Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield’s Voice Actors Replaced in Resident Evil 2 Remake

While we haven’t heard much about it since its announcement, many fans have been wondering how faithful the Resident Evil 2 remake will be to its classic PlayStation One beginnings. Now, we’ve learned (thanks PCGamesN) a key part of the game’s experience unfortunately won’t be returning in the remake.

Both Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield’s English voice actors won’t be returning to reprise their roles, news coming from both Leon’s original voice actor Matt Mercer and Claire’s original voice actor Allyson Court.

In a video uploaded to her personal YouTube, Court noted that producers on the remake first contacted her to return for her role as Claire, both for motion capture and localization work as a voice actress.

Two competing companies were trying to obtain the contract and once the contract was won, Court was told they chose to go with a non-union voice actress instead. This goes back to the SAG-AFTRA union voice actor strike, where Canadian union ACTRA are now refusing work from projects afflicted by the strike, in solidarity with the U.S. actors who are part of SAG-AFTRA.

Leon Kennedy’s most recent voice actor, Matt Mercer, also tweeted confirmation that his understanding of the situation is the same as Allyson, meaning Capcom decided to go with a non-union actor for his role as well.

The SAG-AFTRA union strike has been going on since October of last year, and nothing has really come of it since then. The actor’s union has been seeking better compensation for performers.

Editor’s Note: Leon S Kennedy’s original voice actor is Paul Haddad. The article has been updated to make this clearer.

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