Nippon Ichi Reveals New Horror Game “Shin Yomawari” for PS4 and PS Vita

The latest Dengeki (also via Hachima) has revealed Nippon Ichi Software’s latest game.

Named simply Shin Yomawari, the upcoming sequel is set for a PlayStation 4 and PS Vita release in Japan, on August 24th. The game is clearly a sequel to Yomawari, the PS Vita horror game that had you exploring various environments at night with only a flashlight to aid you.

According to Nippon Ichi, the sequel will have a game world over twice the size of the original. There will also be western-styled locations and houses, with the game using a camera angle like its predecessor.

When you enter certain areas, the camera goes to a side perspective. There will naturally be ghosts wandering the town, with some being completely harmless and others giving you a “Game Over” if they even touch the protagonists.

Fans can expect two protagonists in the sequel, Haru and Yui. Both girls set out on an adventure into the mountains to see the summer fireworks in a nearby town. On the way home they get separated and subsequently lost, with only a mysterious town appearing between them at night.

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