E3 2017 Kick-Off Video – Nintendo Won the Show

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is now upon us!

Brandon and Michael talk up the press conferences from the big three and decide upon a winner right at the main gates of E3 2017! Tune in for our hot takes, as well as Brandon’s impersonation of Brad Pitt from Fight Club.

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  • Ckarasu

    It’s closer than I’d have liked. The announcements from Nintendo were great, but to be fair, a number of big announcements were just that. No gameplay for Pokemon Switch or Metroid Prime 4. Sony had some nice stuff, though. But it was a modest E3 all around.

  • Phasmatis75


    There is no real winner in this years shit show of an E3, but if we’re going to vote who sucked less it’d be Sony for games and Devolver Digital for best presentation. Nintendo’s games range from “Shit Treehouse will butcher,” Nostalgia but made by a different unproven team, or garbage.

    Microsoft did okay, multiplats were none to impressive, especially the ones that Sony would go on to also showcase, $500 console because they still haven’t learned, and a laughable Crackdown 3 that even the normies are asking “Where’s the destruction from the original trailer.”

    It’s debatable which conference was the lowest, Bethesda or Ubisoft.
    Bethesda brought
    >Virtue signally DLC
    >VR no one really wants
    >Paids mods
    >White people killing simulator with actual Marxism spouted in the trailer
    >but did have Evil Within 2

    Ubisoft brought
    >Cancer (nintendo game)
    >virtue signally out the ass
    >ruined Beyond Good and Evil sequel
    >White Right Wing Christian America is evil the game
    >Cringe for the Cringe god

    Yeah Ubisoft is the worse.

    There’s nothing justifying Nintendo winning. They didn’t bring anything exciting and I say that as a Metroid Prime fan. It’s on par with the same stuff they’ve brought every year, that will have the same problems it has every year, and will be ignored by gamers like it is every year.

    This is just a bad unfounded opinion.

  • Ckarasu

    Also, kinda funny how people took Wolfenstein so seriously(on both ends of the debate). Or STILL think FC5 is some sort of propaganda against white people. Hah.

  • I kinda don’t agree, but a little bit do, enjoy the feature my friend.

  • Montrillian

    That’s a pretty well founded argument, however as a Metroid fan I’ve been waiting for a long time for a good Metroid game. When I saw the gameplay for Metroid Samus Returns I couldn’t help but feel that this was what needed to happen for a very long time. I also practically shit my pants when I saw Mario turning into a T-Rex.

  • Are our Eyes Real?

    I don’t agree, Nintendo and Bethesda were the weakest conferences this year by far. Both showed barely anything new, hell, Nintendo is lower than Bethesda for me because Bethesda at least showed a trailer of their 3 new game and a release date. Nintendo only showed 2 logos and nothing else. It was pretty disappointing.

    At least for me MS and Ubi got the cake this year. They showed new games, they shared info, on the Ubisoft side they actually talked about the games and ideas instead of just rolling a 40 mins long movie full of trailers and 0 info like literally everyone else.

    Sony was the biggest disappointment this year. They showed one new game, just one, MH World, and it wasn’t even a exclusive. SotC is a re-re-master so hardly anything to get excited about. the rest was VR stuff nobody cares about and the same games they had last year, and not even a release date for those games this time.

    I’d say this was a pretty weak year. Not the worst E3 but really far from the best too.

  • Thoon Thoon

    Nothing in the metroid series recent history has had much to justify hope. Wait until there’s more then a name and probably fake gameplay to judge if they won’t be god awful.

  • Ckarasu

    Prime 4 is a wild card. Hope it’s good, but Nintendo said that the dev team is new. Could be total shit, or could be great.

    As for the Metroid 2 Remake, it seems that the impressions coming from those that played it are decent at least. But Mercury Steam isn’t a reliable dev, from what I’ve heard.

  • Can’t say I agree that Nintendo won. I have absolutely no nostalgic attachment to the Metroid series though. Never played any of the Prime games either, so the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 doesn’t nothing for me, though it’s nice that the fans are getting what they want. I hope it does live up to their expectations and beyond.

    Now, Devolver, despite not really having that great of a lineup, had the absolute best and most entertaining conference, bar none. As for games, I’d say it’s a toss-up between Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft isn’t even worth mentioning. EA? Junk. Bethesda? More paid mods trash.

    I’m not even going to get started on Ubishit. I’m still pretty livid about Beyond Good and Evil 2. Ubisoft is trash; their (only a handful that I’ve seen, admittedly) smug, cunty employees on Twitter are trash, and their games are trash. Their games HAVE been trash for the last 5 or 6 years (if not longer). It gets hard to recall, all the trash they shit out starts to look pretty samey.

