Please Stop Comparing Everything to Dark Souls

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Game journalists have typically been a laughing stock for people both inside and outside the games industry. If I tell someone I play video games professionally as a second job, their response is usually impressed surprise or an awkward dismissal. Regardless, a recent trend of comparing literally every potentially difficult game to Dark Souls has to stop – it’s embarrassing.

The From Software-developed action-RPG series is notorious for its difficulty, but also for how rewarding it can be if you learn properly through inference and gameplay, like the games we saw released for console generations prior. I’m here to tell you the game isn’t the most difficult title you can play, and nor should you use it as a barometer to evaluate difficulty in other titles.

I’ve been guilty of comparing things to Dark Souls but only when it’s absolutely inspired by the game in both mechanics and possibly themes. Take Bandai Namco’s (the publisher of Dark Souls) new action RPG Code Vein, which some people are labeling as an “anime Dark Souls” and even like a mix of God Eater (another Bandai Namco game) meets Dark Souls.

Other writers have even labeled the game as a mix of Bloodborne (another action RPG by From Software heavily inspired by Dark Souls) and Dark Souls, to which I ran out of face palms and or physical stamina to slam my head into my desk a few more times.

A Twitter account was made to capitalize on the nonsense and quickly became hugely popular, titled simply “It’s Like Dark Souls,” or @xmeetsdarksouls.

You can imagine how much related stuff is published out there, so the account has tons of content to point at and quickly make fun of (fun fact: we’ve been cited on there as well).

It seems like this trend resurfaces every time a new game launches with any kind of challenging mechanics – the most recent culprit is the high-definition remaster of Crash Bandicoot 1-3. Perhaps most other game critics and or journalists are too young or too inexperienced, but games used to be designed to challenge you, not hold your hand and spoonfeed you achievements.

A final point I want to make is a more of a plea – hopefully game developers stop pursuing the same “grim-dark action RPG” with same-y combat and controls to the Souls games.

I’m not saying From Software owns that style and those mechanics, I just wish developers would at least try to spice things up a bit. If a developer makes a solid yet similar looking game, they’re entitled to that too. I’m incredibly excited for Code Vein and other games in that vein (I’m not sorry), but hopefully we’ll see more fun twists thrown into an already over-compared franchise.

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  • Cy

    Yes. Please. It’s beyond annoying (and embarrassing) when anything with third person action and a learning curve is compared to Dark Souls. Same way every cover based third person shooter wa called a Gears clone for three or four years until people realized “third person cover shooter” was a genre.

  • LOL I didn’t know they did this

  • Kiwi Hoy

    This is like the Dark Souls of pointless NG articles

  • But tell me how you -really- feel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • DwightParkman

    making money reminds me of dark souls because its sooooo hard to make

  • RichardGristle

    Christ I couldn’t agree with this any harder, and not just because I think Souls is boring and overrated as hell.

    I get that a lot of YouTube and Twitch kids think Dark Souls is the hardest game ever because Skyrim or Twilight Princess was their first video game – it’s to be expected – but the constant comparisons to anything remotely difficult is ridiculous.

    If you’re playing a Kaizo Mario level and call it “Dark Souls hard” then you need to go diversify your portfolio. Maybe learn what NES-hard was about.

  • RichardGristle

    I loved how every shooter from 2001 to 2005 was a “Halo clone”. I even heard someone say that about Half-Life 2 once. Wew lad.

  • Eldhin Hellknight


  • Some people were like “Why not? It’s successful!” Sure, but not everything is like it and there are more difficult games lol you know?

  • Renaissance_nerd

    I completely agree and while we are at it “git gud” can go take a walk too.

  • Zanard Bell

    If this is aimed mostly at journalists bitching about Dark Souls, then I have no problem with it. But players usually just talk about Dark Souls as a meme nowadays.

  • chocodino

    “the most recent culprit is the high-definition remaster of Crash Bandicoot 1-3.”

    In my times, those where the easy spectrum of gaming

  • I hope it was clear this is like completely directed at game journalists.

  • Mechonis

    That game you beat as a kid is impossible for professional game reviewers. I think there is a bigger issue here.

