XSEED Bringing Ys Seven to PC via Steam This Summer

XSEED Games has announced a PC release for Ys Seven during a livestream today for Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection.

The game will launch for PC via Steam sometime this summer, and it will run at 60FPS. It’s worth mentioning this isn’t the same Chinese port done back in 2012 – this is an entirely new port handled by XSEED in-house.

Fans can also expect some visual improvements in the game, as well as a localization revisit as some parts might be adjusted in the new release.

Ys Seven was originally released in Japan for the PlayStation Portable back in 2009, only to get a western release a year later in 2010.

Brandon Orselli


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  • MLG Barroth

    >this summer
    wait so. within a month?

  • SuperNintendomaniac

    Ys Seven? nice..does it will be on GOG platform?

  • Tom @ XSEED mentioned in the stream that XSEED contracted the port out to an external team. XSEED still doesn’t make internal ports based on what we know, though their programmer and Durante (of DSFix fame) have been helping.

  • Or through most of September.


    Played The Vanquished Omens on the SMS, but could never get into the franchise since. Gotta give it up to XSEED though.

  • Nagato

    Oh my, it’s quite something to go from getting annoyed at the pace of Xseed’s PC releases to being this amazed at them. Wonder if this too is a result of Falcom applying pressure…

    Either way, I’m liking the results: simulatenous releases for Ys 8, Tokyo Xanadu and undoubtedly all future titles, with Cold Steel starting it’s catch-up run soon. Finally Western PC releases for Ys 7 and Zwei II. And then there was Tits 3 a few months ago, Xanadu Next at the end of last year.

    Probably only a matter of time until Celceta gets announced now too… I might even start getting hopeful enough for the Crossbell games now

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    Hell fucking yeah!!! Gonna buy this day one, instead of VIII

  • Professor_Icepick

    All we need is Memories of Celceta and PC will be all set on Ys games. Asking for anything older than Napishtim seems insane at this point, though I wouldn’t turn down a port of The Dawn of Ys or Ys II Special.

  • Fandangle

    GOG or bust.

  • Fandangle

    I don’t think falcom is interested much in non canon Ys games.

  • Professor_Icepick

    I mean, of course. I’m just saying, those would be the only other games in the franchise I could even conceive wanting.

  • Donwel

    As far as I understand it they bought fan translations for a lot of the Ys games didn’t they? Not sure if they did the same with seven though.

  • Miguel Angel Opazo Arancibia

    Ys 7 was a great game. I remember fondly the days I spend playing it on my old psp

  • Mechonis

    Fantastic news. Happy to see it come. Would love to have Celceta next

  • blackice85

    Nayuta no Kiseki would be welcome as well, had a lot of fun with it.

  • Matz

    Huh, somehow I had the idea that this game was already on PC, still great news for PC players, it’s a great ARPG that I liked to play on my old PSP

  • Welcome home.

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    There is a chinese port of Ys Seven and also Celceta, but those are straight ports without any kind of enhancement or anything

  • UnpluggedBeta

    Really? I’ve always wondered why companies didn’t just go and buy fan translations in the past given their general quality. That’s good to hear.

  • They actually stopped licensing fan translations for a while, but Zwei: Ilvard Insurrection’s based off the long-ongoing fan translation effort which stalled for reasons we didn’t know until now. Ys VI, meanwhile, uses XSEED’s own translation and edit, and they’ve done everything in-house for Trails so far.

  • eltonBorges

    I wonder if this are those chinese ports. If that’s the case, they also had Celceta…