  • FreshSnug

    As things are now it would be stranger if it wasn’t.

  • Ckarasu

    I dunno. I think people are just too invested in it.

  • ultrabot
  • Nagato

    I agree with the Metroid Prime not being exciting, as it’s meaningless to get excited for a meaningless jpeg floating through space… or not even having a dev team’s name attached to the project yet.

    On the other hand, I completely fail to see what Sony brought to the show other than literal movie games, to the point of even Spidey just being one button press to kill an enemy levels of combat and The Odor 1886-amounts of cutscene interruptions. Credit where it’s due, though: David Cage finally appears to be creating an interesting movie, and I do love me some choice and consequence in games.

    Would say that Bethesda, really; sure, you get some useless VR crap announced as well, but in the end they brought at least two likely amazing games to be released mere months from when they’d be first shown. At the very least I’ve got to appreciate someone that respects my time by not wasting with endless delays and fruitless attempts at an artificial hype cycle. The new Dishonored standalone looks more interesting than the last main game as well, but that’s not saying much really.

  • FreshSnug

    I honestly don’t think you believe that. Its been happening for far too long for you to not notice it whether you’re white or not. I’m certainly not.

  • NoNoth

    The real problem for me is that the Switch is shit hardware. It’s 800 year old tech with low resolution, crappy plastic screen and it’s TV/controller connection is a joke. If any other company slapped their name on this product people would laugh at it.
    It’s a simple android device and there are sub $100 Chinese android devices that have more power and a higher resolution.

    Couple that with MS and Sony doing redesigns of their hardware not even half way through their life cycle which has made me swear off ever buying a console again (I usually buy all of them…and then sometimes multiples).

    Is it any wonder everyone is migrating to PC? Nintendo’s hardware is so old that it easily emulates on PC and every other multiplat usually hits PC with better content and community support.

    Corporations now run the industry and they care little about games. I enjoyed this more when it was game companies making game consoles. Nintendo is more like a toy company meets Disney now and the large corporations (MS, Sony, EA, Bethesda, Ubi) don’t care about games and all and their disconnect shows at E3.

  • Mr0303

    I don’t think anyone won E3 this year. None of the conferences wowed me.

    It’s a bit strange giving Nintendo the win considering their 2 biggest announcements were just title screens.

    EA was pretty bad as usual and they even mentioned that they supported a hate group.

    Ubisoft did have South Park, but nothing else from them interested me.

    Bethesda was pretty boring and even though I was really excited for the new Wolfenstein they ruined it with idiotic SJW themes in it.

    MS’ showing was OK, but without any exclusives on the table. They did announce the new Metro and showcased Dragon Ball Fighters Z, which was pretty cool.

    Devolver Digital was a troll, which was a shame since some of their games could’ve used the E3 spotlight.

    I liked Sony’s showing the most, but that’s mainly because they previewed a couple of games I’m interested in. That being said they were pretty stupid to keep lots of good announcements in the pre-show, which made their conference feel short.

  • bladestorm91

    EA was complete shit from all angles, didn’t even need to mention them.

    Bethesda didn’t have a lot of games, besides Evil Within 2, VR crap which looked pathetic, Wolfenstein which has become shitty propaganda with good gameplay and DLC. Everything else they announced was shit.

    Ubisoft had nice mechanics stuck in absolute crap games. Also they had so much virtue signalling that it was unbelievable, a lot of political propaganda against the right. I’ll only give Beyond Good and Evil 2 a slight pass because the previous game was also in a multi-cultural multi-ethnic world and was about resistance against the government. Truly a ‘progressive’ game ahead of its time, the series fits right in with today’s political climate, unfortunately.

    Sony had games that were mostly from the same genre and not a lot of new games to show. it got tiresome fast. They also had virtue signalling with Detroit: Become Human, it was BLM: android edition, complete with riots and destroying shit for no reason.

    Nintendo only had Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Mario Odyssey and a JPEG of Metroid Prime 4. Everything else was complete shit.

    PC Gaming Show compared to other conferences was shit, but the only passable games of the show were Mount and Blade II Bannerlord, Ylands (looks like a better Minecraft), Age of Empires Definitive Edition (only for nostalgia’s sake) and Lawbreakers (looks better from last time).

    Microsoft won E3 this year as surprising as that is. They had the most diverse set of genres of ‘good’ games to present and the least cringe. There were plenty more AAA and indie games from this conference that were alright. Minimal political shit, only Assassin’s Creed was that from Ubishit.

