First Look and Details for Atelier Lidy & Soeur, Coming to PS4, PS Vita, and Switch

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We’ve gotten the first look at the new protagonists, development platforms, and some new details in Atelier Lidy & Soeur via Famitsu.

Featured above, the two protagonists Lidy Marlen and Soeur Marlen, a calm older sister and a young, energetic sister – respectfully. The game takes place in a mysterious painting the two sisters discover in the capital city of their home kingdom.

The game is also confirmed for PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and the Nintendo Switch sometime this winter.

3D models have received a big visual upgrade to what the series has seen before. The synthesis mechanics have gotten a big upgrade via new “activation” items, while battles now pan out through combining two characters together into pairs. Synthesis is also possible in battles. Details on the story itself are otherwise scant, however this could be the finale of the Mysterious timeline.

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    Calling it: next in line is Atelier Fifi. Anyway, I wish Gust would stop farting these out in favor of more At Tonelico. Ar Tonelico 2 ranks way up there in my top games lists. Also, Cloche is best girl.

  • Shattno

    Love these games! I’m also hyped for a Switch release.

  • So this is the last game that will be on vita.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Probably, it’s relative popularity in Japan won’t last long with the Switch dominating (it even outsold the 3DS and PS4 when Dragon Quest came out).

  • Glyth

    I still need to get Firis. I knew when it was announced that the switch would become a weeb machine to replace the vita. I’ll get one after a price drop.

  • Maria Maasaa

    This the first Atelier trap?

  • Good hopefully the next one is made with UE4.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Every other JP dev seems to be doing so, it’s certainly possible.

  • This is Mugen Tenshin

    Not often they use in-game footage as first impression photos.

  • This is Mugen Tenshin

    Atelier Fifi actually sounded pretty cute, haha.

  • mew

    They clearly have tits. Traps are flat-chested. Terrible designs tbh. I was hoping they’d be traps or at least kids.

  • So instead of being hampered by the Vita hardware… the PS4 release is going to be held back because of the switch? And once they dump the Vita we will lose cross save (if you buy it twice because you NEED ATELIER AT ALL TIMES).

    I love these games but sometimes I feel like I can never win.

  • Ar Nosurge came out a handful of years ago.

    I mean… If you are looking for things that say Ar Tonelico you aren’t getting them. That series is over. They have two sequels in the Nosurge titles.


    Had no idea. How’d I miss that? I’ll have to check it out more (though at first glance, it appears kinda bland in 3D). Thanks!

  • Donwel

    It needs to be available for people to actually buy before it can take up the mantle of weeb machine from Vita.
    There’s also the chance that they’ll just shift development to PS4 after the Vita gets dropped, due to the fact that PS4 has more units out there. Though in saying that, the Vita just refuses to go quietly into that good night so that might not be for at least a short while yet.
    When that time comes though and, like you, after a price drop I may consider the Switch.

  • Psyramics

    It’s more they don’t have the rights to make new Ar Tonelico games. Bandai Namco is at least partial owner of the IP, hence the switch to ‘Surge’.

  • Alienshroom

    Well, as sad as it is, home consoles are dead in Japan… So these games that almost exclusively target Japanese audiences are always going to be on mobile hardware from now on. Thats why the Vita is the better “weeb machine” then the PS4.