Persona 5 Vinyl Soundtrack Coming via iam8bit

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Atlus and iam8bit have announced a vinyl release for the Persona 5 soundtrack.

Coming in two flavors and on actual, uncompressed vinyl, the hipster-tickling soundtrack includes:

  • Essential Edition – This version will come with 4 vinyl records that contain selected tracks curated by the Atlus Sound Team and will be priced at $100.
  • Deluxe Edition – This version will feature the complete Persona 5 soundtrack on 6 vinyl records and will be priced at $175 (limited pressing of 1,000).

iam8bit is also documenting the entire process of making this soundtrack release, alongside packaging it with “stunning album cover art,” which they can’t reveal yet.

The Persona 5 vinyl soundtracks will ship in Q4 2017 and pre-orders will begin 10:00 AM Pacific today via the official iam8bit website.

Expect our thorough video and written review for Persona 5 soon – we’ve recorded us playing the game for over 150 hours – make sure to check out our video archive of that here.

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    Ignoring that iam8bit are run by morons, vinyl is complete garbage in terms of sound quality, and only the most try hard hipsters would want this over priced garbage. It’s pointless to put music produced digitally onto a vinyl record. But you’re likely naïve and fell for the vinyl meme like an idiot.

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    If you got the money, it’s supporting Atlus. Besides, vinyl is decent in quality and is much more resistant to magnetic problems.

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    I do like the OST but I don’t own a record player and would rather not give iam8bit money.

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