New Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Trailer Focuses on Mario

Ubisoft has shared a new trailer for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Featured above, the new trailer puts the spotlight on Mario himself.

Here’s a brief synopsis of Mario’s appearance in the game, via Ubisoft:

Discover and unleash Mario’s power in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. As a mid-to-close range fighter with excellent mobility, Mario is the perfect hero to lead your team in combat. Use his M-Power technique to power-up your allies and blast foes when they move using Mario’s Hero Sight. With Mario by your side, no challenge is too great!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will launch for the Nintendo Switch on August 29th. In case you missed it, you can find our exclusive and thorough hands-on preview for the game from this year’s E3 here.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Chocolate ISISCream

    This game looks great.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    The new XCOM is looking pretty decent.

  • Loli de 35 dias de vida

    The game is looking really nice. I really hope it overcomes the prejudice people have with the rabbids and sells well.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Yeah, when I first heard the rumors about this it sounded like utter cancer but it actually looks good.

  • braneman

    Well it’s not just rabbids, it’s Ubisoft as well the kings of bullshot games and the people who made AC: Unity. Every single part of this could be entirely pre-rendered by some other production company and what Ubisoft puts out could easily be a buggy piece of trash, they’ve done it so many times over the last few years it’s not even funny.

  • bdp

    Good month for xcom style games between this and the new expansion for xcom 2.

  • Loli de 35 dias de vida

    here’s the thing though: we’ve seen full gameplay videos of this game already, we know how it looks and plays from videos of people playing and we have their reports, also, while Ubisoft is known for bad practices, they are not stupid enough to put less than their best effort in a game featuring MARIO of all people. (Plus, when the director of a game goes and cries of joy in a presentation of his game, I think it’s safe to say there was in fact effort and passion put in it. that gotta account for something).

  • ProxyDoug

    Who? Oh, boy I hope they don’t ruin the rabbids with these nobodies.