Niche Gamer-cast Season 2 EP 6 – Well We Got F$*@ED

So you’re a regular visitor at Niche Gamer? The obscure games, the niche games, the weird games, whatever you want to call them—we love them and we know you love them as well. We only cover these games on our regular feed, and we only cover them on our podcast, too.

This week we talk up our E3 2017 plans, our recent advertising deal that completely screwed us over, and our small fundraiser to hopefully bring in a bit of money to cover some of our E3 costs.

If you’re considering throwing some money our way in light of our recent advertiser pulling out last minute, head over to our GoFundMe here. Anything helps, again we’re eternally thankful for your support.

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  • Andrew Arndt

    Hope some how thing go better for you E3 plans.

  • alterku

    At the risk of sounding ignorant and not having listened to this podcast, what unique news can you get from E3 by going there that you couldn’t without going and just watching the streams? I know of a few outlets that no longer attend and announce/discuss/post articles with relevant information streamed out as the announcements happen, which is still useful for people like me who don’t have the time or the desire to sit through the boring parts.

    Still it’s shitty that advertisers are so flighty and hard to please. Good luck NG crew.

  • totenglocke

    If you’d asked a few months ago, I’d have gladly donated some money. But then Michael “Go Fuck Yourself” Jordan went on multiple hateful rants against your readers. That burned up any good will I had.

    It sounds like this is a great opportunity to realize that insulting your customers isn’t good for business.

  • There are lots of games that are only playable at these trade shows. That combined with interviews, doing behind closed doors previews, etc, it’ll be stuff that we can only do or see there. We’re avoiding games that are in Early Access or have been known for awhile.

  • Not sure how the stuff we’ve put out are hateful or against our readers, but it is worth pointing out any editorial content doesn’t speak for the entire staff. We simply wanted to create a discussion for games we cover, and TBH I think the only real controversial stuff was the Zelda BOTW stuff. For what it’s worth we just want “good” games, and we want to be as accurate and informative as we can in our coverage. Hope you’ll keep visiting us and giving us a chance.

  • alterku

    Cool, thanks for enlightening me. I didn’t know there were still enough in-person-only games or showings to justify attending. Hope you make your quota somehow.

  • totenglocke

    It doesn’t matter if you say “they don’t speak for the entire staff”. By allowing them to use the company YouTube channel and official forums to insult readers and literally tell the people who get you the money to keep the lights on “go fuck yourselves” without taking it down, apologizing, and firing the responsibility party says a lot about how you view your readers.

    Imagine you went to a restaurant and got a poorly cooked meal. When you say something to the waiter, he starts screaming insults at you in the middle of the restaurant. He says only an immature baby would complain about undercooked food and that you’re “not intelligent enough” to know what good food is. Then he proceeds to tell you to “go fuck yourself”. Following that outburst, the owner of the store comes in. You’d expect him to fire the employee, but no, he jumps in and starts insulting you too. The employee keeps his job and keeps insulting customers, day after day. Now, he could later claim that employee doesn’t speak for the whole staff (which doesn’t fly when the owner also joined in with the abuse), but would you want to eat there again or recommend it to your friends after being treated like that? Do you think any other companies would want to put their name in collaboration with that restaurant after videos of the incident went out?

    No one in the comments was upset by the low score. People were upset at the poor reasoning used to justify that score, especially since every other review by Michael contradicts every justification he used to excuse it. Even then, it’s still just a poorly written review, not a huge deal. The real issue was that both Michael and yourself came into the comments to insult anyone who voiced any level of disagreement on the issue, including saying that anyone who didn’t agree with you was a liar and “less intelligent”. That was made worse by Michael making multiple videos on your YouTube channel literally saying “go fuck yourself” to your readers for not liking the quality of his reasoning in his review. At any other business, an employee who acted like that would be immediately fired and they would publicly apologize. Yet you keep him as your main reviewer and haven’t even had the basic respect towards your readers to apologize for his behavior and say that you’ll make sure he never attacks your readers again if he wishes to remain an employee. The fact that you joined him in insulting a few significant portion of your readers shows that it IS the official view of

    I supported you quite a lot in the past when others wanted to crucify you (such as the incident where people got angry over the one reviewer’s bio talking about him being an SJW and a couple of other things that I can’t remember the details on). But the lack of remorse regarding how poorly you guys treated your readers for a couple of weeks makes it hard to keep supporting you. I used to refresh the site constantly looking for new content and I read everything you posted. I didn’t return for a month after being told to “go fuck myself” for expecting consistency in reviews (especially from the same damn person writing the review!) and now I only occasionally check the site while getting most of my gaming news elsewhere. You did build something great here with a lot of promise, but you really need to learn some basics regarding customer service and that the ultimate unforgivable sin for an employee (of any company) is to directly and intentionally insult your customers.

    I’m not saying that it’s impossible for me to return to my previous levels of enthusiasm for the site, but I’d need to see that what happened in March would never happen again before I’d recommend the site to others.

  • OSad

    Gonna have to agree with totenglocke on this one, Michael has made some terrible editorial decisions and has been pretty disrespectful to your readers both on comment sections and on your forums quite a few times, not just around the BotW stuff (though the way he’s handled that was also terrible, possibly Michael’s worst performance on your website).

    The problem is, if a writer is putting stuff on your website under your watch, it’s impossible to completely disassociate the two, disclaimer up front or not. You keep giving him the platform to put out pieces, you are involved in the process to some degree, and you seemingly turn a blind eye to it all.

    You guys are easily my favorite gaming news website. I come here every day. I defended your sensible decision, as a site owner, to enact some community guidelines last year to keep your business afloat. I would’ve also happily donated a few bucks to see you, Matthew and whoever else go to E3. But because Michael is part of your crew, I cannot give you my money in good conscience.

    It just bums me out more than anything that you keep this guy under your payroll. What in the hell do you see in him that’s so special, that nobody else has? His ability to put out preachy editorials? His skills in shopping his face onto article thumbnails? “Movie magic”? I defend your right to hire and to give a platform to whoever you want, it’s your website, but I will say again what I’ve said before: this guy was a bad hire.

    Love your site, keep doing what you’re doing.