view), but yes, let’s invent a swaggering caricature of myself. For one, I personally believe that toxic corporations stick around because in the end users couldn’t give a shit beyond their own convenience and comfort to care about genuine efforts.

  • SinkingSage

    Wow, a couple of weeks, what a winner you are.

  • SinkingSage

    Yeah, he was better.

  • SinkingSage

    The only overblown thing about 90’s sonic games are the haters who can’t seem to shut up for two minutes about how bad sonic was.

  • SinkingSage

    cancer comment

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    Yes, a couple of weeks. That’s exactly it. Get fucked pcuck shit head.


    Just another Consoletard.

  • Shiggy Diggy Doo

    I like how you took a solid two paragraphs to say you don’t know what you’re talking about followed by making fun of everyone again for some shit you don’t even know about.


  • Fandangle

    If Sega is delaying it to put DRM into it then that’s sega’s fault, not the fanbase.

  • Loli de 35 dias de vida

    – Comes to the coment section
    – takes a look
    – leaves.

  • Blue Games

    ….. Y’know I wish I had a PC but I’m glad I didn’t have it right now… I have a PS4… Hmmmm……. R.I.P PC gamers I guess huh…. Also if people hate sonic that much then why are they sonic Fans???? I read the whole comment section but imma leave because I can sense a toxic sonic fan PC gamer person who likes to say “Consoletards” is coming this way…

  • Riosine

    Q:” if people hate sonic that much then why are they sonic Fans?”

    Because you are a Sonic Fan if you Love OR Hate Sonic and Yeah for most peoploe its both.
    Only way to Stay.away from the vortex of Sonic broken fandom is to remain indifferent toward it.

    And well sonic used to be a very influential franchise at the begginning of the 90, With a game that is the best in its own category of speedy sidescroller,

    Then there was a 6 year gap with no new Sonic game, the character changed alot, 2 totally different fanbases formed and now everybody seems to love/hates it

    Also did I mention sonic speedy sidescroller subgenre of games is. and has been. composed primary by Sonic games, and well, only that for over. 20 years?
    and how that implies you can only compare a good sonic game to Sonic 2 or SA?
    And that you can’t compare it like how you would do with rpgs/openworld by saying its like the Witcher or Dark soul?

    … That comparing a thing to something else is a way to evaluate how good is something?

    Sorry I though I wasn’t being too explicit about that when I said it for first time

    Also is that PC user,you speak of the (((pc user)))? I ask because you just described the totality of pc users. So you aren’t such a consoletard after all, since you seem to know everything about us yay

  • chaoguy

    A last minute addition of Denuvo could sink this (on PC). For the sake of quality, here’s hoping this still outsells Forces.
    A game with actual thought put into it by fans should do better than whatever the hell Forces is trying to pull.

  • chaoguy

    Could the leak really have convinced the higher-ups that Denuvo was needed?

  • Blue Games

    Lol I was talking about some of the PC people not all of them though. All though u wish I had a PC because PC can do a lot things. Sorry if I got you mad a little. Also BTW thanks for the info. But you know what in coming from right? I was just confused because some people seem to hate sonic so much but still a fan and still plays they’re games.

  • Jack Thompson

    Cease this newspeak.

  • Bigfatdane

    No, I will not remain silent


  • DJ Rev

    Oh look the insecre PC Nazi’s are in full source.

    Proving me RIGHT ABOUT THEM.


    Damn. Even Sesame Street rejected you. Maybe try Teletubbieland? Good luck!

  • DJ Rev

    Oh look another PC gamer trying to pretend his dick is bigger than it really is with old PBS show insults.

    Keep proving that I’m right and that every PC gamer is a worthless small dicked asshole.


    Funny because I am and have always been a multiplatform gaming enthusiast. So again, take that childish shit to said places. Lol.

  • Master race of what? 720p at 30fps? HA!

  • Captain Vidya

    Apparently he was referring to some article about injecting someone’s DNA with malware or something? If he was talking about actually adding DRM to the PC version Mania, however, holy fuck, how shitty.

  • Random Internet User

    Homophobic ad hominem? You are so mature, huh?

  • benaravens02

    Yeah and DENUVO will fuck it up worse. DENUVO is known for causing performance issues. Plus, game developers and Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH of Austria keep lying to the public about the performance issues.

  • benaravens02

    Yeah and DENUVO will fuck it up worse. DENUVO is known for causing performance issues. Plus, game developers and Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH of Salzburg, Austria keep lying to the public about the performance issues.

  • Chirthorpe

    Lo and behold – THEY DID!

  • Chirthorpe

    Release day update: Confirmed.