    Have to give honorable mentions to Devolver for being absolutely glorious bastards, they win in terms of presentation and real life shitposting.

  • Mr0303

    A bit of constructive criticism for the video – you kind of come off as douche bags mocking the unwashed masses from up high (Brandon’s shades/bubblegum combo didn’t help). Don’t do that – we have enough arrogant journalists as it is.

  • totenglocke

    “$500 console because they still haven’t learned”

    Yet another greedy brat who thinks everything he wants should be free. Someday you’ll get a job and you’ll understand why companies need to make money.

  • Sony probably saved all the good stuff for TGS and PSX.

  • Feniks

    In fairness E3 is a show for normalfaggies who want to watch trailers of Destiny 2 or SW: battlefront or whatever they’re into nowadays I don’t keep up.

    Picture this yes:

    E3 conference
    Live stream
    Media presence
    Thousand man audience
    Blue reflection locker room scene

    Don’t blame Sony. One day normalfags are going to end. But not today.

  • Feniks

    Wolfenstein is stupid. Shooting nazis is fun and the game will do well in Europe like the series has since 1993.

  • Travis Touchdown

    This delusion.

    Nintendo up and away won this E3.

  • Travis Touchdown

    “Nintendo did not show anything new!”

    THis delusion…

  • Travis Touchdown

    That’s what you faggots said last year. It didn’t happen.

  • Well, the concept of good stuff is subjective, anyway.

    I like my niche games like Akiba’s Strip or Natsuiro High School (though I only briefly screwed around in that since my japanese isn’t proficient enough yet).

    Don’t care for things like Fallout or Uncharted or whatever most people get a hard-on for these days.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    It was largely because everyone else gave such mediocre/poor showings to be honest. Mario Odyssey looking GOAT aside their showing was merely average imo.

  • Feniks

    That’s what E3 is all about though: triple A mainstream trash.

  • Didn’t really pay much attention to E3. (Had no reason to.)

    I believe the only new game that I’ve heard about from E3 which piqued my interest was “Monster Hunter World,” but I don’t know if I’ll get it though.

  • Khirt

    They didnt, literally. Just recycled old IPs, Nintendos eternal business.
    People hyping for a Mario or Metroid game in this day and age is plain sad, nostalgia is everything keeping Nintendo afloat.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    Up until Nintendo announced Prime 4, it seems like the game with the most hype was another DragonBall Z fighting game…so yeah I could see why people say Nintendo won.

    This is completely subjective though anyways, because some people say Sony, but I could care less about the typical AAA schlock of QTE movie games and VR filler.

    Microsoft had nothing but a new overpriced console that only someone whos ignorant of gaming PC’s would waste their money on.

    Bethesda had nothing but milking their existing games through VR ports.

    Ubisoft had the umpteenth reskins of Far Cry and Assassins Creed, while giving us an abortion of a sequel to Beyond Good And Evil.

    Overall I’d say maybe Nintendo and Sony tied in terms of how much content they announced, it just depends who you’re a bigger fan of. I think Nintendo is getting more attention because of Metroid, and understandably so because theyre trying to get the Switch off the ground as much as possible.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Recycled IPs like Arms and Splatoon 2, lol.

    The damage control is delicious.

  • ProxyDoug

    Also, the airhorn in the intro is really annoying.

  • ProxyDoug

    The problem I have with Microsoft is the fact they market games that are on PC as exclusives.

  • ProxyDoug

    These aren’t new.

  • ProxyDoug

    E3 was so shit, I felt jaded in the first day, depressed in the second and started rethinking my carrier choices in the third one. And these companies wont even understand how bad it was. They have their own cocks so far up their asses they can just self fuck into a stable relationship.
    Thank God for fucking Devolver, at least we had a good laugh.

  • Arenegeth

    I barely paid attention to E3 this year, as I continue to get more and more disillusioned with modern gaming. Only looked at some stories as they were posted here.

    And I’m getting too old to care about who won E3, as if I give a damn which multimillion dollar corporation managed to shill its shit the best every year.

    Other than Metroid Prime 4, I can’t give a proper fuck in the sack, for anything else, including the other Metroid game, which honestly looks (and probably plays if the developer’s past work is anything to go by) worse than a fan remake they were so quick to squash. Guess what? Is still on my hard drive Nintendo!

    Though I’ll probably be getting it when it comes out anyway, so I guess they win.

