“Work Costume” DLC Heading to Street Fighter V on April 25

Capcom has announced even more costumes for Street Fighter V to launch alongside the game’s coming April 25th content update.

The new costumes are focused around “work,” and include new designs for Alex, R. Mika, and Chun-Li. Capcom focused on what sort of jobs would these characters have, if they weren’t out fighting in some multi-national martial arts tournament where people shoot fireballs from their hands.

Here’s a breakdown of each character and their new costume:

  • Alex is all warmed up; paying tribute to the brave men and women of his hometown with a firefighter costume. We think we could make an entire calendar of just screenshots of Alex in this costume.
  • R. Mika, the Rainbow Bomber, is utilizing her vocal prowess and fighting spirit in a cheerleader costume. In case you’re wondering, the pom-poms can be taken off.
  • Chun-Li dons business attire, ready to tackle any meeting. Between Chun-Li’s work costume and Kolin’s nostalgia costume, who would you want working for you?

The new Work Costumes will launch alongside the new Thailand stage, as well as the School Costumes on April 25th for $3.99 / ¥400 / €3.99 each.


Brandon Orselli


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