“Netflix for Indie Games” Subscription Service “Jump” Announced

Jump is a newly announced monthly game subscription service is poised as the “Netflix for indie games.”

The new platform is being handled by Kermdinger Studios, and headed by Jump VP of content and community Cade Peterson and chief Anthony Palma. The goal with the service is to get users quick and unlimited access to an entire library of acclaimed indie games, while also hopefully getting more exposure for indies.

“Think of it like Netflix,” Palma said to Gamasutra. “You go in there now and you get these very specific categories, like indie horror movies with strong female leads. That’s what we want to be able to do.

“So we will be able to serve up not only games that you particularly will like, but we’re also gonna be able to resurface games. So just because your game launched in month three and now its month 12, it’s not going to be buried and unfindable.”

The platform is currently in beta and will run that testing phase into July 24th, after which the company is looking to charge users $10 a month for a 60-plus game library at launch. Sign ups for the beta are now live over on the platforms official site.

Brandon Orselli


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