    Most worrying thing about this E3 is that the regressive bullshit have really corrupted even the AAA scene, given the amount of virtue signaling this year. I wish we can go back to the old days of simply playing games for fun and not worrying about the characters skin color, but alas, those days are gone.

  • Kiryu

    I fail to see as to why Nintendo won.Aside from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Metroid Prime 4 which they didn’t even show there was nothing outstanding.For me Sony won with Ni No Kuni 2,Aegis Rim,Yakuza Kiwami and 6,Peach Beach Splash and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

  • Khirt

    Neither were mentioned in the E3.

    Splatoon is already getting a clone on switch, 2 years more and youll have Splatoon 53 with more hats.
    Arms will be dead within a year, the hype died down with the beta, as people realized the game had technical issues. Only die hard Nintendo lambs will purchase day one.
    Nintendo console is only for people who want “new” old, its where creativity goes to die. Its fanbase are mindless comformist idiots.

  • Kiryu

    You are a man of taste.

  • Kiryu

    You could ad triple A mainstream sjw trash nowadays.

  • Kiryu

    Funny thing is nobody clapped when EA mentioned who they support.

  • Mr0303

    Maybe this was just ignorance. I’d imagine that most game journo twats there are feminists.

  • Kiryu
  • Ckarasu

    Yeah. The characters take it seriously, but the world is definitely “stupid”.

  • DariusQ

    Gotta agree, which is kind of sad seeing as how their big moment was a teaser trailer. Let me say that again: No one else at E3 could top a vaporware teaser trailer. Pathetic.

  • Psichaos

    I mean, IMO, it’s not so much winning when you’re the only person with legs in a footrace competition. Nintendo got me excited for some games, but Nintendo is always reliable with coming out with decent games. The only non-Nintendo game that I’m actually hype for so far is that ArcSys Dragon Ball Fighting game. While I’ve still got to do some catch up with the coverage, most of the shit from the other guys seem lackluster this year.

  • CDan

    SONY: Shadow of Colossus remake, Ni no Kuni II, Crash trilogy, ASW Dragon Ball fighter, Aegis Rim, Yakuza 6 and Kiwami, Uncharted DLC, Beyond Good and Evil 2.

    NINTENDO: Etrian Odyssey V, Deep Journey 3DS, Radiant Historia 3DS, Metroid Prime.

    So yeah, I won E3. Fuck fanboys.

  • Phasmatis75

    Nintendo showed virtually nothing, everything that is coming out will still be on the Switch which has gone Wii U levels of sales in March and still has issues. Half the games shown will be butchered by Treehouse, the most hit game was a title screen for Metroid Prime 4 with no information provided on what the game is going to be.

    Only diehard fanboys of Nintendo keep insisting they won.

  • Phasmatis75

    Nice ad hominem, and the chances of my disabled ass getting a job someday are pretty nil. I live on a fixed income, but do tell me more how I’m a spoiled greedy brat living with chronic pain every day that would have you considering suicide within an hour.

    Okay now that we’ve addressed that, the Scorpio is not worth $500 dollars to the consumer. It renders only in 2160p as apposed to the 4k it claims it renders in. Most games though will continue to have parity with the PS4 Pro, so the graphics advantage isn’t there. Processing power is again a joke, but these are consoles so you’re paying for ease of use not power.

    In there lies the problem Scorpio faces. Why adopt the Scropio at $500, when the PS4 Pro is $400? When you can drop $500 on a prebuilt computer that will function decently. Xbox doesn’t have the exclusive games, they’re all coming to PS4 or PC so to the average consumer what is the reason to adopt a higher priced console that only offers prettier graphics some times? There isn’t. Halo is pretty much dead as a franchise, Crackdown 3 got ridiculed for scaling down, Gears of War isn’t a console seller they hoped it would be, and everything else is multiplatform.

    If you are wealthy, don’t have to pay bills, and have an extra $500 in your burning a hole in your pockets by all means buy it. Xbox does have a great backward library, something Sony won’t do because their heads up their ass with Now and doesn’t look to be coming out anytime soon. Yet those game are coming to the PC soon according to Microsoft.

  • Phasmatis75

    Windows 10’s popularity is why people aren’t migrating to PC. 8 also killed the industries growth. PC manufacturers are really cheesed with Microsoft because of this. Only custom builds have 7 and it’s going to be awhile before there is an alternative.

    Agreed, the industry is running itself into the ground and it’s not about the gamer it’s about their pockets. Now I want them to make profit, but if they’re going to do so by being anti consumer then screw them.

    Switch is just a crappier version of the Nvidia Shield with Nintendo’s name slapped on it.

