E3 2017 Behind Closed Door Impressions of Crytek’s Gothic Monster Slaying Game, Hunt

The Niche Gamer crew gets a behind closed door demo of Crytek’s new FPS PvE vs PvP hybrid Hunt!

Check out our impressions, and pick up some more info about the games features not talked about before. Hunt is currently in development for the PC.

Here’s a brief synopsis on the game, via Crytek:

You and your partner are members of a secret hunting society that tracks and kills monsters. The bounties are high, but so are the risks. The smallest mistake will cost you everything—your bounty, your gear, your life, and your very soul. Some hunt for wealth, some for power. Some hunt to protect others, some hunt for glory. You must track your quarry through a dark and treacherous world. Winner takes all. Fail, and go straight to hell.

Hunting for sport is child’s play. This is a different kind of game, one with high stakes and even higher rewards. You will face creatures that want to gorge themselves on your flesh and devour your soul. Everything and everyone is against you—even the earth itself. Make one mistake, and you will die in filth, forgotten. Succeed, and the bounty and the glory will be immense.

Other hunters seek the same prey, lust for the same bounty. Get in their way, and you may find yourself their target. Get caught, and they will pry your trophy from your cold, dead hands.

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  • Madbrainbox

    If this is the only mode they will offer,It’s not the game for me.The whole thing looks great and the mode looks interesting but I don’t think I would have fun playing it so I hope there’s more to it.
    Also,thew the term “alpha” means nothing nowadays.

  • I was really, really hoping for an offline, single player mode or something. It’s so atmospheric and polished but I’m not 100% on multiplayer only. It’s definitely interesting

  • Madbrainbox

    It can work if you enter the game with 9 people you know but I don’t think I would have any fun while playing with strangers.I think Crytek need to be rewarded for taking the chance with it because big companies usually play it safe.

  • Not unless you want to loss friends, remember only one team of 2 can get the prize, the others will most likely die and lose their current character.

  • Madbrainbox

    Yes but that’s the reason you could have so much fun with it.You could have tournaments each day where everyone is starting fresh and the people alive at end are declared the winners.Of course it will all depend on how everything is implemented by Crytek.

  • They don’t want it as a tournament shooter. They want it to be a moody survival horror game with PvP vs PvE elements.

  • Mr0303

    Those are some pretty strange design decisions. The best strategy seems to be to eliminate all other players before finding the demon and taking the loot. Otherwise you can simply wait on one of the other teams to do the dirty work for you, be damaged with the battle with the demon and simply steal their loot after killing them. The perma death thing seems to throw a wrench in all the progression and it would be quite painful to lose all the loot you put so much time into obtaining.

    Maybe I’m not seeing the appeal since I rarely play MP games, but still.

  • Madbrainbox

    I’m thinking it only takes a dick to spoil the mood for everyone in a game like this so it would be cool if you could enter the game only with people you know if you desire.

  • From what we saw, the game will really punish you if you act out. You need a good friend as a partner, and if you watch each others back, you will basically be able to take out anyone charging you or trying to be a dick out right.

  • You should have watched the video all the way, I mention how the loot works ;) the loot and perma death does not work that way.

  • Mr0303

    I did watch it all the way, which is why I said the above. After dying you have the option of buying back your loot, which means more grind.

  • Bitterbear

    These multiplayer-only PVE games are like Socialism: No matter how hard it fails *coughEvolvecough*, there’s always someone trying to justify trying it again.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Where the fuck is Crytek finding money to make games?

  • Madbrainbox

    I hope you’re right about that.And,indeed,the fact there are 5 2-man teams may be the key of solving many of the problems online games are facing.I’ll definitely keep an eye on it.As I said before,this kind of risk taking by a big company must be rewarded.

  • Madbrainbox

    CryEngine is pretty popular.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Thought Unreal Engine stole their thunder.

  • Madbrainbox

    For sure.But since they are making this,I assume they have enough money to take these kind of gambles.