Danganronpa Staff Announce New Post-Apocalyptic Survival RPG, Zanki Zero

This week’s Famitsu (also via Hachima) has revealed a completely new RPG from Spike Chunsoft.

Titled simply Zanki Zero, the new PlayStation 4 and PS Vita game is being developed by most of the staff known for the Danganronpa series. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and has eight main characters.

Zanki roughly translates to remaining life, and the genre is described as something like a post-apocalyptic, survival RPG.

The story takes place in a ruined, post-apocalyptic world in which humanity was mostly wiped out in a single day. The vast majority of human civilization has been sinking into the sea, including houses, buildings, cars, everything has been affected and in some ways destroyed. No one knows what caused the destruction, but players take control of the protagonist on a ruined, floating island.

All eight main characters can be played as the main character, with each character having their own story chapter. There will be old people filling a big role in the game, with Famitsu reporting they have artwork of the protagonists in an older version.

The primary enemies in the game are animals and creatures that have adapted to the environment of the world, following the cataclysmic event that changed everything. As you defeat enemies, you can obtain food and materials to use.

Spike Chunsoft notes there is no transition between the game’s battle screen and exploring its environments – it’s completely seamless. They go on to further describe the game as an RPG with heavy action elements, you’ll even be able to evade enemy attacks or follow up with counters.

A sheep mascot is planned for the game, however it’s likened more to Danganronpa‘s Monomi over the infamous Monokuma. Spike Chunsoft say the game is entirely different from Danganronpa, however it has some surprises planned.

Development on the game has been somewhat on the back burner, as staff began work on the game roughly six years ago, even before Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. Finally, development on Zanki Zero is currently 10% finished, so a release window naturally wasn’t confirmed.

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  • Cy

    Six years of development and only 10% finished? Definitely a game developed in Japan.

  • Nagato

    Normally I’d agree, but it isn’t totally weird for this to have gotten sidelined with Danganronpa taking off either.

  • SuuLoliBoob

    Eh, it was probably a side project they were working on while doing main projects. I’m sure if they place it at the front line we could probably see the whole game sometime in 2019

  • I did note it’s been on the back burner, but yeah :p

  • sdrawkcab gnitirw

    The sheep will betray you, I swear.
    Also one of your allies caused the whole thing.
    All chunsoft games are the same.

  • sanic

    This is just the plot to waterworld!

  • Magilou

    >Danganronpa makers

    No fucking thanks. I can only handle so much autism.

  • Matz

    No, an Evil Cow will appear and force the guys to kill each other, also something about a mega evil plot orchestrated by a bunch of teenagers and everything being some sort of computer simulation

  • Tubsiwub


  • Feniks

    So a daily life simulator then?

  • Feniks

    At least they’re funding it themselves instead of begging on kickstarter.