  • OldPalpy

    The phrase is too triggering to give up, you mention it and you quickly get stupid fucks ranting about dudebros. I like it because it can at will induce cognitive dissonance into types that want to go on about how much they love difficult games but drink SJW koolaid, so they’ll love the design of Dark Souls one minute while the next reeeeeeing about dreaded dudebros and how games need to be more accessible and not require the player to get good at it.

  • orbo

    This right here.
    The term nintendo hard was coined for a good reason, and frigging everyone had an nes back then.
    Ask your dad about it and dust off that old nes he’s got stored in the closet, he can probably whip your ass at any game.

    Young gamers today even think super mario bros 1 is hard.
    I mastered it when I was five!

  • mewnani

    I’m not sure what to make of the state of gaming today when we seemingly have exactly one notable franchise that actually does difficulty in games that everyone knows about. I hate to sound like Cranky Kong but when I was young most of the games were hard to play or at least hard to master, and I was freaking born in the 16-bit era! It kinda helps that I was practically reared on a Super Nintendo and a Sega Genesis but come on, since when was actual hardcore challenge in games relegated to a niche thing? I remember even Super Mario games royally murdering me as a kid, especially Super Mario: The Lost Levels. Now everything’s kinda…. eh….. I mean you got niche games like Touhou that will still put the hurt to you but… eeeeh….

  • mewnani

    Didn’t they do that with the original Doom too?

  • Anon630

    We need something to make fun of game journos like polygon with.

  • SuuLoliBoob

    Same goes for comparing anything inspired by earthbound/mother or any game that just has the RPGmaker look to undertale.

  • Sidious Bane

    Battletoads… hard
    Ninja Gaiden (NES)… hard
    Kid Icarus (NES)… hard
    Castlevania… hard

    And they’re still more difficult than most difficult games out.

  • mewnani

    I dunno those guys practically mock themselves.

  • sanic

    I’d rather see the phrase “spiritual successor” go away, 1/3 of kickstarter games seem to be spiritual successor to earthbound.

  • Riosine

    (Sigh) Crash isn’t even an rpg saying its a Soul like is extremely ambiguous and wrong. these Pseudo-Journalist Should just explain why they consider a game to be difficult instead

    I consider the mobility of the playable character a big factor,in determining a game (action/platformer) difficulty, ie just compare slow Trevor from Castlevania 3 to full geared Alucard that can skip anything and just rush to the boss fights in Symphony of night.

  • Dewey Defeats Truman

    I remember one time I saw someone call SMT IV “the Dark Souls of the Persona series” and I couldn’t stop laughing for like five minutes.

    I know most people only play either glorified movies or phone-tier casual games but it’s really fucking silly that the Souls series is what most people consider the barometer for difficulty in this industry. I guess that just comes from the mindset that you can either be “dark souls” hard or just “cheap” if you have any actual difficulty in your game that these same people tend to believe.

  • OldPalpy

    I think the phrase has psychologically fucked them up into being even worse at games leading to masterpieces like their Doom video. Like maybe they would understood the concept of getting good at Dark Souls but because of the “git gud” phrase they’d rather frail around with the controller and take their ball and go home after the next undead solider jumps out of a corner and shoves a sword up their ass because they can’t understand what the shield is for.

  • OSad

    I don’t even get where people think that Dark Souls is hard. There’s almost no variance or random elements, nothing to surprise you, enemies are always in the same places and once you figure one out, you’ve figured them all out, turning the world into a sudo-obstacle course. Mechanically it’s also fairly simple once you figure out that most fights can be won by circle strafing around enemies with your guard up, using your stamina to mitigate damage completely.

    I find Mario Kart more challenging than Dark Souls. At least in that game, you never know when you’re going to get zapped, get a bullet bill rammed up your tailpipe, or nuked by a blue shell. In Dark Souls, you always know what to expect, or that you can at least deal with it with the tools you’re given.

  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)
  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    Seems like its just people who are too used to auto healing cinematic shooter these days that they overhype anything thats slightly challenging.

    I’ve known people who thought WindWaker was too hard…

  • SlyActionPhil

    Well maybe they should start making more games as hard as dark souls. PSA Dark Souls is not overrated. If you’re not good at any game, get good

  • Are our Eyes Real?

