Senran Kagura Producer Kenichiro Takaki Launches New Studio, Honey ∞ Parade Games

A man after my own heart, Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki, has now opened his very own studio within Marvelous Entertainment.

The new studio is appropriately named Honey ∞ Parade Games, and as the official name implies, you can expect ample amounts of digital mammaries. You can visit the studio’s official website here. As they’re a subsidiary of Marvelous, their studio is physically located within Marvelous’ own Tokyo offices.

Takaki is the representative director of the studio, and its founding capital is worth 10 million yen (roughly $90,000). The studio’s first game is Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, and their subsequent output will be home console games, online games, and even video content.

As the scale of the Senran Kagura franchise rapidly eclipsed most other projects at Marvelous, Takaki’s division was given its own brand. Coming from this, you can expect non-Senran Kagura games coming from the studio, as Takaki wants to release a variety of different games.

Here’s a look at the studio’s logo:

The logo features seven characters, which Takaki said means to create seven works – it remains unclear if this means he has seven different games planned already.

Takaki shared a message on the studio’s official website, where he teases realizing your childhood dreams as an adult, pursuing your passion, and realizing your goals with a smile. He said that it’s ok if the future isn’t perfect, there’s a path that can be seen by those who go further, and there’s always a way forward.

Finally, Takaki hinted at where the studio’s name came from, saying they’re pursuing the honey of fun unnoticed by others, and they’ll keep parading until they realize it some day.

While Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash is now available in Japan, the North American and European launch is set for sometime this summer.

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  • sanic

    bring back rune factory

  • lucben999

    Does the ∞ stand for life or hometown?

  • patyos

    Nice XD

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Why not both?

  • Good for them, and good for us, more games, more options!

  • tccboss

    For hometown and life.

  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)

    Infinite Life and Hometown

  • Loli de 42 Empregos

    Awesome, Looking forward to Takaki-sensei’s future projects.

    Also, that logo is surprisingly safe from a Studio led by him xD I was expecting more boobs

  • Loli de 42 Empregos

    they’ll make a Rune Factory in which you’ll milk cows but the cows will look like this:

  • Mr0303

    Awesome news. Takaki having his own studio will give him unlimited creative control. Looking forward to anything he produces.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    I know, its weird, they haven’t said a word about the series since hiring the core staff. Last I heard, they said not to worry because RF5 is “still happening” or something to that effect.

    If its still stuck on the back burner then it might have been redesigned for the Switch by now, so RF5 could be another full-scale console game.

  • sanic

    Dang the console ones are always inferior.

  • Pilebunker

    I honestly wouldn’t have thought Senran Kagura would do so well after so many years. Games like that would usually stay in Japan for the most part.

  • Fenrir007

    Take all of my money and semen!

  • Fenrir007

    I hope its not for the Switch. I can only play those games undubbed.

  • Sean Sharpe

    Like the logo. Looks like Tim Burton fucked an anime.

  • Zanard Bell


  • kenneth


  • Zombie_Barioth

    I disagree, while not the best games in the series they aren’t the worst either.

    Rune Factory is one of those series that started out rough and got better each time, I doubt this one would be an exception.

    Neverland was really good at learning from mistakes and fan feedback, and they may have the SoS team helping this time as well.

  • Loli de 42 Empregos

    you mean Soul Eater?

  • sanic

    I disagree with your disagreement, Come on man frontier was tolerable but oceans was a motion control title

  • Zombie_Barioth

    Not on PS3 it wasn’t.

    But I suppose we just gave to agree to disagree.:P