Worldwide PlayStation 4 Shipments Top 60 Million

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that worldwide shipments for PlayStation 4 have topped 60 million units.

The news comes from their latest financial results for the last fiscal year, which ended on March 31st. The financial briefing notes that 20 million PlayStation 4 units were shipped in the 2016 fiscal year, running from April 1st of 2016 through March 31st of this year.

A few noticeable factors have aided in the continual growth of the PlayStation 4 hardware adoption rate – namely the upgraded PlayStation 4 Pro SKU (featured above), the PlayStation 4 Slim, and the countless numbers of special editions (although they’re usually Japan-only).

Sony has forecast that it will ship 18 million PlayStation 4 units in this fiscal year, which runs until next March.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Mr0303

    Impressive. The current sales are about 55 million, so it would easily reach 60 before E3, so that Sony could brag (I actually hope they don’t waste time on that in the conference).

  • Uncle Ocelot

    I’m guessing Microsoft still hasn’t given any updates on Xbox One sales?

  • Malcolm_Ecks


    Last update was back in January for the Xbox One. 26 million shipped. Their updates should read: “At least we’re not the Wii U.”

  • sanic

    I hate when shipped is used instead of sold.

  • Joe

    Yeah there’s a lot of unsold Pros sitting around my local stores.