Nippon Ichi Software Re-Reveals Makai Wars for Smartphones

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Nippon Ichi Software has re-announced Makai Wars.

The new smartphone RPG will launch for both iOS and Android devices, and stars Asagi from Disgaea. Described as a mix between Disgaea and the Cloverlab-developed smartphone RPG Yuru Dorashiru, the game will have totally new character designs.

It’s worth pointing out the game was originally revealed way back in E3 2004 as a PlayStation Portable title, only to be re-revealed as a PlayStation 3 title at TGS 2005. It was presumably shelved for years, only to now resurface as a smartphone RPG.

While a release date wasn’t mentioned, you can visit the game’s official website here.

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  • Technically, Asagi isn’t from Disgaea. She first showed up in Makai Kingdom because Makai Wars, which was supposed to come out, got canceled. Way back more than a decade ago.

    The running gag is she’s been placed in game after game trying to find a game for herself as the main character ever since.

    Not stoked that it’s smartphone only, though.

  • KiTA

    Makai Wars was originally going to be a PSP launch title, the box art is where my avatar comes from.

    It went off grid for a long time, with the persistent rumor that Sony refused to let them release it because they didn’t want their shiny new handheld, which was being branded as the kickass graphics portable, to have a sprite based SRPG on it. Boy, how things have canged.

    Supposedly this is why Makai Kingdom had certain design decisions, such as the small text size and the roguelite nature of the game.

    The only confirmation is in the interview at the end of the Makai Kingdoms book they said that Makai Wars was canceled for “grown up reasons” or somesuch.

    Does anyone know what Yuru Dorashiru is about? Gameplay-wise, I mean?

  • Uncle Ocelot

    That’s pretty amusing considering the amount of great sprite based games that eventually came out for the PSP.


    You can’t spell Nippon without Nip. Or ichi without uh….ichi.

  • Bashtarle

    I was hyped about her getting her own game right up until the second I read “smartphone” and then I just wanted to offer my condolences. Hopefully it isn’t trash *crosses fingers*


    Asagi’s defining role will always be in Prinny Can I Really Be The Hero.


    That’s what great about this site. They’ll post a bit of info about some bullshit that only weebs like us would care about, and then uber weebs like you follow up with even more useless information that the rest of us on here can only appreciate.

  • Lea Pastillaroja

    Hang in there Asagi chan
    you had it rough, always being pushed around through all of Nipponichi games as a secret character, never being the MC yourself, only to end up in smartphones…

  • Jettythesunfish

    I feel the fact that it’s a smartphone game is another jab at her neverending plight.

  • Battle Lemonz

    I hope they do her justice and have the asagi prinny in the game.