Shinobi Master Senran Kagura: New Link Announced for Smartphones

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Marvelous has announced Shinobi Master Senran Kagura: New Link.

The new game is a smartphone spinoff, and its set for a release sometime later this year in Japan. Described as an all-out battle game, the title will offer 20 playable characters at launch, with more to be added one day at a time post-launch.

Players will be stepping into the role of the girls’ master, as you further their exploits you’ll both be seeking the title of “Shinobi Master,” from the Shinobi Masters tournament. Featured above, you can view the game’s debut trailer.

20 more characters will be added over time, including Ikaruga, Mirai, Yumi, Ryobi, and more. There will be a new group with three brand new characters as well. You can pick and choose whichever shinobi make the perfect team for you.

Finally, pre-registration is available over on the game’s official website.

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    I’m a simple man. I see “smartphone”, I avoid.

  • Mr0303

    The new girls look pretty interesting and the gameplay looks like a turn based RPG.

    I’m sure Takaki will deliver, but I don’t play mobile games.

  • mew

    Surprised you guys skipped the Degica games announcements.

  • Feniks

    Au contraire mon frère you are a man of wealth and taste.

    Smartphone games are the tools of the devil. And not the good devil.

  • Loli de 35 dias de vida

    Sorry Takaki. Yoko Taro couldn’t convince me to buy a art phone game and neither will you.
    I still love though.

  • chero666

    I want to say shit, but the idea of me having mobile boobs on my phone isn’t the worst idea in the world…

  • Psyramics

    This seems like a very dangerous thing to be playing on your phone in public…