    It’s simple: Today’s gamers are too used to basically press B to be awesome (There’s a reason the Arkham combat got popular) Then Demon/Dark souls series came out and basically told them: PAY ATTENTION. STOP RUSHING YOU RETARD. YES, YOU CAN DIE, CRAZY HUH? DaS basically ask you what 99% of the games out there don’t. Think. Which is something extremely hard apparently.

  • Dan

    Battletoads isn’t just hard… it is literally not possible to beat. And if you have beat it, I’d be disgusted by the amount of time it took someone to perfect it. There are definitely harder games from nes/snes than DaS. Dark Souls was a hard game, beatable, but required more than your average rpg. I really enjoyed the lore, and learning (the hard way) the mechanics of the game. Battletoads just made me mad… we couldn’t even beat it with gamegenie

  • Lee

    It’s all about setting the bars on everything. When people experienced better things, they tend to set a new bar, like this food isn’t as good as that one time, it was prettier in the previous game, etc. IMO dying a lot means a game is hard, and dying is in Dark Souls games’ mechanic, so that also helps define that.

    Any games have their own ‘hard’ meaning, after all every games have their own ‘rules’ to be played. It just so happens that when playing Dark Souls series, the word ‘hard’ is the simplest thing to explain what is actually about… learning any enemies’ movement sets and behavior, usually by repeatedly dying, and then overcome them by doing the correct action in the calculated window of time. Furthermore, psychologically, the sensation of overcoming something like that on just that-one-single-enemy-not-even-a-boss makes you proud, satisfied, relieved and of course, agree that it was hard.

  • Xerain

    When Halo was still new and someone was telling me why he liked it compared to other FPS, my reaction was “Oh, so it’s like Goldeneye then?”

  • malbhet

    I wish people would stop saying Dark Souls is hard! That game is easy as f*ck compared to Demon Souls and Bloodborne, in fact Bloodborne is the hardest game From has made so far, Demon Souls is much harder than Dark Souls, but not as difficult as Bloodborne.
    If you all wish to play a hard ass game try playing The Immortal on the Sega genesis while living during a period when online tutorials never existed and strategy guides weren’t even around at all!
    The Immortal is by far the hardest game I’ve ever seen, and when I play any game, including Souls games, the first thing I compare the difficulty to is The Immortal game.
    Gamers today got it real f*ckin easy with the auto saves, save anywhere, online tutorials, and devs making their games accessible to non gamers and casuals by making them easier, because back then we didn’t have any of that sh!t, we either had to up our game aka “git gud” or got crushed, and when you lose you had to start the entire damn thing over again, no auto saves.

  • malbhet

    They never played Battle Toads on the SNES or The Immortal on the Genesis and have no idea what a truly relentless and punishing game feels like. Let them try playing those games and beating them at age 5 with no hints, tutorials, or strategy guides in existence during that time and they will know what true hardcore gaming is.

  • malbhet

    The Immortal (Sega Genesis)… Hard AF

  • KrOjah 1

    I have not noticed this… I have seen third person aRPG compared to Souls like Nioh for instance, but quite honestly that is understandable. Maybe i do not read enough bad online game reviewers.. Anyway I love Souls games but there is always going to be salty chobos (see the comments here) in a game where you can invade someone else’s gaming session univited.

    The reason some gamers overstate the difficulty is because the default setting is what would be most games hard mode. A lot of gamers would not play on this difficulty, but in Souls they have no choice.

  • Filippo Lopiccolo

    It’s not the comparisons that are the problem, it’s the idiots making them. Mostly the one to blame is social media. Because one dumbass says it, the other even dumber-ass agrees. If I had my way there would be no game critics either. I missed out on mass effect andromeda for 2 months before I said ” fuck the nay sayers, im gonna try it” and you kmow what? Andromeda was awesome! The graphics, exploration, combat ( oh god the combat! ) , and story were all fantastic. It’s the stupid little fags who are spoiled that criticize and compare beyond what is acceptable. Thank you milennials and 90’s babies for fuckin the world up.

  • Nick Hunter

    “Gods” on the Amiga. Jesus Christ, I don’t think I got off the third screen

  • Shattno

    It’s absolutely possible to beat, at least in one player mode. In two player mode there is a bug that causes the second players controller to stop working in the next to last stage though.

