Ys Seven Launches for PC on August 30

XSEED Games has announced the PC release date for Ys Seven.

Ys Seven will launch for PC via Steam, GOG, and The Humble Store on August 30th. The game will cost $24.99/€24.99/£19.99. A 10% launch discount will be available during the first week of the game’s PC release.

The upcoming PC version is a new port handled by XSEED, not the China-port done back in 2012. Fans can expect the PC version to run at 60 FPS and with full high-definition graphics, alongside in-app achievements for Steam and GOG Galaxy, controller compatibility, and more.

Here’s an overview of the game, via XSEED Games:

Ys Seven was the first fully 3D entry in this storied franchise, the first Ys title to allow players to control multiple characters at once, and also the first title in the series to reach a wide mainstream audience in the West. Though built for the PSP system, it’s finally coming home to PC where it has been upscaled and presented in HD, complete with all the features of a modern PC release. The combat system consists of a three-member battle party with enemies engaged on the field map in real-time for fast-paced combat. Old fans of the series and new players alike will be immersed in its rich, vibrant world containing over 30 hours of gameplay.

Key Features

  • Gorgeous PSP Action RPG Gets a Modern PC Facelift – The leap to PC is accompanied by many improvements such as full HD, multiple user-configurable settings, a smooth 60fps framerate, achievements (when applicable; not offered on DRM-free version), and more.
  • Epic Story Spanning Over 30 Hours of Gameplay – This tale of Five Great Dragons, a wartorn kingdom, ancient rites, and more spans over 30 hours of gameplay as the player ventures on an epic quest to save the world.
  • Real-Time Combat With Epic Boss Fights – As per Ys tradition, all enemies big and small are seen and engaged on the field map in real time, with up to three party members available to swap among at will in order to fluidly strategize and take them down.
  • New Skills Learned Through Weapons, Rewarding Exploration – Unique in the Ys series, new skills for each character are learned by wielding different weapons, rewarding players for exploring dungeons thoroughly to find every treasure.
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  • Mechonis

    Close to Yakuza Kiwami release…dammit

  • Ikagura

    Kinda cost a lot for a port of a portable game, I appreciate the 60 FPSes but the textures aren’t really “high quality”…

    Maybe in the next sales

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    Each game in the series goes for like $5 on a sale, so its best to just wait for that instead.

  • mew

    I’m pirate that since they don’t want to give it dual audio again.

  • Almost all the Ys games are on GoGs and steam.

  • Nagato

    I realize Xseed has their costs as well, but anywhere above 20 as a normal price does indeed place it firmly outside of reasonable purchase territory for most. Same goes for the TitS sequels, which go for an insane 30 bucks – that’s what Cold Steel should go for instead.

    There’s no longer a lack of Jap games on Steam like when they started out on the platform, so it’s difficult to see the justification for those prices now.

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    this game has VO?

  • mew

    It had in the Japanese version, but XSEED decided to go full greed and keep it dub only.

  • Fandangle

    Let’s hope it outsells ys 8 because fuck NISA.

  • TT

    im kind of pc retarded, but wouldn’t it be possible to mod the Japanese language back in?

  • mew

    Thankfully yes. But I have limited amount of money so the game will be bought on sale…

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    But i mean, full voice acting, or just a few lines, like Celceta? Because the only voices you hear in that game are the yealling of each character and one or two words from 1000.

  • mew

    Not sure, but if it’s just yelling, it’s even greedier of XSEED of not bothering to license the voice.

  • Eldhin Hellknight

  • mew