Rumor: Next Assassin’s Creed Focuses on Original Assassins, Launches Fall 2017

A new rumor has further corroborated details on the next Assassin’s Creed game.

Coming via sister site WWG, the previously rumored “Assassin’s Creed: Empire” game is now called Assassin’s Creed: Origins and it will be officially revealed at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Furthermore, the game will launch sometime this fall.

The rumor notes the game is set in an expansive, ancient Egypt world. The story will once again focus on two main characters – a man and a woman. Reportedly, the story will focus on the original Assassin’s guild, so perhaps we’ll see the original story of Adam and Eve?

The source also points out the game will offer a character progression system likened to that of  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and gameplay will also have a bigger focus on exploration and have more player freedom than seen in previous franchise titles.

Players can expect a game world bigger than any world seen in the previous titles, with naval combat returning as well. As the game world is “huge,” WWG speculates that you’ll be able to travel far – maybe even as far as Greece.

Finally, the rumor points to an internal video shown to the source, as described to WWG sees the perspective transfer between Egypt to other regions and time periods, like World War II-era France, an Asian country, and even a modern Abstergo Industries location.

This year’s E3 runs from June 13th to the 15th. Ubisoft has yet to detail their own press conference, but stay tuned to our feed as we regularly cover stories leading up to and during E3 2017.

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  • WUZ

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  • Matz

    Stoped playing the series after the big disapointment that was ACIII, and after the last disasters in the series I’m not expecting anything good from this game, at least this game will be a bit better since Ubisoft skipped last year for their yearly AssCreed release

    >will also have a bigger focus on exploration and have more player freedom than seen in previous franchise titles.

    So we will finally explore the entire map without those stupid barriers that stop you from going to places that you shouldn’t go yet?

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Will Ubisoft’s depiction of Ancient Egypt show the TRUE history of the BLACK space-faring civilization of KANGZ that it truly was before those white cave beasts rewrote the history in their eternal quest of oppression? :^)

  • Matz

    They will show an accurate representation of a multi-cultural ancient Egypt

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    AYO (sucks in teeth) HOL’UP! (adjusts pants) IZ YOU SAYIN (turns cap backwards) WE WUZ KANGZ (licks kfc grease off fingers) N ASSASSINS N SHIEET?!

  • DrearierSpider
  • lucben999

    No mention of adding more depth to the core gameplay mechanics, it’s all talk about superficial crap like the world size and story, that’s bad, a lack of depth is the #1 problem in the Assassin’s Creed series I think.

    Also kangz.

  • DrearierSpider
  • DrearierSpider
  • DrearierSpider
  • Madbrainbox

    Kinda happy and sad they are ignoring PoP.Sad because I’d love to play a new one.Happy because,if they release one,Ubisoft will probably screw it up.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Prince of Persia is, luckily, not owned by Ubisoft. It’s owned by the guy who made the original, which is pretty neat.

  • The story will once again focus on two main characters – a man and a woman.

    For literally no other reason than identity politics, I’d wager, just like with Syndicate. If I recall, that one sold almost as badly as Unity, which also got the feminist media shitstorm on top of everything else that made it horrible. If Ubisoft wasn’t run by cucks, they would look at the stats and think, “Oh, maybe adding a female character to the game makes literally no difference whatsoever to the sales”.

    But they won’t, because otherwise SJWs will get on their case again, like they do with anyone and everyone who doesn’t tow the progressive line.

  • Mr0303

    I don’t know if the series needed more freedom. It wasn’t very focused on the story as it is.

  • Eden

    I guess Ubisoft no longer wants the controversy from not being able to play as a woman so every AC will force you to play as a woman too lol.

    I wonder how “badass” this chick will be…

  • Eden

    I want to see how they depict the females. The women in Egypt are said to be warriors (at least from the little I remember) how exactly will a female assassin even make sense?

  • Eden

    AC4 was hands down the best in the series. Also, they didn’t really skip anything.

    Ubisoft releases AC similar to CoD, the games are developed in 3 year cycles by various companies and released yearly.

    This game was in development when Unity came out which means that it wouldn’t have released until after whatever was supposed to come out the year after Syndicate.