  • Nagato

    The thing is that there’s nothing remotely “professional” about these reviewers that elevates their writings above “mere” user reviews; they’re mostly just random gamers – casuals by most standards – and ones that haven’t even been into gaming for nearly as long as most of us.

    The real issue that most people seem incapable of grasping is that modern day gaming reviews aren’t at all written with those of us who have already been into the hobby since the 16-bit or 8-bit eras in mind; they’re made for the tumblrinas and other sensitive snowflakes who only got into gaming in the last 5 to 10 years, by some San Francisco or Youtube cunt who has less than a handful of years on them.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    We live in an age where most of the “professional video game journalists” don’t even finish the games they review.

  • Dan

    Ah maybe that was the issue I just know my buddy and I gave up because it was not possible for us to beat it even with cheats

  • chaoguy

    Apparently (please verify) the Japanese Nintendo Twitter account showed off some more Mario Odyssey gameplay with an article. They have NO GAME OVERS. If you die, you just lose 10 coins. (source: )

    So no risk of having to restart a level if you’ve blown through all your lives. Rather than practice your overall skill by having to restart, if you get stuck you only need to master that section.
    The only thing losing money does is stop you buying costumes, but being it’s just 10 coins it’ll take you less than a minute to earn it back.

    I sincerely hope games like the Crash remake make more devs make actual challenge again. Because I sure as hell aren’t going to buy a game that’s just a “journey” with no challenge. And that includes Odyssey.

  • Himegami Aisa

    Steamkiddies made it a thing, but it’s passed into braindead cliché like Citizen Kane for movies where wannabe critics who haven’t even seen it use it.

  • Sidious Bane

    Hell yea! Game was hard AF!

  • Sidious Bane

    Totally agree with you

  • Shattno

    Haha, yeah, it’s ridiculously hard

  • malbhet

    Gauntlet NES, I still suffer night terrors of that damn game.

  • malbhet

    Gauntlet NES.

  • Sidious Bane

    Almost forgot about those endless levels.

  • NoobSmoke

    Code Vein looks terrible to be honest…they should not have shown that early gameplay

  • Jettythesunfish

    Holy crap, yes. I’ve also seen certain pixel based sidescrolling beat-em-ups compared to Scott Pilgrim.

  • Jettythesunfish

    It’s really making me laugh that people are trying to compare Crash Bandicoot’s difficulty to Dark Souls.

  • CrimsonColossus

    To be fair to the Crash comparisons, the trilogy suffers from physics problems that actually make the game harder. But since they can’t be bothered to articulate that, they resort to vague buzz speak.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Their argument was that you would collect 100 coins to get a 1UP, now they are removing 1UPs and making a ‘death’ worth only 10 coins instead of 100 coins.

  • Captain Vidya

    Niche Gamer is the Dark Souls of games journalism.


  • ProxyDoug

    Diversify to them means playing The Last of Us DLC.

  • ProxyDoug

    You could say playing a game will be the Dark Souls of watching a movie.

  • Khirt

    Eh, NES was kinda mid-tier difficult, you want retro hard, go with Sega Genesis or Famicom

  • Joe

    Nah, Genesis didn’t suffer from slowdown and weird flickering at the exact moments when the screen was cluttered with enemies and you needed minimum input lag. That’s part of what made NES so retro hard. And so awful.

  • Joe

    The first one was never considered easy. Especially the floating platform levels near the end. No mid or end level saves (only passwords) + you couldn’t die if you wanted the gems.

  • chaoguy

    If you lost 100 coins (or even 50) that’d be more of an impact since clothes cost around X00 coins in the E3 demo/footage. You can grab 10 super quick.

  • lucben999

    Excellent comment, this comment is like Dark Souls, it doesn’t hold your hand and it’s not afraid of being rough. The article is the same too, it’s very Soulslike, providing a great progression of arguments while making sorcery completely worthless.

  • King of Zeroes

    It’s funny because a lot of the “it’s like Dark Souls” hot takes are probably just because a game also jacked themes from Berserk.

    Dragons Dogma for instance, shares a LOT of similarities with Dark Souls, but the gameplay couldn’t be more different. The reason? Both contain numerous loving tributes to Berserk.