  • Phasmatis75

    Understand there is no winners this year. Every show was meh at best to downright “burn it before it breeds. (coughUbisoftcough). I merely say that Sony did better than others because it had more interesting titles with less cringe than the other developers.

    Microsoft didn’t really bring anything exciting to the table, and what it did bring was either a downgrade or not even timed exclusive for them. Electronic arts had a Jeb Bush of please clap moment while they were virtue signally and not a single gamer gave a crap about it. Owe how that had to be an epiphany moment for their CEO. That they had just wasted millions, and gamers outright either detested them for it, or didn’t care.

    Ubisoft was pure racist and cringe. I don’t need to say anything more about it.

    Sony brought some interesting products ones that aren’t 2-3 years away like the majority of Nintendo’s conference was. Spiderman was meh, I agree the only wowing thing about it was that it looked like it might not be garbage like Insomniac’s games have been for the last decade since splitting from Sony.

    I’m disappointing though. Nothing from Sucker Punch whom has been restructured (they booted the idiots). Destiny 2 will probably be fun but it’s not a show stopper and Call of Duty has ceased being relevant 2 years ago.

    But they did have Monster Hunter World, Days Gone, Knack 2 (I really liked the original), and a couple other at the very least interesting titles. It’s not that they stood out as particularly champions, it’s that they the least meh out of them all.

    Bethesda brought back paid mods. Knows Wolfenstein 2 is politically charged and are sending it out to die between Evil Within 2 and Call of Duty/Battlefield’s launch window. It’s this years Titanfall 2. They’re being eaten alive for their virtue signally by the Dishonored 2 community and agreed no one cares about the VR. They knew Paid mods were going to be bad so we didn’t hear about the spinoff Fallout that is rumored to be in development nor did they tease their space game.

    Bethesda’s show would be the worse if Ubisoft’s wasn’t present. It has single handedly tanked their reputation and for that reason alone it cannot be considered to have won E3. Though I am super excited for Evil Within 2. That looked awesome didn’t it?

  • Phasmatis75

    I still need to watch that, but as a Metroid fan myself I understand where you are coming from.

  • Phasmatis75

    Wow, if I would have known it was going to be featured I probably would have written it more indepth like some of my responses. Thanks.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Honestly, PC won this year. So many Xbox “exclusives” will be on PC. Monster Hunter Will be on PC. .Hack is coming to PC. Sega is working on porting more niche titles to the PC.

    Nintendo won the saltiest Monster Hunter Fans award this year. I may end up buying a Switch, but Nintendo for sure didn’t “Win” E3. Especially if all “winning” takes is throwing games that should have long been made by now (Metroid Prime 4 and a Kirby Game with no Yarn Gimmick) into the hands of new teams, and counting on that Nintendo Nostalgia that’s been (besides the Wii) showing lower home console sales every generation.

  • Slasher Z

    I’m sorry I know you’re trying to state your opinion and I’m not saying you shouldn’t, but it’s obviously you favorites wasn’t at either of these. It’s like you almost basically hated EVERYTHING about this E3 and personally I think you’re opinion is a little bit valid, but mostly unfair man. Saying somebody’s opinion is badly unfounded is kind of uncalled for bro.

  • Phasmatis75

    Not everything was bad, but the majority of it was. I go into more detail in replies and had I know this would be featured I’d had put more effort into going into more detail as to what i mean which I do do elsewhere.

    The main events largely garbage, but Microsoft despite not having anything noteworthy did do better than they did the last couple years. Capcom had some great contenders this year, and Devolver Digital came out with an impressive show.

    As for Nintendo they didn’t show much of anything and already after E3 they’ve confirmed they’re going to politically correct each and every game released in America just as badly as they’ve been doing it already. I said that before they announced it and now we know it’s true. The only things worthwhile Nintendo showed was the new Metroid game, but honestly other companies have been doing the genre more justice than Nintendo has. As a fan of the Prime series, I’m glad Other M is not canon and Prime is canon again, but a title card is not impressive.

    When the other two console manufacturers brought a lot of titles and projects that if you owned either console you’d be happy, but Nintendo’s conference was still largely nothing on the Switch it is only through pure fanboyism that you can argue that Nintendo won the conference.

    Objectively it’s not a very well informed opinion. It may not be very nice, but it’s the truth. There is a difference in saying “I really liked the Nintendo Conference,” versus “Nintendo won E3.” If you’re going to make a bold proclamation like that as a major outlet you’d better be ready for critiques of that statement.

    Glad the Nintendo fanbase is happy with their E3 showing but by no measure was it the best.