Report: NES Emulation Plans Found on Nintendo Switch

It’s only a matter of time until Nintendo starts re-releasing classic games from bygone console eras of their past on the Nintendo Switch. Now, modders who are taking apart the Switch and learning all its intricacies are saying the console has a NES emulator

“According to modders who are working on the Switch right now, there is a NES Emulator embedded in the firmware codenamed ‘flog'”, as reported by Source Gaming.

It’s worth mentioning Nintendo previously confirmed free NES games for users that subscribe to their new paid online service, on the Nintendo Switch.

As with any rumor, please take this with a grain of salt – however, what kind of NES games would you like to see first launched for the Switch? Sound off in the comments below!

Brandon Orselli


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  • Uncle Ocelot

    Not really surprising honestly, it’s just a matter of wondering when they’ll eventually have a Switch VC.

  • Magnifico Ginormous

    Wait it doesn’t have a a VC already?

  • Fenrir007

    Reselling roms is a nobrainer nowadays.

  • Fandangle

    At this point I don’t understand why they don’t make them free. It’s be a fucking huge selling point. Buy a console and you got the SNES, NES, GBA, GBC, GB’s partial if not entire library on a console. Maybe some of them have updates to them that make them work better.

    I know people work to make the new features and to make sure they’re working right, but at this point I’ve bought all three Donkey Kong Country games 3 or 4 times now between the original release, the Wii VC release and the WiiU VC release. The discounts were a nice thought, but at this point it just seems easier to just let people get them free.

  • Casey

    Flog… As in, flogging a dead horse? Great job Nintendo. You should just name your next firmware update “fuck you all.”

  • Casey

    No, that would make sense, and Nintendo doesn’t deal in that.

  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.

    Nintendo need to started breading some new cash cows. The old ones are drying up.

  • David Curry

    It’s time for to crack that baby open.

  • Tromboner

    How would it make sense to you for them to be free when there’s a proven demand for them and people are willing to buy them?

  • Cloud

    Jesus, they’ll fucking hack the damn system and run homebrew emulators on it before Nintendo finally gets around to releasing VC games.

  • Fandangle

    Customer service, could increase console profits because people are more willing to buy a system if it already has out of the box playing potential. I know people who would probably buy it purely for emulation potential like they bought the Wii.

    They could still charge for things like Japanese exclusive games they translated or games they need more money to pay licensing fees for like for Sega or Commodore games but still. The older the games get the less valuable they are. They’ve already made enough profit on most of them to make them a thousand times over. I just don’t see a point, it would also provide them with some much needed good publicity, especially since I feel that people are starting to realize that the Switch isn’t all that amazing and the games drought is kicking in pretty hard.

  • Quizler

    I’m sick of the NES. I grew up on Super nintendo, and I can’t tolerate the lack of color on the NES. SNES Mini is what I want, but how is anyone supposed to get their hands on one? Also, just put the original Yoshi’s Island on VC for once, I’ll even boot up my wiiu again just to play it, goddamn.

  • UnpluggedBeta

    Yes fine, but where is the wii emulator? I missed mario galaxy :

  • UnpluggedBeta

    I get your point, but the problem is that it’s nintendo: there are still massive switch shortages. I have been wanting to buy a second for the local lan play and I get find any for under 400.

    Nintendo isn’t Amazon: they’re not in the habit of giving away crap for free or adding on value to what you already have.

  • Fandangle

    Modern nintendo maybe, Wii era Iwata gave stuff away fine. The ambassador passes were met with huge praise, club nintendo also had many great options for free rewards.

    I don’t see modern nintendo realizing that the more they release this stuff the more people will hate it.

  • Justin Williams

    Not for VC- for an upcoming game “rental service”.

  • Justin Williams

    Now they have to change the name of their next firmware!

  • Justin Williams

    Mark my words they will launch a VC game rental service. They are done actually selling VC ROMS.

  • Fandangle

    God, I hope not. No one wants to pay for that. No one with a brain will and anyone with even a toaster-tier PC would even bother with it. They already made their money off those games. The devs are either dead or they’ve already got paid. The games are nearing 40 years old at this point. Everyone has already played them and if they haven’t they’ve still probably bought them before.

    No one wants to pay 5 bucks a month for a game rental service for games most people have literally bought 5 times at this point. Just make it a one time fee for the emulator, just enough to cover it’s development, and give people access to the whole library.