    Though it’s often pretty clear when something is emulating Dark Souls gameplay and plot elements.

  • RichardGristle

    Check out Bootsy’s videos over on the Cinemassacre channel. Dude’s a Battletoads god.

  • Etherblaze

    People seem to think Dark Souls is super hard. It isn’t really THAT difficult, it just punishes recklessness and impatience.

    I say it’s not that hard because you keep the items you picked up before you died. You just got this really cool weapon from defeating this tough guy at a dead end, but was killed by something else? That’s fine. You don’t need to reload a save or start over from the beginning of the stage and do it all again. You have it on you. All you lost were your souls… you could go back and get it, in which case you have knowledge of what’s there so you’re better prepared. Or you could just ignore it since souls are incredibly easy to make back anyway.

  • RichardGristle

    “there’s nothing remotely “professional” about these reviewers”

    This applies to every level, too. As gamers, as writers, and as journalists. It’s basically a bunch of Apple techie idiots using it as a stepping stone and a virtue signal platform. Lunchtime conversations I had during middle school were full of more gaming knowledge than what some of these crusaders attempt to put forth.

  • Anon630

    It also triggers snowflakes who are unfamiliar with gaming culture. They can’t wrap their heads around the need of skill to procede, and then they flip out when gamers tell them “gitgud”.

  • RichardGristle

    Yeah a lot of 8-bit difficulty came from technical limitations and controls/mechanics just being frustrating and wonky. In order to master some games, it really required you to hone your memory and motor skills in a way that allowed you to deal with some of the problems.

  • VersVlees

    So yeah it is essentially Eternal September in the current year gaming media. It also does not help they are getting in the gaming industry as well. If Dark Souls was made by these types it would have a easy mode(for the polygon reviewer), filled with objective markers and block off New Londo Ruins and the graveyard in the early game. But then again If it was up to them we would be playing non violent walking sims because of muh art.

    As for me I love the Soul series. I thought it was refreshing playing a game that didnt held your hand every step on the way. I loved it when it murders you early game if tried to get into New londo Ruins or the scary skeletons in the graveyard next to Firelink shrine. The game is hard but fair. Hell you can even beat it on soul level 1.

    It was Dark Souls 1 and Warhammer 40K Space Marine that got me into the third person action RPG.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Back in the 90s we still used the term “Nintendo hard”, you could usually count on one hand the number of kids in your class who could beat Super Mario World or Megaman.

  • Zhnigo

    This article is the dark souls of video game journalism.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    The weather bit is just fantastic.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Vectorman. Golden Axe. Risky Woods. The Genesis had some slick games that weren’t afraid to kick your ass.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    This comment is the Dark Souls of Disqus.

  • Skate or Die
  • Warrior90

    This comment is the Dark Souls of replies.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    This reply is the Dark Souls of repetition.

  • Dan

    just watched him beat the game so crazy! respect! never made it past part 3

  • They’re not even reviewers. They’re just ideologues with an agenda to push.

  • Warrior90

    This reply to reply is- ok I’m done.

  • Matz

    The Entire site is the Dark Souls of Videogame News Sites

  • Nuku Nuku Natsume Mishima

    Ahg, this post is like Dark souls, and you know it.

  • Justin Stewart

    Okay there are times when the comparisons make sense and times they don’t. Who the hell compared crash bandicoot to dark souls? XD

  • CatCouch

    Games Radar compared Crash to Dark Souls in their review. It’s a pretty stupid review that also compared Tawna’s original Crash 1 design to a scantily clad character from GTA…

  • 2Lt. Gil Lereus, qHD

    This randomly appeared on my feed, but you are absolutely right. I figging love DaS, especially SotFS with two overleveled characters. Them noobs has to stop.

  • orbo

    I played Risky Woods on pc when I was a kid, my uncle had the game.
    I played it so much and watched him play it so much that I could beat the game without using any continues, sometimes without even losing a life.

    I tried playing it again after having not played it for like twenty years and I game over by the second level.
    Its brutal, but when I was a kid I played it so much that I had it mastered.
    Nowadays if a game doesn’t let them win it hurts their feelings.

  • Kiwi Hoy

    PSA – Why NG comments are NOT the Dark Souls of internet discussions

  • Cubed Grapes

    I called Gears a Killswitch Engage/Winback clone when it released.

