Report: New Thief Game and Movie Being Produced

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Straight Up Films have announced (via Game Informer) a new movie based on the Thief franchise. Alongside the movie is the fifth game in the franchise, both presumably following the same plot.

The movie is penned by Adam Mason and Simon Boyes, produced by Marisa Polvino, Kate Cohen, and Roy Lee, with Sandra Condito as executive producer. The report states the movie will be set in the same steampunk work as the game, and will tell a new tale in the “storied world” of the series’ protagonist.

The movie’s official page points towards a game being made as well. When asked for a comment, Square Enix said they have nothing to announce currently. Perhaps an E3 2017 reveal is planned?

We’ll keep you guys posted.

Brandon Orselli


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  • SevTheBear

    I have a bad feeling about this

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Another reboot I’ll assume?

  • Uncle Ocelot

    I would hope they listened to the mixed -to-poor reception to the last game, but expectations are dead low.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Based on the writers assigned to the film, it’s going to be incredibly shit.

  • catazxy

    Nah, I think it had enough, just make a new IP please

  • DrearierSpider

    Please god no. One game raping one of my favorite franchises was quite enough.

  • Cy

    So they’ll shell out the money for a Thief movie–which literally no one was asking for–and a new Thief game–when no one liked the last one–but they’re getting rid of IO and shelving Hitman when, aside from being pointlessly episodic, the last Hitman game was really good and well received?

    Never change, Square Enix.

  • Personaknight

    We gonna get Batman Thief with token female again?

  • Personaknight

    but then how do you nostalgia bait?

  • CrimsonColossus

    So Squeenix’s response to the last game bombing is to not only fund a sequel, but a movie too?

  • 2501

    How is this even a thing? Thief (2014) was a stain on the Thief legacy, so much that the fanbase outright rejected it, and it’s not like it revived the franchise in modern gaming in any dignifying way.

    I still want to see a (proper) Thief game but considering that this is essentially a move tie-in, i’m not gonna hold my breath. Thief was never about being cinematically bombastic, it was about being subtle. Something that AAA game design doesn’t really care for.

  • bladestorm91

    How about NO and FUCK YOU. Square Enix keeps desecrating the sacred corpse of the Thief franchise, I spit on those soulless shitheads. I might consider it if they write NuThief out of existence and pretend it never happened, otherwise Square Enix can just fuck off. As for the movie (if it was about the original trilogy)? Could have had potential, but that is never happening with SE as the head.

  • Phasmatis75

    It’s Square Enix we’re talking about here.

  • sanic

    Game movies blow give it to Uwe Boll so it’ll at least have that so bad it’s good quality like postal.

  • orbo

    I’d say that if you were still somehow a fan after the last game that it’s time to jump ship, but if that’s the case then you’ll probably like the movie too.
    Which brings up the question: who is this aimed at?

  • Lea Pastillaroja

    i’ve seen Uwe Boll movies
    They’re not even “so bad it’s good”
    They are just bad
    Bad bad bad bad bad
    Very very very bad
    So so so so so soooooooooooooooo bad

  • Fenrir007

    So it seems Squeenix is not only a rapist, but also a necrophiliac.

  • GuyGuysonEsquire

    The dead should stay dead.

  • AnarKreig

    I can’t wait for the inevitable PR disasters.

  • Jumanji Joe

    My prediction is that the next thief will play like the batman arkam games.

  • Feniks

    The Hammerites would disagree.

  • Feniks

    And The Builder said, ‘If the foundation is weak, do you wail and gnash your teeth? Do you ask it to repour itself? Nay, you tear it down and begin anew. So shall it be with all My Children, whether they be Stone or Flesh.’

  • Eden

    I actually liked the game so much that I was willing to look past the “meh” parts, even the token female. Once I saw that ending, I rage quit Square Enix games for a while lol.