    Ubisoft also stated that the Assassin’s Creed movie was replacing the game in terms of the yearly release which means this is still “yearly”.

  • Feniks

    Wonder if they’ll give Ra blackface.

  • Madbrainbox

    Oh that’s really cool.There’s still hope then.

  • Donwel

    I see a lot of people saying that 4 was the best in the series. I owned it but never played it due to getting burned out to fuck on AC games. I remember it being in the PSN easter sale recently for a pretty decent price but I was skint at the time.

  • Donwel

    Huh, I always thought Ubisoft had their claws stuck firmly into PoP. Today I learned something new.

  • Ace

    “Original” and “Assassin’s Creed” don’t seem to go together.

  • Eden

    It’s the most interesting AC for sure, it doesn’t follow the typical route as all the others seem to. Also, the pirate aspects of the game make it stand out as well.

  • Donwel

    I also heard the naval battles were a particular highlight. I’ll probably get it next time it’s in a sale.

  • s_fnx


  • I’d bet $3.50 that all the characters are just black and not actual Egyptians

  • RichardGristle
  • Nagato

    Seemed to me that Syndicate had the chick be the more mature one of the pair, so it’s probably likely that they’ll switch around those roles here.

  • Grampy_Bone

    Altair/Masyaf were the original assassins.

  • catazxy

    Peh, they will screw something up…I have no faith in any new AC

  • Zanard Bell


  • Phasmatis75

    Then pulled a devil on us and left archaeological evidence to back their claim over the Kangz?

  • Phasmatis75

    That tolerated LGBT people.

  • Phasmatis75

    This will be the last Assassins Creed game. Normies no longer are interested in the series, and as soon as they hear Female character they’ll have the same reaction they did to the Darksiders 3 announcement.

    About time this series died.

  • Phasmatis75

    Same, but I learned a few weeks ago the guy hates what Ubishit does to his franchise so he’s not licensing it to them.

  • Phasmatis75

    Nope, Ubisoft straight up said they are giving the series a year off because of burnout and to ensure quality in the next entry after the last game was an unbearable mess.

  • Phasmatis75

    What’s sad is I’ve had to explain to people how historically inaccurate that game was because they thought it was historically accurate.

  • Phasmatis75

    Came here to do the Kangz reference…beaten to it by everyone.

  • Matz

    No, there will also be some LGBT people in there

  • neverworks

    God forbid…

  • chaoguy

    OK, so what IS the deal with Nubians?
    I’ve heard them being great saviors of Egypt who had their civilization stolen by middle-easterns, and I’ve heard them being the people who took over from the Egyptians and ran 1000 years of civilization into the ground in 70.
    What’s the truth about it? Because we won’t get it from “Marx was OK” Ubisoft.

  • chaoguy

    Didn’t they have a female assassin in the London game (after outcry from SJW)? Unless there’s a lore reason they can’t.

  • chaoguy

    Most major franchises should take a year out between sequels IMO. The year off to relax or even plan more stuff on paper/analyze what worked would really help. Plus, taking more time before announcing another game gives time for people to miss the game and want it back.

  • The Assassins existed before the Levantine Brotherhood in-lore.

  • Grampy_Bone

    That’s a retcon

  • Since when?

  • “What’s the truth about it?”
    I don’t know that much about egyptian history.

    What I DO know is that full-blooded egyptians aren’t black like the media tries to portray them. Egyptians have more of an olive tone to their skin, sort of a golden-brown/caramel-y color. Nubians on the other hand WERE actually black like many other African, of course some of them are darker and lighter than others, but they didn’t have skin nearly as light as Egyptians.

    That’s all I really know.

  • Dr_What

    And Mexicans were allowed yo cross the border.

  • Grampy_Bone

    Everything after Assassin’s Creed 2.

  • Phasmatis75

    Asians were also present.

  • GuyGuysonEsquire

    `N SHIET

  • GuyGuysonEsquire

    And Jews breathed freely.

  • Phasmatis75

    At one point they had conquered a chunk of Egypt and splint the nation in two, so yeah they did.