  • kurdishcurse

    The giant influence souls had on game creators/developers, fans and the industry on the whole is undeniable. Some jouralists like to bank on that it seems.

    And now, based on this and recent articles, journalists on the other side of the spectrum want to bank on the “stop comparing” bandwagon. The most glaring ignorance is some journalists think the difficulty of dark souls is the only thing that influenced game creators.

    Many articles ive visited cited games that the creators themselves said souls inspired their games mechanics or environment or level design etc , yet the article stated “stop comparing”. VG journalism in a nutshell. A bandwagon upon bandwagon. Nothing less nothing more.

  • Envy Noson

    Meanwhile I still didn’t play a Souls game, the closest thing I ever got to it was playing let it die.

  • Mr0303

    If Dark Souls let you play as Crash through the whole game I would actually be interested in it.

  • Mr0303

    How does the Arkham combat relate to that?

  • Mr0303

    What bothers me is that it’s just some lame way of sounding more gamer-y. If the game is hard the journos should simply say so. There are different kinds of hard – platforming, puzzles, combat and in RPGs like Dark Souls character customisation and remembering where enemies are.

  • You know what this thread isn’t as good as? Dark Souls.


  • Skate or Die

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is already working on a Crash Bandicoot mod for Dark Souls.

  • Are our Eyes Real?

    Because the Arkham combat is the prime example of press Anything to be awesome.

    It’s the most brain dead combat system in any action game ever created, that only got popular for reasons already explained in my original post.

  • Daniel Ivaldi

    Quit your bitching. The Dark Souls genre has revitalized a rather stagnant era of video games.

  • Mr0303

    Am I supposed to take this video as evidence? Hitting block all the time on the lowest thugs prevents you from being hit – what a shocker! I’m afraid this strategy doesn’t work on enemies, who have unblockable attacks, have knives or even guns. With the same success I can show a DMC4 video of Dante just spamming Royal guard on a couple of mooks and claim that it has the worst fighting system ever.

    The Arkham combat has always been about crowd control and flow (not to mention variety). It was adopted so much because it works well. If you want an actual honest example of the combat in action please see below:

  • Are our Eyes Real?

    The difference being that spamming Royal Guard in DMC4 would do nothing. You need to time it perfectly for it to actually do something. Akrham combat you can, literally, close your eyes and spam any button you want, your character is going to parry, push, stun, evade, dash and everything with the press of just that one button. Timing or skill be damned. And yes, i know you can get fancy and press more than one button to get higher combos and kill enemies faster. That still doesn’t make it any less brain dead.

    Lastly, of course the combat works, it was made to make people feel awesome while putting barely any effort into it. It makes them go “Wooooow look how awesome I am!” because his character is doing flashy animations and basically everything at the press of, again, just one button.

    Is it fun to look at at? Of course.
    Is it a good combat system? It depends on what you call good, fluid it is, there’s no doubt about it, but it has the dept of a puddle and being immortal gets really, really boring. Unless that’s your definition of fun, in which case you’ll love it.

    I’m bashing the combat because it pretty much show’s what’s wrong with modern gaming, or at least in the West. Easy, cheap, made to impress instead of challenging or even make people learn something (eye-hand coordination and quick thinking are actual things) and so on. I’m starting to sound like an old fart so i’ll just stop here.

  • Mr0303

    You didn’t address the fact that spamming block doesn’t work on a variety of enemies. I’m starting to think that you haven’t even completed a single Arkham game.

    The animations being good and varied don’t detract from the depth of the combat in any way.

    “and being immortal gets really, really boring.” – contrary to what you say you are not immortal in the game.

    “eye-hand coordination and quick thinking are actual things” – there are a thing in the game as well. You have to keep constant watch of your surroundings and prioritise armed enemies and decide how to spend your combo meter (something you can’t build up if you just spam block btw).

    “I’m starting to sound like an old fart so i’ll just stop here.” – no, you just sound wrong and that you are bashing the combat to be hipster-y and declare anything modern as bad, when it is not the case.

  • Justin Williams

    I have not played an IMPOSSIBLY hard (new release) game in a really long time. Casuals just make any game that is a respectable challenge seem like climbing Everest.